Honeywell Lyric Security System Review

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Update: The Lyric has been released and can be purchased on Alarm Grid.

Honeywell has long been known as the premier producer of security equipment in the United States. Therefore, it's no surprise that the new Lyric security system (coming soon!) is the most full-featured home security and automation controller ever made.

Much like the L5200 or the L7000 (and their predecessors - the L5100 and L5000), the Lyric wireless security system's UI has been given a complete overhaul compared to traditional wired alarm systems. It's new interface and capacitive glass front, give the new system an appearance unlike any that have ever come before it. Reminiscent of the 2GIG's Go!Control, the Lyric has all the best features of the 2GIG's front-end user UIs, along with simplicity of the LYNX Touch's system / sensor programming.

Unlike traditional, self-contained systems, the Lyric is a beautiful addition to any wall - protruding out only 1.3 inches. Honeywell has also streamlined the plastic housing so it's only 8.5 inches in width, and 6.65 inches high. This Apple-like security system has everything you didn't even know you wanted. Honeywell has done an incredible job building the most advanced security system ever sold.

Honeywell has taken a measured approach to building this system. Mimicking many of the best features of the 2GIG system, Honeywell has taken their expertise as hardware manufacturers, learned from the interfaces on the market, and added the best of the best features. The most notable feature borrowed from the 2GIG interface is the use of the 3rd hand, which lets an user work on the system while still being attached to the backplate hanging on the wall.

It's a perfect feature for the DIY-er who is interested in working on their system. Rather than having to dismount the system entirely from the backplate, or cut your finger on a hard to remove backplate (as Sterling has done multiple times).

Unfortunately, in spite of the Lyric being Honeywell's foray into a simple to use, DIY panel, they have eliminated one of our favorite elements of the old LYNX Touch security systems, the ability to use a barrel connector when installing it. Our LT-Cable is one of the simplest ways for an end-user to install the old systems. The Lyric takes a step back from the ease of use of a barrel connector and forces you to connect your power wires to internal screw terminals. While the older LYNX Touch panels (and the 2GIG as well) boast the simple to use DC input connection, the Lyric has eliminated it for inexplicable reasons. Using wire purchased from Home Depot isn't a difficult proposition, but it does make things a bit more difficult to the end user. This is, perhaps, the biggest drawback of the system.

Ultimately, the Lyric is way more compact than any of the LYNX systems before it. Nowhere is it more evident than in the new Lyric's communicators. The Lyric-3G, one of a number of GSMs that will be released for the final product, is a little bit thicker than a credit card. Unlike the older 3GL which protrudes from the circuit board itself, the Lyric-3G is super thin.

Unlike the LYNX security line, the Lyric-3G goes in through the side of the unit. No need for tools, save for what you will need to mount the unit on the wall, to install the GSM communicator.The Lyric wireless security system allows you to simply slip the 3G or CDMA communicator (yes, there will be a Verizon module available!) into the side of the unit with almost no hassle. Also, Honeywell has added a panel feature where you can click a button to turn off the internal power to the GSM so that you can install or remove a cellular communicator without fully powering down the system, which is a really nice addition.

Notice that I have not yet mentioned a Z-Wave or WIFI communicator. Unlike the L5200 or L7000, the Lyric does not have an optional WIFI or Z-Wave module. They are built in! This system is pre-equipped to connect to your local area network and integrate with Z-Wave lights, locks and thermostats. Older systems allowed users to add the L5100-WIFI and the L5100-ZWAVE optionally, which was a nice option, but definitely added complexity and made putting a system purchase together on our site more difficult. Building the WIFI and Z-Wave into the system adds to the usability of this amazing piece of consumer-friendly equipment.

We are amazingly excited to be getting ready to add the Lyric to our line of security systems. We hope you are as well. If you are interested in receiving updates about this coming system, please sign up for our newsletter below!

