Preventing Spam Phone Calls - CMS President Tony Wilson

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On Day 2 of the 2020 Criticom Monitoring Services President's Forum, CMS President Tony Wilson began by leading a talk about the importance of preventing unwanted phone calls to CMS. Unwanted spam phone calls delay response times and prevent efficient operation for a monitoring station.

Anyone with a personal phone most likely deals with unwanted incoming spam phone calls, also referred to as "robo calls". This is unfortunately something that Criticom has to manage as well. Unwanted spam calls to a central station represent a true life-safety issue. These incoming calls prevent central station operators from addressing serious alarms and life-threatening emergencies as quickly as possible. Fortunately, CMS has taken steps to address this issue.

According to CMS President Tony Wilson, Criticom has had success using an app called RoboKiller to prevent incoming spam calls. This app prevents roughly 90% of unwanted spam calls from coming through. This has helped Criticom improve its response times and address alarm events more efficiently. It was also stressed that alarm dealers like Alarm Grid should do their part to prevent spam calls and improve efficiency. This is something that Alarm Grid has been working on for quite some time.

Criticom President Tony Wilson also stressed the importance of getting end users set up with the portal. If you aren't familiar with, it is a free service offered from Criticom. Any Alarm Grid customer with central station monitoring service can use the platform to conveniently add and update contacts and put their system on test mode when needed. This is all done without needing to contact CMS via a phone call. This keeps the phone lines free, and it improves response times for their operators who need to quickly address incoming alarms.

Another feature that was discussed was the ability for CMS to send text messages directly to end users through short code 60281. End users can get text messages directly from CMS regarding any alarms or system trouble conditions. This prevents CMS agents from having to make direct phone calls, thereby improving response times. Alarm Grid briefly discussed this feature in a post from last year. Although we haven't implemented this feature quite yet, it is something that we are working on adding very soon. Last year, Criticom Monitoring Services sent out nearly 150,000 SMS text messages across their entire customer base.

Overall, it's great to see Criticom Monitoring Services doing their part to improve response times and help keep end users safe. If you are interested in getting started with central station monitoring service, check out our monitoring page to learn how you can do so through Alarm Grid. You are also welcome to email us at if you have any questions. We operate support hours from 9am to 8pm ET M-F. We look forward to hearing from you!