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This week, Josh from Connecticut had a pretty standard question a lot of us have before purchasing any wireless products: how long will the battery last?

Specifically, he wanted to know how long the battery in the Honeywell 5811 last. The Honeywell 5811 is a wafer thin door and window sensor that isn't as clunky as its counterpart, the 5816. It's button battery may be small, but it is very very effective.

While the answer to this question is obviously based on usage, I tried my best to answer Josh with a general estimate based on Honeywell specifications and average lifespans on Honeywell CR2032 3V lithium batteries as well as our personal experience with these sensors.

Watch the video below:

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Certain panels, such as the Vista-128/250 panels, allow you to ignore all tampers, so it's not an option on the 5811, but it is an option on some panels.
You can't install 5811's and ignore the tamper, it is not a programming option
This type of thing can happen if you're installing on a panel where Tamper signals can be ignored or disabled, such as all the Polling Loop panels. In this case, the cover could be slightly off the unit, causing it to send tamper signals constantly, which the panel would never show, but would cause the battery to run down very quickly.
That is strange as we haven't experienced those same results. Are you buying your sensors from Honeywell?
Hi I know you said that a 5811 transmitter battery life is 5 to 7 years. This is just according to Honeywell. I have installed 1000's of these units in the past years, since inception of the 5811.. I have notice wide variety of time from 3 months to 6 months, 9 months.and even to there predicament 5 to 7 year life expectancy . I believe your statement and Honeywell statement in my experience is true 70% of the time. The other time I don't know what happens. There can be two transmitters next to each with out use and wow low battery in 3 months. Sometimes I even throw it out because I do not want to back in 3 months. Over all it's a great transmitter.

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