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It's main draw will be price, for those who want the feature set of a Lyric, and who don't mind using a smart device as a touchscreen interface, but want it at a lower price, it'll work. The biggest drawback I see is that, since there is no programming interface on the Gateway, it MUST be programmed from AlarmNet360, which means you can't use it as a local only system. You have to sign up for an account, at least long enough to get zones and other system settings programmed.
What is your take on the gateway? I just did a little research on it and I'm still confused about why they made it. It seems like it is an oversized keypad that is designed to float around the house like an iPad, but doesn't really do much since the system is designed to be interfaced through a mobile app.
Yes, I use different email for my AlarmGrid account. Ok, I will try to add it to the panel first and see if I can set thermostat schedule from Lyric panel without TC2. I will email you via ticketing system if I have further question. Thanks!
I don't see that we have an account associated with this email. Are you signed up under a different email? If so, feel free to email us at so we can respond through our ticketing system. If you don't have TC2, you would only be able to integrate it with the panel and you wouldn't have any options for remote access unless you added TC2 service to your account.
I forgot to mention, I don't subscribe to TC2 though, I only have AlarmGrid Legacy monitoring (WiFi with cellular backup). Do you think I can still have access to it once it's connected to Lyric panel? Maybe through Lyric smartphone app?
We haven't tested that particular thermostat with the Lyric but it is Z-Wave so you should be able to include it to the panel and then have access through TC2 once you do a Sync Panel Data command from the Locations module of We'd be curious to hear your feedback after you give it a try.
Hi, I have Vivint thermostat (I believe it's 2Gig CT100) from previous owner. I can only set temperature target but I cannot set on/off schedule. So I called Vivint, and they said I need to subscribe with them first, and then I can use their either Vivint Sky app or Go! online account to set schedule. Can I connect it to my Lyric panel as I believe the thermostat is Z-Wave capable? And can I set thermostat's schedule from Lyric panel?
Great question. It can be confusing. The Tuxedo is a wired keypad for the VISTA series hardwired control panels. It does offer a way to integrate Z-wave devices but its still just a wired keypad with automation services. The LYNX Touch and Lyric panels are self-contained alarm panels. In essence, they are a touchscreen with the control panel built into a single unit. No wiring to sensors. Just fully wireless. Now the LYNX series and Lyric panels all support Z-Wave and WIFI just in slightly different ways. The LYNX panels require separate modules. Whereas the Lyric is equipped with integrated WIFI and Z-Wave cards. The Lyric is the future for many reasons. The built-in camera allows snapshots upon disarming which is a unique hardware feature. It is the first alarm system to support fully encrypted wireless sensors - SiX series devices. The programming and setup for the wireless panels is much easier for DIYers. I would recommend checking out our YouTube videos on the Lyric so you can get a better idea of what the system can do. Here is our first impressions and you can search other videos on our channel:
i'm really confused, there are three wireless home control and the web does not show the major differentiator between them, i.e. Lyric, LYNX & Tuxedo Touch brands. The way i see them, all can work as a control panel for the smart house applications. Why i should buy Lyric among others? Thanks...
Yes, I believe that is the idea. We're in the beta program for it now so we don't have all the details on the full release but the idea is that it's a system that is mostly app driven (as opposed to controlled via the panel or touchscreen) and we do expect it to be less expensive than the standard Lyric system that is available now.
so it's a cheaper option to the Controller?
The Lyric Gateway is a new version of the Lyric system that doesn't have a touch screen that will be released in the coming months. It is not an add-on item to the main touchscreen Lyric system.
What is the purpose of the Lyric Gateway LCP300-L? Is it necessary when wanting your system to be monitored for a central station?
The Lyric Controller only supports the Lyric Thermostat and most Z-Wave thermostats. Unfortunately you cannot tie in the Nest.
Can the lyric controller work with a nest gen 3 tstat through wifi?
You can use the My Home Controller app to control the panel (and any included Z-Wave devices) as long as the device you are using is on the same WIFI network as the panel. You could also setup local Scenes/Rules to turn devices on based on system triggers or schedules without any monitoring service required.
I need a little more clarification about the home automation features. If I am on my home wifi is there an iPhone app that allows me to control a zwave connected light? Or does that only work through the Lyric Control Panel and Total Connect? Also is it possible to set up an automated schedule where the back porch light would turn on at 7pm?
