Honeywell Lyric Controller Finally Homekit Compatible!

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I'm sure many people were disappointed to see the Lyric MR4 firmware get released last month and have the firmware update NOT include the Lyric / Apple Homekit integration that has been promised since the Lyric first debuted at ISC West back in 2015. We've been as frustrated as our users and potential customers have been that have been waiting anxiously for the Homekit integration to the Lyric system, and since Honeywell was at the mercy of Apple releasing the approval for the functionality to be made available, even Honeywell wasn't sure exactly when it was coming.

With all that said, we're excited to announce that as of this week, a Lyric running MR4 firmware can now integrate with Apple's Homekit!

We just found out about the release and we haven't been provided with all the details on the functionality the integration allows but once we get more information from Honeywell and do some testing ourselves, we'll be posting more about this awesome update to the Lyric system!

In the mean time, if you want to confirm your Lyric can do Homekit, just press Security > Tools > enter Master Code > Advanced and if you're on MR4, you should see a Homekit Reset button that wasn't there previously.

If you aren't seeing that button, you should check the System Information tab to see if you're on the MR4 firmware (01.04.07178.491) and if you aren't you can either ask your alarm monitoring company to remote upgrade you or if you have the right firmware version to allow a local firmware update request, you can go to Security > Tools > enter Installer Code to see an option for 'Update firmware' which will get you up to the latest version.

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Glad you found it helpful. That was my intent - provide followup data for anyone who might happen across the question in the future.
Thats wonderful, That is awesome news for us
Since my other reply was upvoted and brought to my attention, let me follow up. I’ve had my Schlage Sense lock for nearly two years now. It’s been flawless. Very happy with it.
Hi Phil, It looks like your panel is waiting for the latest update to get to it. Once that update goes through we can then re-enable Homekit for you. I suggest emailing us,, about homekit so we can enable that for you once the update has gone through.
Hi David. Now that MR7 firmware is released ( bringing back the Lyric HomeKit integration, have you noticed any issues with the integration? We haven't heard of any yet and are hopeful that the bugs were fixed but we are curious to hear any feedback from our users that are using the integration again.
Hi Dylan I tried re-activating my HomeKit this morning. But still nothing. I rebooted my panel but no luck. Any tips for me? Thanks, Phil
Homekit has been added back to the Lyric system! In order to get the option activated you'll need to have the system registered. If you're not already monitored feel free to review our no-contract plans here:
Any update on this? I bought the Lyric specifically for the Homekit integration. I have dual path WIFI and cellular monitoring. Thanks...
We are still waiting on Honeywell to release it but we hope that it's out in the next week. We do know that Honeywell is putting it through it's final testing phase so it shouldn't be much longer.
Any update on this Sterling?
From what we've heard, we're expecting the option to return around June 30th.
Are there any updates for Honeywell re-enableing the Homekit function? I bought a new Lyric from you specifically for Homekit integration, unfortunately I found this discussion after I had the unit. So....any updates?
Okay, thanks for confirming David. That is helpful information and we'll pass it along to Honeywell. At this time, it sounds like their expected re-release of the HomeKit integration is being delayed and we're hoping it will be out by early July at this point.
We've had others using the third party Home app to clear or fix the Lyric/HomeKit integration issues. At this time, all we know is Honeywell told us Apple pulled the HomeKit from Lyrics while the two companies work on a fix that will be implemented with a new Lyric firmware. You say you have TC2 now, so you must be monitored through an AlarmNet provider now correct? I'm curious, is your Lyric activate on both WIFI and cellular with your alarm company?
Hey there. Totally missed your reply to my post. Sorry about that. I already had an Apple TV set up as a hub and was able to conduct out of home access to other devices. Everything has settled down since then though and I have had no issues until with out of home access. I haven't really ad many other issues as well until today. My alarm just tripped and I have been so used to using the iOS Home App to "arm" and "disarm" that I fumbled on my disarm code and the alarm went ballistic. After that I couldn't disarm on the panel, the TC app or the website portal. The IOS Home App was completely stuck on "updating" so that was no help. However, when I went to the third party HOME app, I was able to set the Lyric to "disarm" and the alarm stopped and disarmed. Once again, the third party HOME app rescued me. Honeywell should totally talk to the guy who wrote this app because his understanding of HomeKit has been bar none up to now.
