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While we currently offer wired motion detectors that utilize passive infrared (PIR) technology, the DT7435 is the first Honeywell DUAL TEC® motion detector offered by Alarm Grid. Motion detectors that use PIR technology are the most common type of motion detector. PIR motion detectors are able to detect the ambient temperature within a protected room. If an intruder enters the room, the PIR motion detector senses that their body temperature is different than the normal environment and an alarm is triggered. However, motion detectors that rely on PIR technology only can be susceptible to false alarms. Therefore, Honeywell DUAL TEC motion detectors are valuable because they introduce microwave technology which is used in conjunction with PIR technology.

Motion detectors that use microwave technology emit microwave energy and detect the frequency of the energy reflected back to the motion detector. If an intruder enters the protected area, the frequency changes and the motion detector triggers an alarm. Unfortunately, microwaves go through walls and therefore motion detectors using microwave technology only would not be useful as they would detect movement outside of the protected are and cause false alarms.

Honeywell DUAL TEC motion detectors like the DT7435 combine both types of detection to make a motion detector that is extremely unlikely to trigger a false alarm. If you have experienced false alarm issues with your current wired motion detectors, you should consider swapping them out to the DT7435 DUAL TEC motion detector.


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