You can choose a recording interval time (minimum is 1 minute) and that would be the time in between recordings before the next recording is stored.
May be a silly question, but what happens if the action is longer than 10 seconds... does it just start recording another 10 second video immediately after?
Yes, as long as the activity triggered the 10 second recording, you'd be able to log in and view the clip. You could also setup the TC2 so that it auto-emails you when any new clip is record.
So would I be able to view footage of something that happened, say, last night then save it?
Using the AlarmNet IPCAMs and the right level of service to include TC2 video surveillance, you would be able to have the cameras record 10 second video clips that can be stored to your online account. You would be able to also look in live to the property using the TC2 service.
Thanks Frank, how about cloud based storage for video footage, activity, etc?
There is no phone line connection on the lyric. I recommend checking out the LYNX Touch L5210: This is only Honeywell wireless panel that still has a phone line.
Does the Lyric system have the ability to communicate to a central station via telephone line, or is this strictly IP or cell communications?
Happy to hear it! If you plan to enroll in monitoring service you can do so here:
Installed one on 8-12-16 great system easy to install and worked like a champ
My rep in Canada told us a early July release. Shouldn't be holding my breath I suppose.
I know not your fault sterling hopefully longest we have to wait is june
We are as anxious as you are for it to finally be released. We expect it to be out this month and if not, then by June at the latest.
What is the deal Honeywell? You created all the hype about this product at trade shows for over a year now and we all want it.
Yes, it was pushed back and we now expect it this month but Honeywell isn't sure of that either.
Guess that date has passed. You will not get any info from Honeywell either.
No. Honeywell has not offered an exact release date. You can email us at if you would like to be put on the Lyric release email list. We will send you a note the day we get it.
Is there an exact date?
We expect it to be released in April.
When is the Lyric going to be released?
No rumors of Nest integration. I do not think that will happen. However the Honeywell Lyric thermostat (only non-z-wave to date) will be supported and there are rumblings about future integration with other Honeywell WIFI and Redlink thermostats.
We've never heard of a confirmed RF hacking situation so I don't think the encryption is necessary. We love the current LYNX Touch panels and think you'd do well with one and you would have the option to upgrade in the future. The existing 5800 Series sensors wouldn't be encrypted but they would work with the Lyric.
Do you believe that the encryption and 2.4 frequency are worth it? As someone looking to purchase a security system I would love the lyric system but may not be able to wait. Would you suggest getting a system now and adding the Lyric Security control panel once it becomes available (being that it is backwards compatible with older sensors)?
Honeywell has said it will support homekit integration but we haven't heard any real details on how the integration will work with the Lyric yet.
Do you know if it going to ship with homekit?
Honeywell is saying late March/early April.
When is this going to be released?
Technically, you could use the ACU and hook any camera to it. It will only translate up to 960H Resolution though. Hope this information helps!
We have not tested this yet. However the Lyric will support 5800 series devices (as well as SIX series which have not been released yet). We assume this is including the 5800C2W. It can serve as a translator for pre-wired infrastructures just like it does with the LYNX Touch series panels.
We recommend you add your email to the page at so that you'll be updated as soon as we know the exact release date. We're hoping it's out by the end of the year.
We still do not have an exact release date but we will blog about it as soon as we do.
Any update on the availability of this system? I'm interested in purchasing.
We haven't specifically tested the 5800C2W with the Lyric yet but we imagine it will be supported as it's 5800 Series technology and the Lyric is backwards compatible with 5800 Series devices.
Do you know if that will include existing wired installations converted to wireless with the 5800C2W? I'd love to use the Lyric with my old wired sensors!
Yes, I do remember seeing it now but to be honest, we don't have much information on what it is or how it differs from the main Lyric panel. Once we know more, we'll make sure to post information here though.
It is on many of the pictures of the demo board with all of the components mounted on display. It is in the upper left corner of this large photo: I believe that it is also shown on the your youtube video you have from ISC West to the immediate left of the graphic panel: -Eric
I don't believe we have seen that unit yet. Do you have a link to where you saw the pictures by any chance?
Good to see that Lyric will have a wireless keypad, as my intention would be to put the panel in our upstairs bedroom with keypads by the entry doors, thus making it more resistant to smash and grab. In the photos I've seen of the Lyric system, they have component called the "Smart Gateway" that looks like a giant version of the keypad. They gateway even looks to be larger than the actual panel (Smart Controller). Any idea what the "Smart Controller" does? Thanks- Eric
