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Hi DIYers! Last week, we took a look at some takeover modules that allow existing life-safety sensors to be used with wireless systems. Specifically, we examined the Encore FF345 for 345 MHz systems and the SLX-AD-T3 for 319.5 MHz systems. Now, we offer a module for 433 MHz systems as well!

Despite its name, the DSC WST-600 actually operates at 433 MHz. This is the frequency commonly used with DSC Panels, including the wireless all-in-one DSC Impassa. It works in essentially the same manner as the other takeover modules. This involves continuously listening for the unique temporal sound of an activated smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector. As long as the sensor has the appropriate sounder, it can be used in this way. And if the sensors are interconnected, a single DSC WST-600 module can monitor the entire building!

The DSC WST-600 is programmed with a DSC System as though it were a regular 433 MHz wireless smoke or CO detector. Most users will program this type of device so that it has the system send out an emergency alert as soon as it is activated. This way, the user can receive automatic emergency dispatch from a central monitoring station. For best results, the DSC WST-600 should be placed within six inches of the life-safety sensor that it is monitoring. This way, the sensor will be able to actively detect the sound of the activated sensor. Overall, this sensor is a great way to monitor existing smokes and CO sensor so that the end user can save money.

The DSC WST-600 is available for purchase now on the Alarm Grid site. It is perfect for anyone with a DSC Impassa who wants to integrate hardwired life-safety sensors or conventional battery-powered life-safety sensors with their system. Get a DSC WST-600 takeover module to protect your home or business.

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