AlarmNet and Total Connect 2.0 Experiencing an Outage

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Update March 16, Post Outage: Alarm Grid has confirmed that the Lyric and Pro Series panels are not uploading Disarm photos to TC2 in the wake of the recent service outage. We can't be sure these two issues are related, but the customers we've spoken to indicate that this feature was working prior to the outage. The issue has been reported to Resideo.

Since the restoral: We have noticed that some panels with WIFI, such as the Lynx Touch panels, are not automatically reconnecting to WIFI. If this happens to you try a panel reboot. If that doesn't fix the problem, then go back through WIFI settings and rejoin the network.

9:18 pm Update: Our testing indicates that Total Connect 2.0 is fully restored. We've confirmed that both iOS and Android devices are now able to connect. Resideo has confirmed that Total Connect 2.0 is restored as well.

Dear Valued Customer,
Subject: The following AlarmNet Services are now Restored

Alarm Delivery/Signaling
Total Connect

Alarm Delivery/Signaling
Restored Time:2:40 PM ET
Date: 3/14/22
Time: 2:40 PM ET

Total Connect
Date: 3/14/22
Restored Time: 7:30 PM ET
Thank you for your patience.

7:40 pm Update: It's unofficial, but it appears the TC2 website is now accessible. In addition, when logging in through the iOS App, Activity appears to now be logging correctly again. Now, when I bypass a sensor, then arm, TC2 and the panel status match. When I look in Activity, the proper events are showing up. What I see when I log into the webpage matches what I see in the app.

5:00 pm Update: Total Connect 2.0 Text notifications are beginning to be processed. Earlier in the day, only push notifications were coming through. In these notifications, you are likely to see some older events as the queued events are processed by the server.

The Total Connect 2.0 Website, it appears, is still unavailable. To our knowledge, Android users are still not able to log in via the app. Users on the iOS platform can log in, but TC2 seems to be having trouble knowing whether a command is processed or not. I was able to bypass a zone and arm my system successfully (I can tell because I'm sitting next to it) but TC2 thought the arming command failed, and showed my system disarmed.

Resideo put up an official notice on the AlarmNet360 site. It states:

Alarm Delivery and AN360 Restored / Total Connect is still impaired

Start:2022-03-13 07:00 PM
End: N/A

Dear Valued Customer,
Subject: The following AlarmNet Services are now Restored
Alarm Delivery/Signaling

Alarm Delivery/Signaling
Date: 3/14/22
Restored Time: 2:40 PM ET

Date: 3/14/22
Restored Time: 2:40 PM ET

2:00 pm Update: AlarmNet360 is now up and functioning. This means our ability to create new accounts and remotely troubleshoot existing accounts is restored. There could still be a few hiccups, so please be patient.

Total Connect 2.0 is still accessible via iOS device, but not via the website. Some activity and notifications have begun to come through via iOS. As far as we know, Android users are still unable to log into TC2 at all.

Please Note: As the service begins to come back up, there may be some events that TC2 has had queued since the service went down. When the connection is restored, you may receive some notifications for events that actually happened at an earlier time.

1:00 pm Update: To our knowledge, AlarmNet customers' alarm signals are being delivered, and have been since about 3:00 am this morning. We've done some signal testing, and currently our signals are coming through.

The AlarmNet360 website and the mobile app are still down. It is not currently possible to log in there.

Total Connect 2.0 appears to be partly up. You can log in through iOS devices and execute some commands, but the Activity Log appears not to be working, at least not with consistency. Android users of the App report they are still unable to log into Total Connect 2.0. If you have news to report on your status, you can do so in the comments below.

UPDATE 12:42 pm: If you have silenced your system after receiving an error message about a comm failure or other outage-related message, such as communication path failure, the system should not sound again unless the condition restores, then occurs again. In that case, it will sound again because the system sees it as a new event that it needs to make you aware of.

The website listed above, is the site for Resideo Total Connect Comfort (thermostats). Though this isn't a site specifically for Total Connect 2.0, the issues seem to be mirroring one another, so it's a reasonable site to check for progress. Honeywell Home is not the same thing as Total Connect 2.0.

Original Post: Alarm Grid has received information that Total Connect 2.0, a service of AlarmNet, is currently down. During this outage, you will be unable to log into your Total Connect 2.0 account, and you will likely see an error, and hear beeping, from your system.

To silence the beeping, simply disarm your system twice, or if you have a touchscreen, acknowledge the error by entering your normal arm/disarm code when prompted. Once the error is silenced, it should not sound again*, though it will continue to display on the keypad until the issue is resolved. Once the problem is resolved, another disarm (or two) may be required. You can check the status of this outage at

This outage has also affected the ability of the system to deliver signals to the central station and to Total Connect 2.0. We apologize for this inconvenience, rest assured that Resideo is working diligently to resolve the issue. We'll follow up with more information as it becomes available.

In addition to Total Connect 2.0 being unavailable, AlarmNet360 is also down. This means that we are unable to activate accounts using this service, and we are unable to remotely troubleshoot systems that communicate through AlarmNet.

