2GIG SP1 Has Been Released. Buy It Now!

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The all-new 2GIG SP1 Touchscreen Keypad has finally been released. This excellent device provides users with another access point to a 2GIG GC3 System. The new keypad offers all of the features and functionality of the 2GIG SP2 Keypad, along with some exciting new additions. Alarm Grid recommends this keypad for anyone who wants a new way to control their GC3 system while on-site. Please note that firmware version 3.1 or higher will be needed on the GC3 Panel to use the SP1 Keypad.

The SP1 looks remarkably similar to the GC3 System. Just like the GC3, the SP1 features buttons for instant access to the home screen and emergency services. It features a beautiful, full-color 7-inch touchscreen display, making it a complete joy to use and control. It connects via WIFI, which provides it with a very impressive range from the actual GC3 System. Just like the SP2, the new SP1 can arm and disarm the system. It can also bypass zones as needed.

However, the SP1 is also capable of some functions that could not be accomplished using the SP2. For one, the SP1 has full voice annunciation, which makes it easier for users to immediately recognize a faulted zone. The SP1 also provides a full weather display right from the main screen. This can be great for getting a quick update on what kind of weather to expect for the day. Another useful feature of the SP1 is its ability to connect to the network using an ethernet connection. This is not even possible on the GC3 System itself.

But where the SP1 really shines is in home automation. While the SP2 cannot perform any home automation actions, the SP1 can conduct the same home automation functions as the GC3 system. With the SP1, you can create and execute scenes, establish rooms and bookmark screens. This means that the SP1 boasts all of the security and automation capabilities of the GC3 Panel itself. In fact, you will really only need the GC3 System for making programming changes.

The 2GIG SP1 Keypad is available for purchase right now on the Alarm Grid website.