1,000,000 Views on The Alarm Grid YouTube Channel!

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Alarm Grid's Youtube channel has just hit an incredible milestone. More than 1 million unique visitors have visited the channel and watched the videos. Many of you have been introduced to the very idea of DIY home security through the channel, a fact that we are proud of.

Every month, users are spending more than 100 combined days of their time watching how to do everything from installing a security system to programming 5811 sensors.

The most liked video on the channel is the short, but very helpful video that helps users get out of programmer lockout. It's a small contribution, but before Alarm Grid, information on getting back into programming after you were locked out was nearly impossible to find, not to mention there were no simple demonstrations of it.

If you have seen the videos, you will know that they are some of the most information-packed videos available on the subject of home security products. Sterling has introduced us to an astounding amount of content about everything security system related.

Thank you to everyone for helping us reach this milestone. If you haven't subscribed to the Youtube Channel yet, we would love for you to do it now!

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Recently, we have released a set of videos that review the new Lyric Security system's main unit and contacts. These videos are some of the first videos anywhere of the much anticipated panel. This is the kind of high-quality content we've been delivering, and we promise that we will continue to deliver even more of it.