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The newest entry in the Qolsys "One Platform" lineup is the Qolsys IQ4 NS. This is basically an IQ4 Hub minus the touchscreen and a microphone. Qolsys is marketing this lineup as a Good, Better, Best offering with the IQ4 NS, IQ4 Hub, and IQ Panel 4 respectively filling each of those roles.

The "NS" in IQ4 NS stands for "No Screen." As a touchless panel, the IQ4 NS does not need to be installed in a visible location. It can be installed tucked away in a closet in the middle of the home or business. By installing in this way, the panel is protected from attack by intruders, and being centrally located it can provide the best range for Z-Wave and other RF devices.

In this world where seemingly everything has a touchscreen, you may be wondering how you control the IQ4 NS. There are a couple of options, actually. First, you can perform any tasks such as arming, disarming, checking status, and controlling automation devices using the Alarm.com mobile app. This app is available in both iOS and Android versions and is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

If you're looking for a more traditional security system experience, meaning you'd like to use a keypad, you have options there as well. The IQ Remote is compatible with all panel versions, and the IQ Remote-PG and some of the push-button PowerG keypads are compatible with the IQ4 NS when a PowerG daughter card is installed. Qolsys also plans to roll out a low-cost, battery-powered keypad called the IQ Keypad PowerG at the end of 2023. This is a basic, numerical keypad. It has an estimated three (3) year battery life and up to five (5) keypads can be used per system. It will work with all of the IQ4 panel lineup, as long as the panel supports PowerG.

To program the IQ4 NS locally, the IQ Installer Interface app is used. In addition, dealers can program the panel through the Alarm.com dealer portal. To program at the panel, simply download and install the free IQ Installer Interface app, open it, scan the QR code for the panel, located on the back of the unit, and follow a few onscreen prompts. You'll be programming the panel within minutes. The UI for the installer interface app is very similar to programming the IQ Panel 4 and IQ4 Hub through the panel touchscreen.

Qolsys has made the IQ4 NS a very modular system. Users can purchase a system with only the Z-Wave card installed, for example. This system can then be used as an automation hub only, perhaps in a newly constructed home, for demonstration purposes. When someone buys the home, they may then want to add security sensors. They can purchase a PowerG, 319.5MHz, 345MHz, or 433MHz daughter card to be installed into the panel. Now the same IQ4 NS is a full security system.

Feature IQ4 NS IQ4 Hub IQ Panel 4
7" Touchscreen NO YES YES
Built-in LTE & WIFI Comms YES YES YES
Dual SRF (PowerG + 1) NO NO YES
Z-Wave Plus (800-Series) YES YES YES
Bluetooth Disarming NO YES YES
Music Streaming NO YES YES
Microphones 0 1 3, with echo cancellation
8MP Panel Camera (w/Flextilt) NO NO YES
Built-in Panel Glass Break NO NO YES
Built-in Panel Motion Detector NO NO YES
24-Hour LiPo Backup Battery YES YES YES
Smart Mount Installation YES YES YES
Compatible with IQ Base NO NO YES
Available in Black Housing NO NO YES
Live View, Live Answer Doorbell & Cameras NO YES YES
Weather on Home Screen NO YES YES
Photo Frame Screensaver NO YES YES
Full Alarm.com Integration YES YES YES
4-Watt Speakers YES, 1 YES, 1 YES, 4
85dB Siren YES YES YES
Support for 128 Zones YES YES YES
Support for Partitioning YES, 4 YES, 4 YES, 4
242 User Codes YES YES YES
Encrypted Sensor Support YES (with PowerG or 319.5 MHz SRF) YES (with PowerG or 319.5 MHz SRF) YES
Support for Hardwired Zones YES (SRF will determine how) YES (SRF will determine how) YES (via PG9WLSHW8 or other SRF)
2-Way Voice NO NO YES
Residential Certification YES, (UL1023, UL985) YES, (UL1023, UL985) YES, (UL1023, UL985)
Commercial Certification YES, (UL2610) YES, (UL2610) YES, (UL2610)

Because the IQ4 NS has no screen with which to relay information to the user, it has two (2) LEDs on the front of the panel that provide some information. The left LED indicates power and the right LED indicates security system status.

The table below shows the various LED states and their respective meanings:

Power LED
Solid Green AC is present.
Flashing Green System running on battery, AC power is down
LED OFF System is Powered Down
Status LED
Solid Green Disarmed, Ready to Arm
Flashing Green Ready to Arm, with Zones Open
Solid Orange System Trouble Present
Flashing Orange RF Jam is Present
Solid Red System Armed
Flashing Red An Alarm has Occurred
Flashing Red (Rapidly) Active Fire Alarm, Bell Silenced
Flashing Blue Rebooting After an Update
Solid Blue IQ Installer Pairing Mode

With no touchscreen interface on the panel, the power button also has some additional functionality on the IQ4 NS. See the chart below for details:

Power Button
Press and Hold, 3 Seconds Panel Powers On, if Currently Off.
Press and Release, While Disarmed Announces Alarms, Troubles, and any other Status.
Alarms and Troubles can be Cleared by Pressing and Releasing again, after Annunciation Ends.
Press Twice within 3-Seconds, While Disarmed Initiates a Pairing Window for the IQ Installer App.
If Enabled in Programming, May Also Initiate a Cell Test.
Press and Hold for 30-Seconds Initiates a Hard Reboot.

Links for the various versions of the IQ4 NS can be found below:

Panel Description SKU
IQ4 NS with Verizon LTE and PowerG IQPK048
IQ4 NS with AT&T LTE and PowerG IQPK047
IQ4 NS with Telus LTE (Canada) and PowerG IQPK062
IQ4 NS with Verizon LTE IQPK071
IQ4 NS with AT&T LTE IQPK072
IQ4 NS with Telus LTE (Canada) IQPK0AA
IQ4 NS with Verizon LTE and 319.5MHz IQPK082
IQ4 NS with AT&T LTE and 319.5MHz IQPK083
IQ4 NS with Telus LTE (Canada) and 319.5MHz IQPK097
IQ4 NS with Verizon LTE and 433MHz IQPK086
IQ4 NS with AT&T LTE and 433MHz IQPK087
IQ4 NS with Telus LTE (Canada) and 433MHz IQPK098
IQ4 NS with Verizon LTE and 345MHz IQPK084
IQ4 NS with AT&T LTE and 345MHz IQPK085
IQ4 NS with Telus LTE (Canada) and 345MHz IQPK099
Daughter Cards and Accessories
319.5 MHz IQ-Card QC0001-840
433 MHz IQ-Card QC0004-840
345 MHz IQ-Card QC0005-840
915 MHz IQ-Card QC0008-840
IQ4 NS Table Stand IQ4NSTAND

Not all versions of the IQ4 NS are available just yet, but as they roll out, we'll add links to those panels in the chart above. We've been, frankly, unimpressed with prior manufacturers' all-in-one panels with no touchscreen, but the Qolsys IQ4 NS seems to have been well thought out. We'll see how popular it is with our customers.

What do you think about this type of screenless panel? Would you consider purchasing one? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. It seems that every manufacturer of all-in-one, professional-grade security panels decides to try a screenless panel at some point. It will be interesting to see if Qolsys can succeed where others have failed.

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