That's interesting behavior David. Thanks for sharing. Now that Honeywell and Apple have pulled the integration, we don't have any troubleshooting we can do to see why it's failing or to fix it at this time. We're hopeful the new Lyric rev that will fix the HomeKit error is out soon though and you can use TC2 in the mean time.
The latest development for me... My alarm tripped while I was away. Oddly it was a door sensor on a locked door. Ever since then, I cannot access the Lyric remotely but still can reach my other home kit devices just fine. Once I am home and on my WiFi network, I can see the Lyric at arm/disarm per usual. I am not seeing a blocking message or anything with the alternative app. Reboots, etc have no effect My setup is dual WiFi and cellular. I can always reach the Lyric via Total Connect, even when away from home
Should be back Shortly!
Glad I checked out this discussion as i was trying to re-pair my Lyric to homekit and having no luck. Looking forward to this fix being rolled out!
Nope, still have homekit. The app is called Home.
Did you end up losing HomeKit on your Lyric David? Also, what is the name of the app that you sent a screenshot from? Hi Sterling. Just for the record, I had this happen to me on a system with both WiFi and cellular. The way I was able to clear it was to remove the "block" via a 3rd party Homekit app called Home as someone else mentioned in this thread. Screenshot attached. This particular event occurred when my alarm went off. I'd prefer to not have my Homekit removed on my setup as I can use this work around while Honeywell figures this out.
Unfortunately we got a notice from Honeywell today that they are working to fix the existing known issues with the Lyric HomeKit integration. It seems the known issue (HomeKit integration breaking for no reason) is limited to setups using WIFI only communications (no cellular backup). Their plan to fix the issue is to disable the HomeKit option for all their alarm dealers for now so that we can't activate the option on new Lyric activations. They also plan to remove HomeKit from any existing Lyric that is running WIFI only. They are working on a new Lyric firmware that addresses the bug and they expect it to be available in the third week of June and at that time, they will be re-enabling the HomeKit option on AlarmNet.
Yes, they are aware of the issue and are working with Apple on a fix. Once we know or hear more, we'll be posting back so everyone is kept up to date.
Hi Sterling Yes this issue persists for me. After re pairing homekit I was able to have the Lyric controller and accessories show up when I am on the home wi fi network, but when I leave they return to the no response. After the alarm being triggered again, it is back to just the lyric icon in the home app (no accessories) with the no response under it. However I sill get notifications from homekit when the alarm is armed or disarmed. My other homekit accessories continue to function fine whether on home network or not (apple tv is setup as hub) I have the lyric app for leak detectors I had purchased and added the Lyric controller to the app. I found when the controller goes no response in homekit it does the same in the Lyric app. I have since removed the controller from the Lyric app just to be sure it wasn't interfering. I am running iOS 11.3. Hopefully Honeywell can come up with a fix for this as the homekit integration was a major factor in our decision to go with the Lyric controller as we chose to use homekit as our smart home hub.
Thanks for the update Michael. It's good to have both sides working on the issue as we're all anxious for it to get ironed out to be more reliable for everyone using the integration. Honeywell was actually able to identify the issue and duplicate it on their end (I'm sure after we provided them all the good feedback from our users posting about the issue in the first place) and they've told us they are working on a fix. One of their guys mentioned it may have to do with the level of cyber security in the panel and how it links to one access point based on the MAC of the panel to avoid it connecting to someone spoofing the access point with a duplicate SSID/password. I'm no expert on why that would matter or even if that is the root cause of the issue but it certainly sounds like Apple and Honeywell will get it resolved sooner or later now that both sides see the failures.
Hey Sterling – thought I’d follow back up here with you and the bunch of other folks here that have since run into this as well. This is definitely an issue with Lyric Controller’s HomeKit implementation. I have an open radar with Apple with a bunch of sysdiagnose logs and they’ve been looking into it, but they’ve seen enough in the logs to know something’s not right with how the Lyric Controller is responding to certain requests from HomeKit hubs. I’ll follow up here when I have more, but it’d definitely be helpful if you guys were able to run it up the chain with Honeywell as well and make it clear to them there’s an issue here. I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone competent there.