No, you can't link two Lyrics together. They will have wireless keypads available once the system launches and also they are going to have an app that you can load on any tablet or phone to simulate being at the panel from another device so you could use a tablet as a 2nd touch screen controller.
Can you use two Lyric display keypad together. For example one down stairs and the other upstairs?
The Lyric does have voice recognition so that you can command the system with a trigger phrase. The trigger phrases are "Hello Lyric", "Hello Lyric Home" or "Okay Lyric". It has 5 custom Voice Control phrases "Bedtime", "Evening Time", "Returning Home", "Wake Up" and "Leaving the House" and one pre-set phrase "Cameras" dedicated to the video function. You can assign Z-Wave Smart Scenes to each of the custom phrases. There's even a pretty advanced voice training feature so that you can tweak how the panel "listens" for your voice.
I'd like to know about any voice recognition features.
We don't have an exact release date yet bt we are hoping it's out by the end of the year.
When is the realease date for this??
The 5800 Series sensors will be compatible with the Lyric. Other panel's communicators will not be compatible though.
Do you know if the Lyric is/will be compatible with the L7000 sensors and accessories?
Actually, that is normal behavior. You cannot bypass a smoke detector as it's programmed as a 24-hour zone type as you would want the smoke to work whether the panel is armed or disarmed. If you were painting in the garage, you must have caused enough fumes that they got into the sensing chamber of the smoke detector and you will have to wait until the fumes dissipate for the sensor to stop going into alarm. You could also always remove the battery if you don't want to have the siren going off while you wait. As for the smoke detector causing the water valve to shut off, we'd need to know how you have that rule setup for that "Water Off" scene. Can you email us at with that programming so we can leave the discussion on this page for the new Lyric system?
Have a few issuses to get fixed. First I was painting in garage and smoke detector went off and the panel would not let me bypass. Cant bypass smoke detector????. Second as the smoke detector went off it shut the water off to the house (Fortez z wave water valve) I have water sensors in my basement that work wether armed or not so i think you had me program the water valve on 24hr aux same as smoke detectors. Any solutions or answers would be good
We're not entirely sure on this yet, but it seems only the AlarmNet cameras will be supported (like with the LYNX Touch panels). Of course, things could always change with firmware updates so it's hard to know for sure.
I believe Honeywell will have a "certified Lyric dealer" program and only companies in that program will be able to offer this system. We intend to be one of those dealers and therefore you'd be able to source the Lyric from us directly but we certainly don't expect it to show up in any retail stores if that's what you mean.
And what about cameras? only honeywell cameras supported? that would be awful
will this be sold directly to the end user or only via service providers?
Sorry for the delay. We were trying to get a straight answer on this from Honeywell. It seems the official answer is no, at least at this time. However, the Lyric also removed the question/screen about allowing the installer back into programming when you are exiting programming so that shouldn't need a backdoor method on a Lyric in the way you do on a LYNX Touch.
Does the Lyric offer the backdoor method?
It doesn't look like they will be offering a hardwired Ethernet option on the Lyric but the WIFI is built right into the board and they said it's been improved/upgraded since the L5100-WIFI module that the LYNX Touch panels use.
Great question, Brett. We recommend 18 gauge 2 conductor stranded cabling. This is generally called, "Stranded 18/2." Solid core cable can sever more easily since it is designed with a single copper wire that becomes weak if wiggled around too much. You should be able to pick up a small roll or cut a custom length off of the reel at Lowes, Home Depot or a local hardware store.
The bad news is the Lyric does not have a barrel connector which is our favorite because it made it easier to apply power to Lynx Touch panels and 2GIG systems. I do have a Lowe's in Philadelphia, MS. What type of wire do you recommend for Lyric alarm systems?
While Frank is right, in that Advanced Protection Logic would make sure an alarm is still sent out in your scenario Rick, keep in mind the panel also has the built-in WIFI path so even if they did remove the GSM, the WIFI path would still send out the alarm even if APL wasn't a feature.
This would be covered by the APL technology if you have central station monitoring service. This is why we always recommend you have CS service.
The potential problem with having the GSM card so readily accessible is that an intruder could quickly pull the card, thereby killing the outgoing alarm communication.

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