Alarm Monitoring Checkout 2.0

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We're proud to announce a brand new alarm monitoring checkout here at Alarm Grid. Before we go into the details of our fancy new system, let's go over a quick little history of the old checkout.

We love our e-commerce software, Spree - perhaps more than people should love any software. It let us launch and grow incredibly quickly, all while be very flexible. Maybe a little too flexible to the point of letting us building build original monitoring checkout in it.

Spree was designed for purchasing and shipping physical products. It's amazing for people looking to buy security systems from us. It's helped us tackle complex e-commerce problems like taxation zones, fulfillment, shipping, handling of RMAs and many other things that don't apply to a service like monitoring.

But for our users looking to sign up for alarm monitoring? It was a little silly to have them adding a "Monitoring Plus" product to their shopping cart and going through a whole multi-step checkout process.

Plus it meant you had to pay for your first month of monitoring before we even had you activated. That always bothered us and was one of the primary driving factors behind the new system.

Now? We're proud to announce a single-page checkout for Alarm Monitoring. But beyond that, it has plenty of tricks and features up its sleeve!

For instance, now if you have an account with us and previously purchased equipment we'll automatically fill in your address for you.

And if you're a security enthusiast like us? We're porud to announce our credit card system is powered by Stripe.js. That means your credit card information never even gets sent to us or stored by us.

Perhaps the biggest change? Our new activation setup page. After you complete your checkout you'll be taken to an activation page you can always return until activation under "My Account."

This amazing page is loaded with information for you and let's you send information to your alarm technician before your activation, saving both of us a ton of time.

So please, direct any and all comments and suggestions about the new monitoring checkout in the comments below. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Im all set now. Thanks for the fast response, you guys rock!
Hi Eric. We spoke on the phone this morning. I'm sorry that the activation process wasn't more clear but I do want to point out that you should have had the option to schedule the activation on the same page that you clicked the option to skip scheduling the activation call to do the remote activation instead. We are only in the office M-F 9-9 EST and therefore signing up for a remote self monitoring activation on the weekend, won't result in any action until Monday morning. As you had signed up with a bad email, you never received the follow up email you would have received at the time you signed up or our email on Monday asking you for your panel information. We look forward to getting you activated soon though!
I just signed up for monitoring through the checkout and chose remote programming. It left me feeling incomplete. I did not receive an email confirmation. After checkout it said to wait for my appointment, it never allowed me to set an appointment. I searched for an faq on how activation works but it is a bit vague. I look forward to getting activated.