I see your panel's WIFI lost connection recently and then restored. If it's still not working, can you going back through the Configure WIFI setup to re-join the panel to your network and then see if that fixes the HomeKit integration?
I am running iOS 11.3. I just did the most recent update, but was having similar issues with the previous iOS. I have tried removing the Lyric as well as reset Homekit/rebooting the panel. Nothing has worked
Hi Phil, What iOS are you running and are you still experiencing issues with the Lyric / HomeKit integration?
Hi Jason, What iOS are you running?
Hi David, While we were out in Vegas last week for the ISC West security convention, we were told that Honeywell finally has identified a bug in the HomeKit integration and is working to fix it. Once we hear that it's fixed, we'll let you know so you can test and report back. They didn't give us too many specifics but it sounds like it may be related to the fact that due to the level of cyber security built into the Lyric, it will only link to one access point identified by the MAC address. With this design, no one can spoof the panel with a different Access Point having a duplicate SSID. This may indicate why they asked us about mesh networks and I realize you've moved away from a mesh network setup and are still having issues so it's also possible the fix is unrelated to that design. Either way, we hope it's fixed soon and will let you know as soon as it is.
That is curious that the 3rd party app is able to show the HomeKit integration "BLOCKED" and allows you to clear the block. I'm going to let Honeywell know in case that helps them with a better overall fix. Regarding your last comment, did you setup a hub (iPad, HomePod or 3rd Gen+ Apple TV) for your HomeKit integration which is required for alerts when you aren't on the same WIFI network as the system?
Hi Michael, We never heard back from you. As others have reported better behavior from the Lyric / HomeKit integration, I'm curious to hear if you are still having issues with your integration breaking.
Great news that the update is helping to solve this issue, thanks for letting us know. Now we can suggest this to other customers experiencing similar issues.
I experienced them daily until I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 11.3 15 days ago. I haven't had one since. Apple's 11.3 release notes say Homekit fixes are included in the release. I'll be sending my Lyric back for other reasons so I won't be able to test it for much longer, but for me at least, Homekit and the Honeywell Lyric App have worked perfectly with the Controller (both locally and remotely) after the 11.3 iOS upgrade.
Not as of yet. We have alerted Honeywell to the issue and are awaiting a solution.
Any update on the HomeKit issue of no response? This issue just started for me yesterday and the lyric is the only system that shows no response. Tried rebooting my hub but same problem. This is just a regular router as well.
Yes there is a work around. I'm having similar issues as those posted here: (i) no response from Lyric while away from the house - even though all my other HomeKit devices are being responsive and (ii) triggering the alarm completely killing the connection to HomeKit. With respect to the latter, after resetting my HomeKit connection twice on the Lyric panel and realizing that you have to reset all of the automations and scenes previously set up, I realized resetting HomeKit is not the way to go. And that's when I accentually found a workaround. Before Apple released their Home app, I had downloaded the following third party app from the App Store: It seems to be exactly what the iOS Home App eventually became but for some reason in various scenarios, I found it to be a more reliable source of HomeKit information and communication. So after triggering the alarm and losing connection, I went to this third party Home app and the Lyric status was listed as "BLOCKED." After clearing all of the errors on the panel and making it ready to arm again, I clicked on "BLOCKED" and it gave me a message that it was "Unblocking" and it actually did. I went back to the iOS Home App and I was back in business. Not great that you have to rely on a $15 third party app (no it's not my app and I do not work for them) but I have to say, it's a good back up to have if you're becoming reliant on HomeKit. Now if I can just figure out why there is no response from the Lyric while outside the home, I would be happy....
Thanks for your help Sterling. I have sent the email as you requested. Thanks, David
Sorry to hear. When a solution or update is made available we will definitely inform you.
Thank you for reporting back David. Your situation is the first we've heard of with a non-mesh WIFI that's still have HomeKit issues. Can you email and detail your network setup? We've reported your scenario to Honeywell and once we hear back from them with a possible fix or a time to troubleshoot, we'll be in touch.
