Total connect 2.0 Update released for Android, iPhone!

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Honeywell told us when they released the most recent overhaul of the Total Connect 2.0 platform that they were going to move to a more active production schedule. And it seems they are finally moving in that direction, which is excellent. releases are still less often than we would like, but once a month is better than once every year or two.

The current versions for Android and iPhone are 3.1.6 and 3.1.5 respectively. In this release, Honeywell is touting the following features:

  1. Arm or disarm your security system
  2. Turn lights off or on
  3. Adjust thermostat temperature
  4. Unlock or lock doors
  5. View live video and recorded clips from your Honeywell Total Connect cameras
  6. Wi-Fi signal strength indicators for Honeywell Total Connect cameras
  7. Create and control automated scenes for convenience and energy savings
  8. Create users and manage their security system user codes
  9. Language support for: Latin American Spanish, French Canadian, Brazilian Portuguese
  10. Receive email and text alerts about selected events in your home or business, such as extreme temperature changes, motion detected in restricted areas, movement of valuable items, and more.
Perhaps the most notable change in the app i the language support. Total Connect is being made available to a more global audience, which is something that is reflected in our user base. We have more than 10 different countries represented among our customers. If you're not in the US and you would like to use Total Connect to monitor your home, while central station monitoring is not available to you, more than likely you can use the features of TC 2.0 to accomplish what you want so long as you have a Honeywell security system and an internet connection.
In addition, this release quashes more than 50 known bugs, which makes the app much more usable. If you were using TC 2.0 during it's last release, you will know how amazing that is since it wasn't as smooth as many would have liked.