Verizon LTE Communicator Finally Released for VISTA Panels

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Alarm Grid is excited to announce the brand-new LTE-XV Verizon LTE Communicator for Honeywell VISTA Panels. This is the first LTE cellular communicator available for VISTA Systems. LTE communications are touted for being faster and more reliable than their 4G and 3G predecessors. With Verizon's 3G CDMA communications being phased out over the next few years, now is a better time than ever to upgrade the communicator in your system. This lightning-fast and ultra-reliable LTE communicator will ensure that your VISTA Panel will maintain cellular service for many years to come.

The LTE-XV Communicator is a direct upgrade to the older Honeywell CDMA-X Communicator. This communicator connected to Verizon's 3G CDMA network. The new LTE-XV Communicator will provide faster speeds and greater reliability overall. This communicator will provide faster response times whenever the panel has to send outbound signals to AlarmNet or to a central station. If you have Z-Wave devices in your home, they will respond more quickly when they are activated through Total Connect. But perhaps most importantly, the CDMA-X Communicator will be obsolete once Verizon shuts down its CDMA network. By upgrading to the new LTE-XV, you can keep your VISTA connected well into the future.

As of now, only the Verizon version of the LTE communicator, the LTE-XV, is available. However, the AT&T version, the LTE-XA is expected to be released in the near future. Honeywell also plans on releasing a version for Canadian customers, the LTE-XC, as well. Please be aware that these communicators may have longer registration times than older communicators. Reports have stated that it can take up to 20 minutes for a monitoring company to register an LTE communicator on a VISTA system. Fortunately, this will only affect the initial registration, and the panel will experience much faster communications thereafter.

While the LTE-XV is an exciting new communicator, Alarm Grid still recommends using the IGSMV4G Communicator for anyone who wants a dual-path communication setup. This is the only way to provide a VISTA Panel with both IP and cellular communication. But for anyone who wants a strictly cellular setup, the LTE-XV is now the new gold standard for VISTA models. The LTE-XV Verizon Communicator is compatible with all VISTA 15P, 20P, 21iP, 128BPT and 250BPT models, though the appropriate PROM Chip upgrade may be needed.