Completed Rollout of Total Connect 2.0 Partition Support

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Hi DIYers! This is an update on Honeywell's partition support rollout for Total Connect 2.0. We previously posted that Honeywell was releasing partition support for TC2 users in stages. This update will allow users to control multiple partitions for compatible systems from Total Connect.

We just wanted to confirm that this rollout has been completed successfully. Everyone who has a compatible VISTA System and access to Total Connect 2.0 should now be able to control multiple partitions through the service. This update provides users with access to the following features on TC2:

  • Name partitions
  • Arm and disarm individual partitions
  • Bypass sensors
  • Assign partition control to different users
  • Enable or disable event notifications
  • Set remote disarming capabilities for individual partitions
  • Choose which user codes can activate and edit partition settings
  • View activity of fire partitions remotely (cannot control a fire partition remotely)

If your update has not gone through successfully, please contact us at, or call us at 888-818-7728 during normal business hours, which are 9am - 8pm Monday thru Friday. If you would like to learn more about TC2 partition support, please click here.