Releases Firmware Version 2.6.2 for IQ Panels

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In the past, Qolsys has always released firmware for their panels, and then shortly thereafter approves the firmware and offers it for Over-the-Air (OTA) download. In a rare move, is offering 2.6.2 before a Qolsys announcement. Why the change? We're waiting for an answer.

Actually, I believe I solved the mystery while I was doing research for this post. Qolsys released a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB# 210927) back in September regarding an incompatibility issue discovered between the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 & 2 Plus version 2.6.1, the IQ Hub version 3.0.0, and the IQ Panel 4 version 4.0.0, where under certain conditions, remote commands sent to S2 versions of the Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Openers (GD00Z-6, GD00Z-7, & GD00Z-8-GC) from the Customer App/Website may not execute as expected. This would result in repeated commands, which would make the Garage Door open/close inadvertently. Only panels running versions 2.6.1, 3.0.0, or 4.0.0 respectively WITH Z-Wave firmware 6.81.03 or higher AND using the S2 version of the Linear Garage Door Opener are affected.

The release notes offered by advise that version 2.6.2 improves the handling of remote Z-Wave commands to S2 devices. In addition, Entry and Exit Delays are now displayed on the panel screen even when the screen lock is active to meet BS-8243 standards (in the UK). Help videos in languages other than English now play successfully on the panel, and the option to relaunch the Easy Install Wizard after each power-up works as expected.

Currently, this update is only available via OTA download, it must be sent from to the panel via WIFI. Qolsys panels will not download a firmware update via cellular, so if you have a panel that communicates via cellular only, you will need to set up your phone as a mobile hotspot, join the panel to it, and then have the firmware update pushed to the panel. Qolsys will be posting the firmware update to their site in the next couple of days. Once they do, we will make it available on our site. We also got an advance copy of Qolsys' Release Notes for Firmware Version 2.6.2. If your panel has a WIFI connection, you can follow the instructions in the release notes to update via Patch Tag.

To check the firmware version of your Qolsys IQ Panel 2, or 2 Plus, or IQ Panel 4, press the grey bar at the top of the panel screen. From the dropdown menu, select Settings > Advanced Settings > Enter the Dealer, Installer, or Master code (Defaults are 2222, 1111, or 1234 respectively) > About > Software. The Software Version will be displayed in the upper left of the version window. Once you have that information, you can check the Z-Wave version from the same screen. From the window that pops up, you'll see Home ID and then Z-Wave Firmware Version.

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Yes you can update with an SD card. Follow all steps including incremental updates posted on our firmware update page here:
I bought a house with a Qolsys iq panel and alarm system. We're not subscribed to any service. Can I update it myself? It says I need a SD card to update even though it has wifi. Do I download and update with the most current firmware or do I need to do it in steps?