ANNOUNCING The first yard signs that actually look good - for once you don't have to be embarrassed to put them in your yard!

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Alarm Grid Security SignsAlarm Grid is proud to announce that our security yard signs  are currently rolling off the production line. We're proud to say that these are the first security signs we've ever seen that you don't have to be embarrassed about putting in your yard. They look amazing!

These aluminum signs feature Alarm Grid's lock logo on a wonderful Alarm Grid Blue (a color we invented, I swear) background. I'm pretty sure that these are going to fly out the door faster than we can produce them, so if you want to get one of these beautiful pieces of art for your front yard, you'd better get your sign and stakes right away.

German garden gnome

In addition, if you want to sticker your home with all sorts of Alarm Grid decals, you can do that now too. We have security stickers  that look exactly like the yard signs, except that they are smaller and stickier. They stick to the inside glass of your home (or office), and are the same beautiful shade of blue.

Since announcing our new yard signs and stickers, I can confirm that we have received hundreds of letters from around the country from very excited garden gnomes who are begging us to send some to their home so that they can stand next our elegant blue sculptures.

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Are these going out to current monitoring subscribers? Or do they need to be purchased?
Ok. I promised I would leave a comment somewhere on the blog tonight. I am NOT a client, but I found AlarmGrid through a web search when looking for someone to help me remove a zone from my system. The gentlemen at AlarmGrid were the only people to respond to my inquiry without even mentioning a price. They spent a half hour or more on the phone with me this evening resolving my issue and did not charge me a penny. Customer service for non-customers! I plan on checking on my agreement with my current security provider and bailing to AlarmGrid ASAP. Thanks so much guys!

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