New Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Methods

Posted By users are likely already aware of their ability to protect their accounts using two-factor authentication (2FA). Now is expanding their 2FA offerings to allow the use of third-party authenticator apps. This is a great new option for keeping your ADC account secure.

By adding an additional layer of security to your account through the use of two-factor authentication, you can prevent malicious intruders from accessing your account and your Security System, through your username and password alone. Existing 2FA methods allowed users to verify their identities from an email or text message. can also be set up so that it knows to "trust" a verified device, and only require 2FA on a new "unrecognized device" that is being used. A user will have the option to "save" a new device so that it is trusted, and 2FA isn't required the next time a user logs in.

Additionally, is now allowing users to set up 2FA in the form of an authenticator app. The way that these apps work is they generate a new secret code about every minute. This code is typically 5 to 7 digits in length, but it can vary. When a user goes to log into their account, after entering their username and password, they must open the authenticator app, and provide the current randomly generated code that is only good for about a minute or so. As soon as a new code is generated, the existing one is thrown out, and only the new code will be usable for a short time period until the next code is generated. If you choose to use this type of authentication, be sure to follow all instructions, particularly in the event that you get a new device, such as a new phone. Each authenticator app will have a specific process you should follow. customers will have a variety of authenticator apps that they can choose from, including Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass, Twilio, Duo, and more. Most of the apps have been said to work without any issue, However, an issue has been identified when using the Duo App, as generated codes may not be valid for the first fifteen (15) seconds after being generated. If you are having trouble using the feature, then you should reach out to your monitoring company for further assistance.

Fortunately, setting up 2FA on your account is very easy, It can be done through the mobile app or website. To use the mobile app, login to your account through the Mobile App on Android or iOS. Click the three (3) horizontal bars menu button in the upper-left corner, and then choose Login information. Then select the Two-Factor Authentication option. You will be asked to receive the code using an Authentication App, Email, or Text Message. Choose Authenticator App to have a QR code generated to scan.

If you are using the website, then the process is just as simple. Login to your account through a compatible web browser. Choose Settings on the left-hand side, followed by Login Information. Then under Login Security, choose the option for Two-Factor Authentication. You can then follow the on-screen prompts to set up 2FA through an authentication app, email, or text message. If you are having any trouble, then you should reach out to your monitoring provider for additional help.

Do you have any thoughts on Two-Factor Authentication? Do you use it to help keep your account safe, Will you be taking advantage of the ability to use authenticator apps? Let us know what you think in a comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to say. Remember to stay posted to the Alarm Grid Blog for more security system news coming soon!

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