Alarm Grid's Main Office Will be Closing for Hurricane Matthew on Thursday

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Alarm Grid's headquartered right in the pathway of hurricane Matthew. For the safety of our employees, we're shutting down the office tomorrow. Hopefully, we will be back up and running on Friday, but that will depend on a few factors like whether or not power has been restored and debris cleared from the roads by that time.

In the meantime, we ask for a little bit of patience. Expect some delays in responses to tickets and phone calls. We are doing our best to get to every single person, but will be working with only half of the team.

While the Alarm Grid office will be closed, it's important for us to note that this storm will not affect your central station services!

Alarm Grid works with Criticom monitoring services (CMS). They have 3 central stations, one of which is in Longwood, Florida. They are promising to maintain staff levels at Longwood as long as it is safe. But, for good measure, Criticom has increased their staff at the Manasquan, NJ and Cypress, CA stations.

It's moments like this that Alarm Grid is proud to have partnered with a central station like Criticom. The amazing reliability of their triply redundant service will be seen in full force! Criticom has already put any accounts affected by the storm on a "storm partition," meaning that they will be handling these calls a bit differently. Also, CMS has asked us to pass on the note that "first responders will no longer respond to our dispatches once sustained winds reach 45 MPH."

For those of you in the affected area, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Half of the Alarm Grid staff will be suffering through it all the same. Please stay safe. And for those of you watching from the safety of the midwest or west coast, wish us luck. ;P