Honeywell's Released Some New Wired Keypads: the 6162 and 6152 Series Keypads Are Sleeker and Better Looking Than Ever!

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Like Honeywell's VISTA series AUI keypad, the Tuxedo Touch, these keypads feature sleek, rounded corners. While Honeywell has used the old 6160 for years and years, rarely updating their keypad interface, this new keypad marks a new era in Honeywell design as they are moving to a more end-user friendly design. The large backlit display of the new Honeywell 6162 makes understanding what is being done on the keypad much more simple, even for those who are not that familiar with the wired systems.

What's that all mean? This is better for all you DIYers out there! It gives you way more options. If you are more comfortable with a wired system, or simply like some of the added functionality of a wired system over the wireless series panels, such as the L5100, then now is the time to become a home security DIY genius. It will work with any new VISTA-15P or VISTA-20P panel that sports revision 9.16 or higher. The VISTA-21iP panels need to be revision 3.16 or higher and the VISTA-10P panels need to be 4.16 or higher.

The new keypads also come in a variety of choices. For those wanting the voice annunciation features that are built into some of the newer systems like the L5100, the 6162V or 6152V should be your weapon of choice. For those looking to add any of Honeywell's wireless sensors, the 6162RF and 6152RF are where you'll want to look. Like the 6160 and 6150 series keypads, the 6162 is the alphanumeric programming keypad, and the 6152 is the less expensive, fixed-English keypad. Both of them look great and are a better user experience, but only one of them is recommended for programming.

It's an exciting time to be a Honeywell customer, big changes are coming! Honeywell seems more and more dedicated to making sure that end-users have full control of their monitored security systems.