I have experienced the issue of my Lyric going to No Response in Homekit that others have mentioned. It happened just after my wife triggered the alarm for the first time (new system, did not disarm before opening the front door). The no response is only on the lyric panel/accessories, cameras and other Homekit devices are working fine. Funny thing is I was still getting notifications from Home that the panel was being armed/disarmed. Had my wife try and reboot the panel which solved nothing, going to try and re-pair to homekit when I get home. Look forward to hearing there's a solution for this.
We haven't heard back that anything's been changed or fixed and to be honest, they've been pretty tight lipped about the issue other than asking us to inquire about the type of WIFI network being used. They are certainly aware of the reports so if you have seen improved behavior we hope that's an indication that they or Apple have fixed something with the integration to make it more stable. I wonder if any other Lyric/HomeKit users are still experiencing the drops?
Not sure if you have heard anything back but I have not seen this issue return so far. Knock on wood.
I tripped the alarm again today and now I am back to homekit saying the lyric is not responding. As before, I still get homekit notifications when I arm or disarm the system. Lyric is still connected to a non-mesh network, so it appears that mesh networks are not the cause of this problem. Is there any diagnostic information you would like to collect from my system to send to honeywell before I reset homekit again? Thanks, David
Hi Julia, Yes, my system is monitored on the "Self Bronze" plan. Here is what I did: First I moved to a non-mesh network and rebooted lyric. I was hoping maybe that would be enough to get lytic to talk to homekit again, but it didn't work. Next, I reset homekit on the lyric and re-added to homekit. After that, I have triggered the alarm and didn't lose the homekit connection. I don't know that this is conclusive because I don't know if every alarm trigger on the old network would have lost connection. Anyway, I will leave it like this for now and report back if I have any more problems. Thanks, David
So, to be clear, you moved the Lyric to a non-mesh network. Reset HomeKit, and re-paired with the Lyric? Is your system monitored at all?
I switched the Lyric to a different (non-mesh) network and it didn't make a difference. I tried rebooting it again also.
No other work arounds we know of yet, keep us updated on if the issue resolves itself after you swap the network.
Is there any work-around other than deleting lyric from HomeKit and adding it back? I have a google WiFi network with 3 access points, but they are all hardwired, so it shouldn’t be in mesh mode. I have another network that I can move the lyric to and see if that makes any difference. I’ll try it tonight and let you know. Thanks, David
We're still working with Honeywell currently to resolve this issue. We'll likely be posting a blog or FAQ once the issue has been resolved. Are you using a mesh wifi network by chance?
Was there any resolution to this? I have the same problem. I have rebooted both the lyric and my apple tv. I've also done a force-quit on the home kit app. All other homekit devices are working fine. I can control my alarm from the honeywell "my home controller" app and the "total connect 2" app, so the wifi on my alarm seems fine. When I arm/disarm my alarm, I still get notifications through homekit even though homekit says the lyric is not responding. It seems like the lyric has locked out control via home kit once the alarm went off.
Thanks for providing that information David. We will add your information to the pending case we have with Honeywell and once we hear back with some details, we'll be in touch.
I have 3 Airport Extreme (last generation). 1 is my main router/DCHP/DNS and the other 2 are in bridge mode. They are all on the same SSID and WPA2 password. I guess you can call it a mesh.
Do you have a mesh WIFI network? Honeywell has reported that lately this has been causing issues.
Thanks! It was working as of this morning. Hard telling how long it will last. It seems forcing to wifi only and then back to wifi/cellular in the communicator settings sort of resets it. Sometimes I have to reboot after the communicator setting change. Just doing a reboot has not made a difference.
Whoops, Sorry about that David. We did not have this email on file but I went ahead and fixed it now. Is your homekit working fine now?
Actually, Alarmgrid is my monitoring company and I am on an active gold plan. You also sold me all my equipment.
Thanks for this information David. We are going to reach out to Honeywell to verify. I also see you're currently not monitored with us so you may want to reach out to your monitoring company as they may be better suited to help you as they have your panel's info.
One more follow up. This continues to pop up. I'm wondering if this could be caused by the presence of the LTE module and home kit on the Lyric getting confused about what interface to talk through. I've eliminated IP addresses but lost everything in home kit today. I toggled to wifi only on the lyric and it popped right up on the home app. Went back to WiFi/Cellular mode and it continued to work but something about that change reset the Homekit link. Ecobee has gone through a similar issue where they would lose Homekit and a reboot would bring it back. They had to add something to their firmware to monitor Homekit and restart the process if it dies. Don't know the technical details but remember something along those lines. Honeywell may need to mature their Homekit code.
