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Alarm Grid has received important information from Honeywell, stating that any Lyric Controller using a WIFI-only communication setup is currently unable to work with an existing Apple HomeKit integration. Additionally, Honeywell has temporarily disabled the ability to activate new HomeKit service for all Lyric Controller Systems.

According to Honeywell, the Lyric Controller Security Systems are experiencing problems with WIFI connectivity when they are used with the HomeKit service. Honeywell is currently taking action to address this problem. The company says these issues should be fully resolved sometime in the third week of June.

Starting on Wednesday, May 23rd, Honeywell will disable all HomeKit features for any Lyric Controller that uses WIFI as its only communication path. This update will come in the form of a panel reboot while the system is in a disarmed state. The update may require up to three minutes to fully complete.

After the reboot, the panel should function as normal, though the HomeKit service will be disabled. Please note that this update is only being applied to Lyric Controller Systems that use a strictly WIFI connection. Lyric Controller Systems that use a dual-path setup with both WIFI and cellular, as well as those that use strictly cellular, are unaffected. Furthermore, Honeywell Lyric Gateway Systems are also unaffected.

Additionally, Honeywell has temporarily disabled the Apple HomeKit feature in AlarmNet 360. This makes it currently impossible to activate HomeKit service for any Lyric Controller System. New HomeKit activations will be possible once Honeywell restores the HomeKit feature sometime in the third week of June. Honeywell says that they plan to release more information regarding the restoration in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions regarding these issues, please email us at, or call us at 888-818-7728 between 9am and 8pm EST M-F. We apologize for any issues that this may cause.

Note: This issue has since been fixed.

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Hi Todd, I've sent the update request to the panel. I suggest emailing us,, so we can activate homekit once the update goes through.
Great news! Thanks! Do we need to request a firmware update?
Just as an update, the option has been added back and is able to be used again!
We're expecting the feature to be added back within a week or so, from what we've been told.
This is very disappointing news. I just purchased a Lyric Controller from Alarm Grid specifically to integrate my existing home security setup with HomeKit. I hope that this fixed quickly to allow me to connect my system to HomeKit.
Hi Esteban, we're with you. Honeywell did say that the update was going to take a little longer than expected, and that it would now be early July, but nothing more specific than that.
June is over, I'm also waiting for homekit to be turned back on add it was one of the defining factors in my decision to buy the lyric
Honeywell hasn't said that Homekit is re-enabled yet but we do hope that they complete this in the next week or so. We have heard that Homekit does work on systems that use cellular only.
Has this option been turned back on? I was about to pull the trigger on a Lyric system for HomeKit compatibility until I came across this article. Does this apply to Cellular communications?
We're expecting the option to be returned within a few days. Any updates we have we will post about, including when the option is enabled again.
Hi. Any updates?
Not yet but we do hope to see it active before the end of June. We haven't heard anything new but hopefully it will be back up this week at some point.
Curious to know if you guys have gotten an update from Honeywell here. It’s the third week of June!

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