Video Recap: October 22nd thru 25th

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Hi DIYers! It has been awhile since our last video recap, but the last few days have been very busy for us! Since Monday, October 22nd, we have released seven new videos on YouTube. Once again, we have our technicians Joe and Jorge teaching users how to use their security systems.

Here are the new videos from October 22nd thru October 25th:

Adding an External Keypad to an Interlogix Simon XTi & XTI-5

Joe shows users how to add an external keypad to an Interlogix Simon XTi or Simon XTi-5 System. Adding an external keypad will provide a user with a second point of on-site access for their security system. This can be very useful if a user regularly enters their home from multiple locations, such as front doors, back doors, basement doors and garage doors. The best external keypad for these systems is the Interlogix Two-Way Talking Touch Screen Keypad.

Using Google Home with an Interlogix Simon XTi & XTi-5

Joe explains how a Simon XTi or Simon XTi-5 System can be used with Google Home voice commands. This is made possible through the use of Any command sent from Google Home that is intended for the Simon XTi or XTi-5 System will first need to pass through the servers. This is because a Google Home device cannot communicate directly with an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5. In order to access, a compatible cellular communicator must be installed with the system.

Getting Power to the Interlogix Simon XTi & XTi-5

Jorge demonstrates how a user can provide power for their Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 Security System. Like all panels, these systems primarily rely on outlet power from a plug-in transformer. This will provide reliable power in most situations. If the power goes out, the system will automatically switch over to its backup battery power supply. The backup battery will slowly restore power while the system is running on its outlet power. This way, the system will be ready in case the electricity goes out.

Adding a Key Fob to an Interlogix Simon XTi & XTi-5

Jorge shows users how to add a key fob to an interlogix Simon XTi or Simon XTi-5 System. A key fob can be useful for providing a quick way to arm or disarm the system when you are coming or going. These devices can be conveniently kept in a pocket, purse or car and used whenever needed. Most key fobs offer options for disarming, arming stay, arming away and triggering panics. A great key fob to use with these systems is the Interlogix 4-Button Micro Key Fob.

Self-Monitoring an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5

Joe explains how a user can receive self-monitoring services with an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 System. Self-monitoring means that the user cannot receive automatic emergency dispatch from a central station. Instead, the user will receive text and/or email alerts about any system events. It is then up to them to contact any needed emergency services. To use self-monitoring with a Simon XTi or XTi-5, the system must have an active cellular communicator and be set up with The user will also need an appropriate alarm monitoring plan.

Wiring a TG-1 Express to a Wired Security System

Joe demonstrates how to wire a TG-1 Express Communicator to a hardwired alarm system. The TG-1 Express is a device that allows a security panel with a built-in phone dialer to be used for cellular alarm monitoring service. The panel will think that it is dialing out using a phone line. But really, it will be connecting to a cellular network. Any signals that are sent through this cellular connection will be first sent to Telguard. From there, Telguard will forward the signals to a central monitoring station.

Finding the Firmware Version on a 2GIG GC2 Panel

Jorge shows users how to find the current firmware version for a 2GIG GC2 Alarm System. This information is found within the System Toolbox. Upgrading the firmware can be important for using certain add-ons and functions with the system. There are two ways to upgrade the firmware for a 2GIG GC2. The easiest is to receive an over-the-air (OTA) update from a monitoring company. This requires that the system has active monitoring service. 2GIG also offers an updater tool that can be purchased separately. More information about the latest firmware is available on our 2GIG GC2 Firmware Page.

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