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Thanks for the kind words Randy!
We appreciate your patience and understanding and we're certainly going to do our best!
Julia got this up yesterday Steve
I'm working on that. Stay tuned.
Soooo.....any word on what happened? Such a gap in alarm coverage is concerning, and the gap in app functionality was personally very frustrating. This whole business is built on peace of mind, how can I be comfortable that this won't happen again?
We haven't heard of any password issues related to the outage. Is it possible you usually have your password auto-saved and then, due to the issues not being able to login during the outage, you were manually entering one that wasn't what it was set to at the time?
Are you an Alarm Grid customer? If so, can you email us at referencing this page so we can assist? If your communication issues were related to the Alarmnet 360 outage, you should not have still been offline at the time you posted here.
As of this morning, I can use the app. However, it would not accept the password I use for TC. After going through a password reset, it seems to be working.
I'm not able to receive signals at all on my panel. Communication is out
I was able to log in to the Android TC app. Really slow, but that's actually typical.
I was just able to log in via iOS, bypass a zone, Arm, Disarm, and all activity showed up as it should, and all notifications came through. Can you test now?
Can you try it now? I just confirmed that I was able to both log into the website and the iOS app, and unlike before, everything I tested appears to be working as it should.
While our Lyric panel does not currently indicate a problem, our (Android) Total Connect apps are still not working. This is incredibly frustrating, and has been an issue for nearly 24 hours now?
The TC 2.0 app is still down on iOS device. It is an iPhone 12, fully patched.
I think your doing fine. Whenever I have an issue I go directly to the blog. Maybe people think Alarmgrid is the provider and not just the friendly middleman. I agree a mass communication (email or txt) should have gone out but not from you, from CMS. Since I didn't know I was restarting my system and checking things for quite a while before giving up. I silenced my system once and never heard from it again, just a yellow trouble bar at the top. Keep up the good work!
While being disappointed a mass email or some push from the app didn’t take place. I understand this hasn’t happened before in this magnitude and look forward to AlarmGrid making the necessary changes to address timely communication along with a protocol for key employees to be notified of system outages like this. Stay transparent.
Hey Mr. Freeze, we agree. The problem is that this happened late Sunday night, and it's an outage, the likes of which we've never seen. We have seen times when Total Connect is down, but we have never seen security communications go offline. And we weren't being made aware by Alarmnet of what was going on either. So we had to scramble this morning to figure out what was happening, and why. The blog post allows us to communicate with everyone at the same time, because our only source of knowledge here is what our customers are reporting to us about what is up and what is down. We're using Alarmnet for some information, but (as you noticed per your next comment), they aren't being very forthright yet. This is frustrating for all of us. And we appreciate any patience you can afford us while we work to resolve this for customers.
We're very sorry about the lack of communication Adam. Our intention is to always be transparent and straightforward with customers. Unfortunately, we're open M-F 9-8 EST, and our staff was at home when this outage began. The outage seems to have begun around 7PM last night. I can assure you that, once this is resolved, we will be speaking with Resideo to find out what happened. We're going to look at our current processes as well and do what we can to improve things so that we aren't leaving you hanging when you need us in the future. The core alarm delivery services seem to be resolved around 3AM. If you acknowledged the communication trouble before this time, it is likely that your system would have started beeping again. Every time the system tried to communicate with the Alarmnet servers between 7PM and 3AM, it would have failed and started a round of trouble beeps. Even if you weren't sending a signal, the trouble beeps may have come back after being silenced if the communications went out and restored (we've seen accounts that were cycling from trouble to restore multiple times during the outage period). Each time the communications went out, a new round of trouble beeps would start at your keypad again. Because these systems are setup to communicate with Alarmnet, the only way to prevent this from occurring would have been to disable your alarm communications in system programming or fully power down your system. We do understand the importance of reliable alarm communications and while we're troubled by this outage, we are confident Resideo will get things fully restored as soon as possible. We're also happy that the core alarm services were addressed in a relatively timely manner. If you or anyone else is still experiencing issues communicating to the central station, please let us know at
Just a follow up comment on my disappointment about Alarmgrid's communication on this event. A "blog post" is not an adequate communication vehicle for such an outage. While tech savvy users might have understood the impact of Resideo's outage - it should have been clearly communicated - that during this outage, all events, Fire, Burgular, Medical, Panic should be manually reported to local authorities - as CritiCom will not receiving these alerts. As Alarmgrid is my 'middleman' in this equation - I feel they should have done a better job at communicating the full impact to their customers. Been a happy customer for years - almost from their beginning. I believe you could have/should have done better on this outage. Again, a blog post was an inadequate communication.
Honeywell Home is Resideo's service for their direct to consumer services, like their WIFI thermostats - Your comments about alarm communications and communication paths would be unrelated to Honeywell Home. With that said, it would be nice if their status page reflected AlarmNet 360 core services, in addition to the Total Connect 2.0 services. From what we've seen so far, alarm communications to the central station seem to have been restored as of 3 AM this morning. What ticket number do you have open with us so that I can hop in and help?
FYI: - reports that Honeywell Home is now "Operational". This however is not True. Only my IP path has restored - my GSM path is still down (NO Relation to the impending 3G takedowns - as Verizon 3G is still operational until December 2022) , and access/Control of my Alarm Panel via Total Connect is still down. Don't rely on Resideo status page for status of this outage. If you know how - check your dual path communication status on your alarm panel. Looks like you closed my ticket a little too soon.
Why did it take you over twelve hours to acknowledge that there was an issue and provide any information about this? This is completely unacceptable! Will you be providing refunds to your customers to compensate for this situation, and the fact that I was woken up multiple times overnight? Your statement that the system will not sound again after being silenced is blatant lies as I had to silence my system four times already.