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Alarm Grid is starting off your week right with a pair of new weatherproof mounting boxes now available on our website. We have the Potter PL-BBK1 and the Cooper Wheelock WBB available for purchase right now. These convenient mounting boxes are great for protecting sirens and strobes.

These so-called "bell boxes" are used to secure and contain sirens and strobe lights and protect them against environmental damage from rain, wind, UV light, dust, and other unfavorable outdoor hazards. You have likely seen them used with fire alarm equipment, and these are typically considered as fire-safety products.

Both of our new offerings provide a tough, rugged plastic construction that will keep any internal sirens, sounders, and strobes active and operational for a very long time. Depending on the jurisdiction your location is in, or the type of system you have, you may be advised to purchase the Potter PL-BBK1, which comes in red. This red color may be required for your installation as part of fire code mandates. Meanwhile, the Cooper Wheelock WBB does not come in red, but rather it is solid in White (WBB-W) and Silver (WBB-S) variants.

Beyond color, the only other difference you will likely notice between these products is their size. The Potter PL-BBK1 measures 5.6"L x 4.3"W x 1.9"D, while the Copper Wheelock WBB has dimensions of 4.1"L x 4.1"W x 2.1"D. The difference isn't that pronounced, but the PL-BBK1 is unmistakably larger. Of course, you should go with whichever one is better-suited for your installation. You may want to check with your local fire marshal if the application involves fire safety.

We have been putting out quite a few new products lately! Remember late last week we announced that the Honeywell Home PROA7 and the Resideo PROA7C are now both available for purchase. Is there any product that you're dying to see on the Alarm Grid site? Or are you wanting to learn more about our monitoring services? Leave a comment down below with your requests. We look forward to hearing from you!

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