Alarm Grid Is Closed Today in Observance of Labor Day

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Labor Day has honored the contributions of workers as an official Federal Holiday since the year 1894. As a thank you to our employees, Alarm Grid will be closed on Monday, September 5, 2022, for the Labor Day Holiday. We will not be in the office that day to answer support questions.

But just because we won't be in the office providing technical support, helping to plan new systems, and activating monitoring for new customers doesn't mean that we aren't taking care of our customers. Our monitoring station partners, Criticom Monitoring Service (CMS) and Rapid Response are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to respond to any alarms, troubles, or environmental situations that may arise.

Alarm Grid monitored customers in the United States receive their monitoring service from Criticom (CMS). When your Alarm Grid monitored system sends a signal, it is a CMS operator who receives it and then processes it based on a pre-set list of instructions. Alarm processing may involve sending authorities immediately, or calling the premises and a list of contacts to determine if an emergency exists before a dispatch occurs. Whatever the instructions, the process takes only moments to complete.

If you need to contact CMS, either to put your system on test, or to report that an alarm does not require a dispatch, you can get in touch by calling (888) 818-7728 and choosing Option 9. When you contact them, be sure to have the proper information ready. They will need your name, address, and your false alarm password or phrase. This is very important! If you call either monitoring station during an alarm, and you provide an incorrect password, they will be required to dispatch authorities at that point.

For our Canadian monitored customers, you receive monitoring service from Rapid Response. If you need to contact them you can call (800) 932-3822 and follow the prompts. You should only be contacting them for issues such as putting your system on test, or canceling a potential dispatch due to an accidental alarm. Rapid Response can't provide you with technical support or make changes to your account either, so if you need that type of help, please contact us instead. You can email with details of what you need and we will respond as quickly as possible when we're back in the office on Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

The contributions of workers in building and maintaining both of these great nations cannot be overstated. Alarm Grid wishes you a happy, safe, and relaxing Labor Day! We'll see you back here on Tuesday, September 6 to pick up right where we left off. Until then, we hope you can enjoy this brief respite, you've earned it!

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