Honeywell re-releases MR3 firmware update to fix APL bug

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While the recent Honeywell Lyric security system MR3 firmware release brought enhanced functionality and improved performance to the Lyric controller, Honeywell's engineers unearthed a strange occurrence where the Lyric system would send a false APL report after the first system disarm following a system reboot.

Certain conditions had to be met for the false APL alarm to occur. The Lyric Controller had to have a Lyric-3G or Lyric-CDMA cellular communicator installed and activated. Also, the system's arm away, arm stay and disarm reporting had to be disabled (that reporting is on by default and here at Alarm Grid, we always encourage leaving that reporting enabled). As this was a unique anomaly with a very specific and unique configuration that had to be present for it to occur, Honeywell didn't realize the bug until after the MR3 firmware was released. As the firmware causes the panel to reboot once the update was complete, their technical support team quickly heard reports of the phantom APL alarms once the MR3 was released and the engineering team worked quickly to implement a patch fix.

You may have noticed that your Lyric system wasn't allowing you to update to MR3 firmware between when that firmware was released and today. That was because they pulled that firmware back once they uncovered the APL bug.

The new firmware version 01.03.06586.482 which was released today implements the patch fix to the bug and all Lyric controllers should be able to be firmware updated once again.

We encourage all Lyric users (especially those that did get the MR3 firmware update before it was pulled back from Honeywell) to update their system firmware and we've been told Honeywell will start forcing firmware updates to all installed Lyric panels over the coming weeks.

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The panel would accept two wired zones if the wiring for the wired zones is terminated near the Lyric system. Another option (if you need more than 2 zones or if the wires zones are terminated at another location) is to use the 5800C2W ( ) which is a wired to wireless converter uni that accepts up to 9 wired zone inputs and turns them into wireless zones that can be programmed into the Lyric. We have a YouTube video series on the device at which I'd suggest you watch. Feel free to email if you have any follow up questions.
Hi I got the Lyric controller through amazon and found out about alarmgrid later. I just signed up and waiting for activation from alatmgrid. I have a new home that has been Pre-wired for ADT with Honeywell contact switches and there seems to be three wall locations capped for motion sensors or cameras. I installed the Lyric controller right where there is a box for The keypad. It seems everything has a 4-wire conductor (red, black, white and green). I want to get one or two motion detectors as I am waiting for the Lyric cameras to come out But not sure what I need to to connect my currently Pre wired contact switches at the doors and window.. I know the controller takes two wired zones but not clear how to achieve this. Thanks.

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