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I tried it. It seemed like it rebooted and had a long beep and flashing LED's. After it stopped flashing I held down 1 and 3, It beeps as if it is showing the address but the screen still stays blank. I agree it must be a bad keypad/display. Unfortunately it's past the return/refund period and doesn't do me much good without the display. Looks like I'll be buying another RF keypad. Thanks for your help Julia!
Try hitting Settings, then number 3 to reboot the keypad. It should sound a long beep, and the LED's will flash (kind of a power on self-test) as soon as the LED's stop flashing, hold down 1 and 3, does the keypad display CON ADDR = xx? If not, then I'd say it's a bad keypad. You should always be able to get it to display the address, even if it won't display anything else. As long as it has power (and in this case, with the 6162RF, data wires).
I recently installed a Vista 20p (revision 10.23) with one 4219 zone expander, I have 16 hard wired window contacts, 3 hard wired door contacts, 1 Aurora Motion, 1 Wave2 Siren, 1 6162RF keypad, 1 6162 keypad. After system power up I never could get the 6162rf keypad display to show anything. The 6162 keypad works fine. Everything seems to work on the 6162RF keypad except the display. I'm able to arm and dis arm the system from it. I even swapped the 2 keypad locations but the 6162RF display still didn't work. I removed one keypad at a time from system and powered up system seeing if that would make a difference. 6162RF display still didn't work. The 6162 keypad worked when addressed to 16 or 17. Not too sure about the address setting on the 6162RF keypad since the display is blank. I did all the programming from the 6162 keypad. I think I did everything correct but I am pretty new to programming. Tested the system and everything seems to be working properly except the 6162RF display. Maybe the display is bad? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The 6162RF has been discontinued but you could add a 6160RF ( ) instead if you don't have a wireless receiver for the system yet. The wireless sensors need some sort of wireless receiver to interface with the 20P and the 6160RF has an integrated receiver that would do that for you. You can certainly use a Tuxedo with the 20P as well and you can use multiple Tuxedos but you will most likely need an auxiliary power supply as the panel can't power that many devices.
I just bought a new house and putting together an alarm system. I have a 20p panel, a few 5800 series wireless door sensors and motion detectors, and a tuxedo (non wifi I think) panel. I haven't set it up yet, but I am guessing that buying a 6162rf would be a good choice for the main panel and for programming. Can I still use the Tuxedo non wifi panel with the setup? Could I add a 2nd tuxedo panel later so I have a panel at both main entries and upstairs?
Honeywell told us that they got bad reviews on the style of those keypads so they discontinued the 6162 Series and told us a new style of keypads will be released. We don't have an expected release date though. The 6162 Series do work well so if you can get them online somewhere and want VIP programming, it would work as long as you have a panel that supports VIP programming.
Sterling - any idea why they discontinued the 6162 series? No VIP option on any current keypads...
Yes, a 6162RF certainly does support more than 16 zones. However, if your packaging specifically says 16 zones, you may have received an earlier run of the product that only does 16. I think you would have to test yours specifically to know for sure as it's either a labeling mistake (that would be my guess) or a different version of the regular 6162RF.
Just curious if you've done any further testing to know for sure that the 6162RF supports more than the 16 zones advertised on the packaging. Thanks!
The 20P only supports one receiver but if you disable the receiver on an RF keypad, you can certainly install multiple RF keypads.
I am interested in using a 6162rf as my main keypad for a vista20p panel and (2) 6152 keypads as well. I see the 6152rf keypads are actually cheaper right now at some places than the non-rf. any issue using three "rf" keypads and just "disabling" the RF on two of them?
Happy to help! You have a great day as well.
Great news! I have been reading conflicting information on the internet about the 6162rf not being bidirectional and was under the impression I would need the 6152rf or 5883 to make it work. Thanks, Sterling for your prompt and informational reply and your great videos on YouTube. Have a great day.
Actually, the 6162RF is compatible with the 5828V so you won't need any separate receivers/transceivers.
I have a Honeywell vista 20P with a 6162RF installed but want to add a 5828V but I know I need a 5883 transceiver to make this work and since the 6162rf only has a 5881 receiver this will not work with current setup. I have couple questions. How do I add a 6152RF(integrated 5883 transceiver)to my panel with a 6162RF in the mix also. Will they conflict with one another? Does the 6162RF receiver need to be disable? Will I need to re-enroll devices if I do have to use only the 6152RF? Thank You
Hey William, The new 21iP's are all we're shippign these days. They started shipping at the beginning of March.
Sterling, Have the 21ip controllers started to ship with version 3.16 yet. I have only seen the 3.13.
You should be able to just replace the chip and the keypad and you shouldn't need to reprogram anything. If your system is already programmed, the only advantage you would get is that future programming would be easier. We are still waiting for Honeywell to fully release the new chips. We aren't sure when they will be available but we will most likely post about them once they are available
Hi, So I can just switch the current chip from my panel to 9.16 and it will then work with 6162 rf? If I replace my current 6160rf with the 6162 rf then I will have to reprogram everything, correct? When will you start selling the 9.16 chip? Thanks and I just discovered this site and I think it is an excellent resource.
I thought about it, but I'm convinced they will have newer better models soon.
You can use a 5828V or 5828 keypad with the LYNX Touch if you want an extra keypad. Make sure to add the K0991 transformer
I like it, don't get me wrong. I am old school as I use to install Ademco and FBI panels back in 1985 when I was 15 years old working for an alarm company! New technologies like room glass breakage sensors and 4 wire keypads were just coming out. I am just older and lazy now, that's why I wanted wireless. :) I can't wait for the new keypads for the 5100 to put one at the front door. lol
We love the LYNX Touch so don't feel too bad!
I wish I paid more attention to these comments. I would have gone with a VISTA-21 over the 5100 and do wireless that way. Live and learn! :)
I haven't tested it myself but all the documentation I've read says that it supports the maximum wireless zones that the panel allows. I would be very surprised if it only supported 16 zones. We will do some testing and let you know.
Awesome, thanks for the response! Are you positive about the 6162 supporting unlimited zones (as long as the panel has room)? I asked another monitoring company this same question, and they followed up with Honeywell. Their response was that it only supported 16 zones. Here's the data sheet that shows unlimited (, yet the packaging on the 6162RF I have sitting here clearly says 16 zones lol. Someone in their marketing department screwed up, so I'm still not sure what to believe. :) Thanks again!
The 6162RF will technically support an unlimited number of zones while the 6152RF will only support 16 zones. The number of zones supported by the 6162RF will be limited by the alarm control panel you use. If you have a VISTA-20P or VISTA-21iP, you can use up to 40 wireless zones with the 6162RF. You are right that the V15P/V20P need to be version 9.16 or higher to support the VIP programming used by the 6162RF keypad. It is the VISTA-21iP that needs to be version 3.16 or higher. The upgrade chip that we offer at is currently a version 9.12 chip but we expect Honeywell to start making the newer 9.16 chips and then we will update that product with the newer version.
Can you help clarify how many zones the 6162RF will support? From my googling, the official data sheet says it supports unlimited zones, yet the product packaging and the web page both say it only supports 16 zones. Not sure which material to believe... Also, do you have a link to the 9.16 upgrade chip (I think you have a typo, since 3.16 was for the Lynx system I beleive)? Thanks!!!

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