As a follow up, it appears to be a DHCP issue on my installation. My panel must have tried and failed to renew a DHCP lease and it then reverted to a 169.254 private IP address. I enabled a DHCP reservation, rejoined the wifi to force the new IP to take. I don't know if a reservation will be the perm fix. I suspect, manually assigning an IP address might be the most bullet proof. Once I got my IP straightened out, no issues connecting via the home app after a panel reboot.
I also experienced this for the first time today. Totalconnect still works fine but Home app can't see the Lyric. When I went to bed, I used the Home app to arm the system and this morning, not able to reach it. I've tried reboots of everything with no change. I do have a multiple router setup which has been very stable for a long time. It's all Airport gear for me. I'm on the latest software on the Lyric (MR4).
You might try force quitting the home app. I've seen devices unavailable that came back fine after a force quit and relaunch of the Home app.
What firmware version are you running if you check your System Information page in your master programming Advanced settings? Also, are you using any type of WIFI extender or repeater or have any type of multiple router WIFI setup?
It is! Was there a recent software update for the Lyric that might be causing issues? This only started happening a couple weeks ago, but had been working great since the original HomeKit release prior to that.
Is the Hub you have setup for HomeKit connected to the same WIFI network that the Lyric is on?
Hmm, I don't believe that's the issue given all other 50+ accessories work fine over the hub. :(
If you are experiencing this when outside your wifi network you probably do not have your hub setup properly. Here are some helpful details for that:
Anyone having problems recently with Lyric Controller showing up as "No Response" in HomeKit? Both my own controller and a friend's have been acting like this consistently over the last 3-ish weeks.
It also depends on which battery you use. I used batteries from Harbor Frieght and it would last for about 2 months. Then I switched over to the normal Duracell batteries and its been 6 months and its at 85%. Its a kitchen door leads to garage and it is open and closed about 12 times per day.
If you're asking if you can change the volume, then yes. At the main home screen, go to settings and you'll be able to see the volume option there.
Hi is there any way you can change the sound of internal alarm sounder on Honeywell l7000 system ?? Please let me know thanks
I agree, that is good.
My most active lock is used about 2-5 times a day on average. That lock was installed around the beginning of August and I am at 85% battery life left as of this morning. 15% used in 6 months which I think is pretty good.
Interesting, can you define "well" with regard to battery usage? What's your average battery life, and how often are they locked and unlocked (without a key) per day?
Hi Patrick, can you verify what iOS device and version you are using to connect to HomeKit? Also, is both the remote and local HomeKit integration breaking (are you even using the remote HomeKit option)? If you're more comfortable providing those details outside of these comments, please email
Same here. I have 4 Schlage Sense locks in my home. You need an apple TV or dedicated iPad for remote access but it works like a charm and they do well on battery usage. One of the better Homekit options and very flexible since you can also use a hard key or a pin code.
They tried to replicate the issue but couldn't and asked us for your account information which we provided today. They are going to check your account specifically and let us know what to try next. Once we hear, we'll be in touch.
Any update from Honeywell? Reboot did not work.
Okay, thank you for clarifying. We'll let you know what Honeywell says and if you can test the panel reboot to see if that solves the HomeKit integration breaking when an alarm or entry delay begins, please let us know the results.
It has not happened just from a sensor fault when the system is disarmed. It happens consistently every time the entry delay or full alarm is triggered when system is armed. Will confirm reboot outcome shortly.
Has it ever happened on a sensor "fault" when the system was disarmed? I'm not sure how setting off the entry delay would do anything different to HomeKit compared to a sensor fault since until it goes into alarm mode, setting off the entry delay is pretty much the same thing. It certainly could be something unique to the HomeKit integration that it can tell it's a fault when armed though. Is it happening every time you arm and open the delay door after it's armed or only sometimes? Confirming if the panel reboot fixes things or not would certainly be helpful.
Thanks for reaching out to Honeywell on this. It's happened both when we set off the entry delay, and once when it has gone into full alarm mode. I believe I tried a reboot the first time it happened, but I'll do that again and let you know if it helps solve anything.
