PROSIX and PROSeries Sensors Not Compatible with Lyric

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Users with Lyric Controllers still installed are trying to use PROSIX PROSeries sensors with the Lyric panel. This is a mistake as the Lyric does not support any PROSIX devices. Instead, those users should be purchasing either SiX Series or 5800 series wireless sensors for the Lyric panel.

Below you can see the PROSIXGB, glass break detector. It is compatible only with PROSeries systems:

This has apparently become such an issue that Resideo put out a MyWebTech Technical Notification advising dealers what will and won't work with the Lyric. If you have a Lyric Controller, be sure that you only purchase SiX Series devices, 5800 Series uni-directional devices, or 2GIG Non-encrypted devices to work with your panel.

As always, we recommend that you update your panel to the latest firmware. If you are an Alarm Grid customer and you need help with a firmware upgrade, send us an email to

From the images shared above, you can see how easily PROSIX and SiX Series devices can be mixed up. Even people that are very familiar with these products can easily get them confused if they aren't careful. But notice in the bottom image, there is a notice that shows the SIXGB is compatible with the Lyric. The image at the top makes no mention of the Lyric.

Based on the Technical Notification, I believe the PROSIX sensors must be capable of pairing with the Lyric. However, once that happens, things don't go as planned and the PROSIX sensor learned in with the Lyric doesn't behave as expected. For that reason, Resideo and Honeywell Home want to be sure everyone understands the following:

  1. PROSeries or PROSIX sensors are not compatible with the Lyric and are not intended for use with the Lyric Controller.
  2. SiX Sensors are packaged and labeled for use with the Lyric. PROSIX and SiX are different protocols. A SiX Series sensor that was used on a Lyric can be added to a PROSeries panel. At that point it will be updated, and will become a PROSIX Sensor. From that point forward, it will never work with a Lyric again.
  3. The Lyric panel also supports 5800 Series uni-directional wireless and non-encrypted 2GIG 345 MHz sensors.
  4. If you need a sensor for a Lyric and cannot find a SiX Series sensor that suits your needs, find a 5800 Series sensor that will. Do not attempt to make a PROSIX sensor work with the Lyric.

You can see in the images above that the SiX and PROSIX devices are packaged differently. SiX Sensors carry a badge on the packaging that clearly identifies them as compatible with the Lyric. PROSIX do not. Another way you can tell is by checking the device firmware.

PROSIX sensors will have firmware versions that begin with the digits 2, 4, 5, or 6. On the other hand, SiX Series devices will have a firmware version that begins with the digit 0 or 1. You can find the firmware version by checking in the Zone Programming screen of the panel. Your alarm dealer can also check it by looking in AlarmNet360.

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