If You Have T-Mobile, Your Total Connect Texts Stopped Working, Here's the Fix

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If you are a T-Mobile subscriber, you may have noticed that your Total Connect alerts have just stopped coming to your phone. This is the case for all of our users, and we have been getting calls about it for the last two days. If that is what you're experiencing, then please follow the steps below to restore your text messages.

  • Go to the Total Connect 2.0 website, and log in to your account.
  • Hover over the user whom you want to receive the text messages and select "Edit."
  • Under "Notifications," add a new method for receiving messages. Select "Email." Select "Text Email" as "Notification Type."
  • Put in [your10digitphonenumber]@tmomail.net. For example: 9549335095@tmomail.net.
  • Save, and then go through the process of verifying the email. The verification number will come to your phone. Once verified, you should be good to go.

If you have any questions, or a problem with setting this up, we will gladly help you fix it. Please email us at support@alarmgrid.com. But for the most part if you follow the instructions here, everything should work with no trouble.

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Yes, I will call Alarm Grid when on site around 4:30PM CST 5/9/16.
Well if you received the Opt Inc message, the issue isn't with AT&T or the Honeywell servers texting you. It sounds like your panel may no longer be "online" at the server. Are you able to call us when you are on site for some further troubleshooting of the panel communications?
YES, my system quit sending SMS or HTML messages on 4/21/16. It's current state is "Disarmed". However on the portal shows "Armed Away"! I've refreshed my TC page, closed my browser (Chrome), logged back in and no change it says "Armed Away" when it's actually "Disarmed" and shows NO event information for these ARMS/DISARMS. None since 4/21/16.
Are you monitored by Alarm Grid?
I got a message back to OPT IN, so I replied IN, then got a message to send STOP if I wished to CANCEL. However I don't understand what this is doing. I left a message with Alarm Grid to have a call back.
We haven't had any reports of issues with AT&T phones yet. If you text the word Help to 34041, what do you get back?
It appears that AT&T based phones are having this same issue, however going thru this process on my Total Connect 2.0 portal DIDN'T resolve the issue. I still CAN NOT validate either my email or phone (SMS) thru the portal. Help Please!
The issue with sending SMS alerts from Total Connect 2.0 to a T-Mobile phone has been resolved. We encourage everyone to use the regular SMS alert instead of the number@tmomail.net work around that was posted on this blog as it is a more reliable service.