L5100 Discontinued Officially

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The L5100 is the security system that changed the industry forever. Honeywell gave things a try with its predecessor, the L5000, but it just wasn't right. While the L5000 may not have hit on all cylinders, the L5100 was a smashing success. A Z-Wave controller, a security system, and a beautiful, simple to use user interface ushered in a new era of home security. Responsive, colorful, and simple to use, the L5100 made home security accessible to the common man. The result of the simple 3-touch auto-enrolling process for zone programming, or simple typing in of a serial number, made it so there were no longer complicated button presses to get in and out of programming.

Moreover, this wireless panel was the first full-scale wireless panel that truly won over the old-timers who resisted the transition from wired to wireless. The modular approach to adding communicators gave consumers choices about what exactly they want their system to do.

As of today, stock across the country has been exhausted of this groundbreaking panel, and we have discontinued its sale in our store. It has been replaced by Honeywell's newer, bigger, better panels the L5200 and the L7000. These two new panels are wonderful replacements for this workhorse, and we're sure they are going to become the industry standard for years to come. While different in some ways, the L5200 and L7000 are wonderful additions to the Honeywell family and welcome replacements for what was once a revolutionary panel.

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