Honeywell Unveils the New Line of Lyric HD Video Cameras

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Our team had the pleasure of visiting the Honeywell booth at ISC West 2017 out in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. Tons of fun stuff being released but today we want to highlight a new line of HD security cameras. Yes high definition 720P and 1080P AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 ready cameras will be released later this year. They seem to be branded within the Lyric family and we got the following insider information on the specific models they are planning to release shortly.

(Honeywell booth at ISC West displaying the new line of cameras)

The C1, C2 and OC1 are all Total Connect 2.0 ready and range from 720P to 1080P. The C1 is a 720P and the C2 is 1080P. They are both indoor rated. The OC1 is a 720P outdoor camera designed a bit better to take on the elements than the previous IPCAM-WO. This is a huge improvement from the current resolution offerings on the Honeywell IPCAM line-up. The video resolution is clearly the focus on this release but there are some cool other features involved.


(C2 Left and C1 Right)

Digital zoom and two way audio are touted to add serious value for home and business owners. 8 to 10 times digital zoom make it possible to get a closer look after being alerted via text, email or push notification from the Total Connect 2.0 app. Also we did not get details but it sounds like there will be a way to enroll this new line of AlarmNet cameras without WIFI protected setup (WPS) enrollment. Possibly through a local WIFI app. There is even local SD card storage (up to 24 hours) available. This inserts to a compartment on the backside of the camera.

The C1 is slated for May, C2 for June and the outdoor OC1 for July. These are approximate timelines offered by Honeywell and we cannot make any guarantees on release dates. If you want to be put on an email list to be notified upon their release please email us

Scope out the OC1 outdoor camera below...



The camera is still i beta, however beta is wrapping up. We are predicting a release sometime in Q2.
Any updates on the OC1 camera?
We expect the OC1 would be able to be tied in with a Tuxedo but we aren't sure yet as the next generation IPCAMs aren't available yet. We don't expect the Lyric C1 and C2 cameras to work with anything but the Lyric in terms of hardware integration.
Do you know if these will work on a Vista panel?
Do we have an active account for you under an alternate email by any chance? If so, can you email us from that email to requesting that we add you to the notification list? Also, we haven't heard if they will be POE but we certainly don't expect that they will be battery only powered.
Definitely looking forward to these. Please put me on your notification list. Glad to see there's a new outdoor cam too! Any idea if these will be capable of power over Ethernet or battery only?

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