Will Soon Require Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

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Important Update: Alarm Grid has opted out of the two-factor authentication (2FA) requirement for The post below was written before Alarm Grid opted out, and it was believed that 2FA would soon be required for all Alarm Grid monitored customers who receive access to

Alarm Grid has received notice from that two-factor authentication (2FA) will soon be required for all users. is making this requirement to protect user accounts against unauthorized access. Users can set up 2FA for through email or text message.

At the time of this writing in late January 2021, 2FA for is optional, but it is recommended for keeping accounts as secure as possible. However, starting on Monday, February 15, 2021, any user who has not yet set up 2FA will be required to do so upon logging into their account. According to, the goal is to have every user set up with 2FA by Spring of this year.

When setting up 2FA for, you can choose to have codes sent via text message or email. Once the feature has been set up, you will need to perform 2FA upon logging into on an unsaved device. After you provide your ADC username and password, will send you a secret code via text or email. You must provide this secret code to verify your identity. Only then will you gain access to your account. will then allow your to "save" that device so that you don't need to perform 2FA the next time you use that device.

For most users, this will only mean performing 2FA when logging into through the mobile app on a new phone or through the website after clearing cookies. It's good that allows you to "save" trusted devices, as it would be very inconvenient to be required to perform 2FA every single time you go to access the service. However, it's a nice extra layer of protection for those times if you ever access through a public computer or some other computer that you don't normally use. While we are a bit surprised to see requiring 2FA for every user, we understand their rationale in wanting to keep accounts as secure as possible. Remember, anyone who is able to access your account and disarm your security system basically has full access to your property. Therefore, any extra protection is appreciated!

You can enable 2FA for your account at any time through the website. Simply login to your account through the website, and then select the Settings option on the left-hand side of the screen. From there, choose Login Information, and then Two-Factor Authentication. Then choose to set up the feature through text or email by following the on-screen prompts.

If you have any extra questions, or if you are interested in starting new monitoring service for use with, please email our team at We're here to check your emails and provide support from 9am to 8pm ET M-F. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started with

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