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We are proud to announce the addition of the Honeywell 702 and the Honeywell 5899 to Alarm Grid's product offering.

The Honeywell 702 is a self-contained alarm siren that can be used with any wired alarm control panel. Of course, as it is a Honeywell siren, it is recommended that you use it with a Honeywell wired alarm control panel such as any of the VISTA Series alarm control panels. The siren has dual channels so that it can sound a steady alarm and/or a warble alarm. It is also weatherproof which makes it ideal for anyone looking to install a siren outside their home.

The Honeywell 5899 is a replacement magnet designed for the Honeywell 5816 wireless contacts, however you can use the 5899 magnets with nearly any door or window sensor. If you have lost a magnet from your door and window sensor, the 5899 is a great option. Also, the 5899 are great for venting windows which require (2) magnets for each window sensor. To vent the window you simply mount one magnet at the bottom of the window and another magnet a few inches up the window. You then mount the window sensor on the frame across from the top magnet. When the window is closed, the top magnet and the window contact are aligned and when the window is open a few inches, the window contact is aligned with the bottom contact. Now you can have your security system armed and still get a nice breeze flowing throughout your home.

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