We haven't had any reports like this yet Patrick and as the HomeKit integration is so new, we're not entirely sure how to proceed with troubleshooting that yet. We've reached out to Honeywell technical support to see what they recommend and once we hear back, we'll be in touch. I'm curious though, when you say it's happening when your wife opens the door before she disarms, does that mean she's not disarming in time and it goes into full alarm mode or is it breaking the HomeKit just on her setting off the entry delay? I'd imagine if it's breaking when she opens the door and then disarms before disarming that it would do the same on the door opening in the disarmed state too since that's just a zone "fault" and not an alarm. Also, have you tried rebooting the system (Security > Tools > enter Master Code > Advanced > Reboot) when HomeKit does lose it's Lyric connection to see if that solves it without having to fully reset HomeKit?
I’m having a major issue with my Lyric and HomeKit. Normally everything works fine, I have it all set up so I have HomeKit scenes which arm or disarm the system, etc. Yet any time an alarm is triggered on the Lyric (i.e. my wife opens the door before she disarms the system), then HomeKit loses connection signal from the Lyric. Even once the alarm is cleared there is no connection and my only fix is to completely reset the HomeKit connection which means I have to reset all of the scenes and automations I created with my Homekit. How can I fix this issue from occurring?
HomeKit can only offer basic notifications about alarms, no details about zones or alarm types as TC would. With Total Connect, the app will let you know the zone number, alarm type, and give a description of what is happening at the panel. Homekit will give a basic alert, essentially saying the system has an alarm but no detail as to what the alarm is.
Which features are those that we don't get with Apple Homekit?
No word yet, the IQ2 panel does work with google home however.
Any word on Google home integration?
We are also very excited about this new integration with the Lyric. Now although being able to control your z-wave devices and security system through Homekit is great, there are still some features that you do not get that Total Connect actually offers. If you have a Lyric Controller already then you may want to look at our monitoring plans ( ).
Just so happy with finding out about homekit! I am an apple fan so this just is perfect. We are in a new home and I had been using zwave before at the old house. I could not get zwave to the rear of my backyard to control a transformer for landscape lighting. It was about 50 feet from the closest zwave plug but just could not reach it. Photocells are always off because trees etc and the timer well has to be changed as the seasons change and time change. I always liked the sunset to dawn with honeywell. So while chatting with Bryce on alarmgrid he mentioned homekit which uses wifi for better coverage. Well it worked! I went and upgraded to an apple tv 4 so i can have all the automation and put an ihome outdoor plug in the backyard and its working great! I will be using all homekit switches from now on due to the better coverage and the home app on iphone is pretty slick. Like that I can have an alarm trigger a scene etc and that I can see my perimeter 5800 sensors on the homekit app.
Hopefully they had nice things to say about us and yes, we're excited for that integration to be coming soon!
Sounds good, we will be looking more into when Alexa integration will be released and keep everyone posted. Thanks for the info!
Spoke with Honeywell Reps at CES (and they all know about AlarmGrid lol) and they said that Alexa is coming by the end of the quarter as well. Good times!
Yes, you can add new users/set/change/reset lock codes remotely via HomeKit
Thanks for the detailed reply. I will have an Apple TV 4K there to serve as a Homekit hub (and just a few feet away). Just to verify - you can set/change/reset lock codes remotely via HomeKit? This would be my first foray into building a HomeKit ecosystem so I apologize for the basic question; I just have no experience with it yet. I've preferred the conventional Schlage locks over the other consumer brands, so I'm glad to hear of your success with the Sense lock.
I have a 2 Schlage Sense lock for my Apple Homekit ecosystem. So far I've haven't had any issues in the last 2 years. You can remotely lock/unlock from anywhere as long as you have an appletv or ipad acting as a hub. You can also assign a lock code up-to 32 people from 4-6 digits. You can also assign which days as well. I would recommend Schlage over other brands. And it also has a built-in alarm if someone was to make a force entry.
More than likely yes, from what we have seen mainly life safety devices do not show up. Those would be more smokes, co detectors, etc.
Will the garage door sensors show up in homekit?
