Have You Gotten Your Alarm Monitoring Home Insurance Discount?

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If you're a homeowner trying to make up your mind about whether to get a monitored home security system or not, it's worth picking up the phone and calling your homeowners insurance provider.

If you didn't know it already, most insurers provide a significant homeowners insurance discount to those who have a home security system. While the discount can range in value, some homeowners receive $5 off their insurance each month, while others have the full cost of their monitored system covered (about $20 per month). If you are on the fence about a system, giving your insurer a call is a great way to understand the subsidy you can get if you get one.

The evidence regarding home security systems and their effectiveness as deterrents against thieves is unquestionable. In a study done in the UK recently, more 100 former burglars were interviewed. These "professional" burglars, the research showed, felt that they were entitled to taking valuables from poorly protected homes. In only 5 minutes, burglars say they can cover an entire property. Old looking alarms, some of the thieves said, were simple to disable. But anything that looks new and is known to have the advanced protection logic features of top-of-the-line products like Honeywell's LynxTouch 5100, were much more likely to deter would-be crooks.

That said, it's pretty clear why insurance providers are so willing to offer a discount to homeowners who install a monitored system in their house. It makes the home that much less likely to be burgled which saves them an incredible amount of money in claims caused by robberies.

So if you're on the fence about getting a system, don't think too long on it. The emotional toll of a break-in can be altogether avoided by making sure the break-in doesn't happen in the first place. And if your insurer wants to pay for the monitoring, then that should make the deal even sweeter. If you're already monitored by Alarm Grid, and you're interested in getting your insurance discount, it's very simple to do. Simply send us the email or fax number of your insurance provider, and we'll send them a certificate of alarm. If you are not yet monitored, and want to know what's involved, give us a call at 888-818-7728. We will get you up and running within 24 hours, and will send your certificate of alarm to your insurance provider ASAP so that you can participate in the incredible savings they provide.

At the very least, at least consider purchasing one of our security yard signs or some security window stickers so that even if you don't have a monitored system, you can get some of the advantages that simply making it look like your home is monitored will bring.