Home Security Systems and The IKEA Effect

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Have you ever bought and set up your own furniture from IKEA? If you have, you probably felt pretty proud of your creation once it was ready to use. There's something to be said about building something yourself versus having a professional do it. And this is true for alarm systems as well.

Honeywell lyricpk10 lte enc encrypted at and t lte alarm system Researchers have often dubbed this phenomenon "The IKEA Effect". The basic concept is that a consumer will place a higher value on something they assembled themselves. The time investment and labor they put into their creation provides feelings of satisfaction, competence and accomplishment that just can't be obtained through a monetary purchase alone. By rolling up your sleeves, getting your hands a little dirty and working with something hands-on, you will psychologically gain a greater appreciation for your new purchase.

Of course, it's easy to apply this ideology to our own business model. Alarm Grid has always considered itself to be a true pioneer for the DIY security industry. One of our biggest goals is to try and help our customers understand their security systems. This way, they can make their own adjustments and changes, without having to rely on someone else to do it for them. Doing this offers feelings of empowerment, and it helps a person to truly understand how their system works and the type of monitoring service they are paying for every month.

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It's also important to understand that setting up your own security system in its entirety does not have to be a difficult process. It really depends on the type of system that is being used. Wireless systems are not challenging to install, and the programming options are actually very intuitive with just a little bit of assistance. Alarm Grid is happy to provide this support online or over the phone. You don't need to pay for an expensive installer to come out to your house when you can do just as good of a job on your own. Afterwards, you'll surely love your new alarm system you put in, and you will feel very proud that you actually did-it-yourself.

And if you want to make the job even easier, most new wireless panels support desk and table stands that eliminate the need for mounting. If you mount your wireless sensors with double-sided foam tape - it works great - you can set up a complete home security system using almost no tools. You might need a screwdriver to connect some wires and install some batteries, but that is it. Some great systems for this type of setup include the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus and the Honeywell Lyric Controller.

Qolsys iq panel 2 classic kit verizon wireless security system wAlarm Grid is proud to be a true DIY security company for DIY users. We know that customers feel happier and are more empowered when they install their systems. If you haven't already joined the Alarm Grid family, now is a great time to get started. Just click the orange "Alarm Monitoring" button at the top of this page to see more information about our monitoring plans.

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