New Products - Honeywell PROWIFI and QOLSYSY QR0050 Backplate

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Alarm Grid has two (2) new items available for purchase. The Honeywell Home PROWIFI Card and the Qolsys QR0050 Backplate The PROWIFI is for any PROA7PLUS or PROA7 and their Resideo equivalents. Both accessories are available now to help you get the most out of your security system.

Remember that the PROA7PLUS and PROA7PLUSC both include a WIFI card by default. But if yours becomes lost or damaged, or if you have a PROA7 or PROA7C without a WIFI card, then you can add a PROWIFI to provide your panel with WIFI connectivity. Just note that, unlike the PROWIFIZW, the basic PROWIFI only offers WIFI functionality, not Z-Wave.

As for the QR0050-848, this is just a basic wall-mount that you can use to secure the system to the wall, or you can attach the included IQ Stand to reset it on a desk or table. This is the same accessory that comes bundled with the IQ Pane 2 and IQ Panel 2 Plus, so it is great to purchase if yours becomes lost or damaged.

We know this is a short post, but stay tuned for more news coming soon. And as always, leave a comment down blow with your thoughts. See you next time!

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