Review of SIXGB, the Lyric Security System's Glass Break Detector

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The LYNX Touch series security system sported what has become the most iconic looking glass break detector in the industry. The Honeywell 5853 glass break detectors is a simple device with a small microphone that listens for a thud, then the crash of glass. It is a reliable piece of equipment that looks sleek and blends in well with the decore of any home.

The newer Honeywell SIXGB takes the same reliable technology and wraps it in a new aesthetic. As is the case with any of the new Lyric sensors, the new glass break detector communicates with the panel using secure encryption. The small, sleek sensor looks like any smoke detector an user has in their house and works just as well as any of the older Honeywell sensors. The technology is similar and the product is made with the Honeywell name, which means you know that the hardware is excellent.

The sensor features three hidden LEDs as well that will help an end user know the system's status. The unit features four sensitivity settings that will allow an end user to protect windows that are between 0 and 25 feet away which is the same range as the 5853, and takes a single CR123A battery.

For those that do not like the look of the new sensors, and are not concerned with the encrypted communications between the glass break detector and the panel, the old 5853 will still work with the Lyric security system. In fact, all of the 5800 sensors will continue to work with the new panel, which means that upgrading from an older LYNX Touch panel will not require that anyone purchase new sensors.

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That's a tough call to make for you. We've never heard of a confirmed RF hacking situation so I don't think the encryption is necessary. We love the current LYNX Touch panels and think you'd do well with one and you would have the option to upgrade in the future. The existing 5800 Series sensors wouldn't be encrypted but they would work with the Lyric.
Do you believe that the encryption and 2.4 frequency are worth it? As someone looking to purchase a security system I would love the lyric system but may not be able to wait. Would you suggest getting a system now and adding the Lyric Security control panel once it becomes available (being that it is backwards compatible with older sensors)?
Yes, they are bi-directional so they can talk to the panel and the panel can talk to them. We don't have any information on a VISTA receiver yet but I certainly would expect it eventually.
So these new sensors are encrypted but do they have 2 way communication? Elk has them now so I know its feasible. It would be very silly if they weren't. I also would like to see a new receiver that is compatible with the vista series.

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