Thanks for the info. I'll look more into the Yale, I've played with the Kwikset in a store display and didn't much care for the interface. This place will have an AppleTV installed anyway, so remote Homekit access should be okay but I'll have to see what exactly is possible to be done with it. Would be nice if someone had a keyed deadbolt which supported both... Oh well. :) As for monitoring, as great as your pricing is (way under many places), I'm getting a lower quarterly no-contract price from a local company for the equivalent of your Platinum plan. Still love y'all for hardware though. :)
I would suggest using a Z-Wave lock with the Lyric based on your comments. We prefer the Yale or Kwikset locks for best Z-Wave functionality and Schlage as a third option. I'm not entirely sure that HomeKit non-Zwave locks would allow for remote lock code management the way that a Z-Wave lock tied to a Lyric with a TC2 account that has Z-Wave control would. Also, on another note, are you interested in switching your 21iP to us?
No bypassing from homekit at this time. You can use Total Connect for that.
No personal experience with Homekit locks, but the following site seems to have the most comprehensive list of Homekit products (both announced and actually shipping):
I'm planning how to outfit a 2nd home and plan to buy a Lyric from AlarmGrid. Glad to see it's now supporting Homekit functionality, but now that complicates another question... which smart deadbolt lock to go with? I'd been planning to go with a Zwave lock, but maybe a Homekit lock would be better? My experience with remote-control of z-wave light switches from my primary home TUXWIFI / Vista21p isn't that great. My main goals are to be able to remotely verify the lock status, as well as remotely create/enable/disable lock codes for any visitors we may let use the place. Suggestions?
The zwave devices will only integrate with TC2, not HomeKit. That may change in the future but for now only security control and burglary devices are carrying over to HK.
Anyone know if it’s possible to bypass any faulted zones before arming through HomeKit? Or have I realized correctly that the only way to arm via HomeKit right now is to ensure all zones are closed beforehand?
I sync'd my home to lyric, and sadly it didn't bring in the Z-wave light switches. I was really hoping the lights and other devices would drop in to room kit.
Yes, as long as the panel's HomeKit feature was enabled (either in manufacturing or by the company that had the Lyric activated for service at the time HomeKit wasn't yet enabled), HomeKit will still be available if the service plan is terminated (as long as the company that had it activated didn't disable the HomeKit feature before cancelling the service).
Have you been able to find out if everything with homekit still works without any service plan?I think its pointless without pro service but it'd be good to know.
Yea there are quite a few threads on and reddit. I didn't really do much to get them to show up as online in my home app. I just pressed some of the accessories in the app to hopefully invoke an update and all of the sudden i got multiple notifications that my doors and windows are closed....there is nobody home though LOL
I've been following Homekit closely since 2014 and this is news to me. What did you have to do to get things back online?
No power failure at all. In the year ive lived in my home ive never had 1 power failure. This is apparently a known issue that ive just found out now that im trying to use homekit as my main hub.
Were your devices offline due to a power failure? The Apple TV (as a Homekit hub) is very reliable. Add a UPS to both it and your networking gear to protect against outages in a power-loss situation.
1: Yes this is correct 2: Yes. im not sure about the GDCK as i do not have one. 3: Sorry i am not sure about this one A major flaw i see in homekit is that you do not get any notifications if your home hub goes offline. i found this out this morning when i just randomly checked my home app and saw that all of my sensors/devices where offline. Who know for how long. I've seen a few comments on reddit regarding this issue as well. If i ever want to self monitor I don't think i can rely on this. I know with smartthings you will get a push notification and email if your hub is offline.
I am running Lyric with a variety of legacy hard wired contacts, glass breaks, driveway sensor. I am disappointed with the limited integration and control Honeywell designed into this first release. I am hoping that the next upgrade with be less restrictive. Three questions: 1. I want to confirm my understanding from this thread that I can install a SiXPIR and use motion to trigger other actions in HomeKit, without having the security system armed. Example, motion trigger to turn on lights. 2. Can I use SiXCT in a similar manner on a garage door to trigger actions regardless of alarm set status? Example, turning on interior lights upon returning home and turning off security; or simply turning on lights if security system off; or detect a garage door left open after a certain time and trigger an push notification. I'm open to alternative options that would work this way, perhaps GDCK? Is that compatible? 3. I have a hard wired driveway sensor that I would like to use to trigger exterior lights to come on. Currently can't do that without turning this into a monitored device that triggers the alarm. Sterling already told me can't be done, but curious if anyone else found a way to skin this cat.
