Happy Independence Day America! Enjoy the 4th of July.

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Our offices will be closed on Monday, July 4, 2022 in observance of Independence Day. On this day in 1776, our founders declared our independence from England by formally adopting the Declaration of Independence. Since then, July 4 has become a day to celebrate family and freedom in America.

Our central station partners are available around the clock, every day. All signals sent by your Alarm Grid monitored alarm system will be handled in the usual manner during the holiday unless you've made previous arrangements with us. If you need to contact the central monitoring station, to cancel a false alarm or to verify a signal, customers in the US can contact Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS) by dialing (888) 818-7728 and choosing Option [9].

Canadian customers can contact Rapid Response at (800) 932-3822. Remember any time you contact either monitoring station, you will need to provide your name, address, and your false alarm password or phrase. If you provide incorrect information when asked it will result in the dispatch of authorities.

If you have a support question about your alarm system or need to make changes to your account, the monitoring station cannot assist you with that. For those types of requests, send an email to support@alarmgrid.com with as many details as possible about what type of assistance you need. Remember that when we return after the holiday, there may be a bit of a support backlog. Please be patient and we will work through all requests as quickly as possible.

If you plan to enjoy fireworks as part of your July 4th celebration, be sure to use caution and follow any provided instructions for safety. We'll see you back here after the holiday, hopefully with all our phalanges and eyebrows intact! Thank you for trusting us with your safety, and the safety of your family. We very much appreciate you being a part of the Alarm Grid family.

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