An Introduction to the Lyric Security System

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Alarm Grid is getting ready to embark on the Lyric Security System beta test with Honeywell. Perhaps the most user friendly, advanced security system ever to be released, the Lyric line of products are unlike anything we've ever seen before. It's the first (as far as we know) consumer system that features encrypted communication between the sensors and the hub, and it might be the best looking security system we've ever seen with Apple-esque menus, and an intuitive interface that will make any DIY security lover gush.

Sterling has been testing the system at the Alarm Grid lab, and has taken a few preliminary photos to show off each of the different pieces. Over the next few days, we will be giving anyone that reads our blog a little introduction to each of the new system's pieces. We have opened them up, and are going to discuss the amazing new features that this system will bring to the DIY market. If you are interested in getting updates on the Lyric security system, fill your email in below.

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Are you ready? Because... we're really excited.

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Anxiously awaiting your beta test blog Sterling!!!

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