We're glad to hear you are enjoying the HomeKit integration Ryan. We also agree that would be a nice change to keep the user experience the same across all platforms. We're also unsure if this is something Honeywell can change or if it's something Apple needs to change but we did put in a change request with Honeywell and if we hear back about the change happening, we'll let you know.
Homekit works great. I had to contact Alarm Grid to enable it on our panel even with current firmware installed, but after that it was very to easy to set up. I am impressed by the responsiveness and ease of use. One ultra small suggestion is that Honeywell reverse the color of off from red to green to match the rest of the Lyric system armed/disarm color scheme. Maybe it's a Homekit limitation?
The Lyric Controller is only compatible with Honeywell and 2GIG wireless security sensors. The Eve Elgato sensor would not be compatible with the Lyric.
Would you know if the Eve elgato window and door sensor for the apple homekit trigger the alarm?
If you switch over to the Lyric you will need to buy new sensors if all you have right now are z-wave security sensors. The Lyric Controller is only compatible with Honeywell and 2GIG wireless security sensors. If you go with our Bronze Plan $15/month ( ) you will have the ability to arm/disarm the system from Apple Homekit App.
@sterlingdonnelly:disqus I have couple of questions for you. I'm currently a customer at LIVEWatch security and I am happy with them and Im paying $19 a month for basic monitoring with just 24/7 Central Station monitoring. The only thing is their security system is not supporting apple Homekit. Since Honeywell just announced that the Lyric is now AHK compatible. If I switch over to the Lyric panel will my old wireless door/window sensors and motion detector compatible with the lyric (I believe those are z-wave? The other question is, If I go with Alarmgrid and I go with the basic plan with central station and still have the ability to remotely arm/disarm from Apple Homekit App?
A Lyric alarm can only be triggered by the SiX Series or 5800RF Series sensors that are programmed into the system itself. Unfortunately, there is no way to trigger an alarm on the Lyric with a Homekit camera.
Can the lyric controller be programmed to trigger an alarm when a HomeKit camera detects motion?
I can confirm that the 2Gig 345 open/close sensors and motion sensors work perfectly in Lyric and with HomeKit. I can even use the motion sensors for automation (new option appears once added for motion events). One word of advice once MR4 firmware is installed and you’re trying to add the Lyric panel to your Home app. Reboot. The Lyric would not show up until I did reboot.
We finally heard back from Honeywell that any zone set as Perimeter, Entry/Exit, Interior Follower or Interior w/Delay for the "Response Types" will show up in the Home app no matter if it's SiX Series or 5800 Series.
We have confirmed with Honeywell that Life Safety zones (fire, heat and CO) won't show up in the Home app by design.
We finally heard back from Honeywell that only zones set as Perimeter, Entry/Exit, Interior Follower or Interior w/Delay for the "Response Types" will show up in the Home app as accessories so I imagine your 5800 Series sensors that aren't showing up are using an alternate Response Type.
The Skybell Setup button is used for integrating a Lyric doorbell chime noise to be initiated at the Lyric panel whenever the Skybell doorbell button is pressed. At this time, there is no option for viewing the Skybell from the Lyric panel but you can tie the Skybell into a Total Connect 2.0 account so that you could view the Skybell remotely via TC2.
We've since tested and confirmed that 5800 sensors do show up as you've seen. We're still trying to determine why it seems some show up and others don't though as we've had conflicting reports from those we've heard from that have tried the HomeKit integration so far.
Yes, the Z-Wave locks can do the first part of what you requested even without HomeKit involved but it seems to then tie Siri/HomeKit control of those locks, you'd need to be using locks that are HomeKit compatible. The August lock is one that's HomeKit compatible and integrates to Total Connect 2.0 as well.
I noticed in the menu of the MR4 - Skybell Setup - I tried that but I must do something wrong or my sky bell doesn't work with this system - I was hoping to see the front door thru the lyric panel. - is there a trick ???
I am using the 5800C2W to tie my wired sensors into the lyric controller. My motion and contact sensors show up in the home app. Only the glass break sensors do not. Do you know if there are plans to extend control to the z-wave devices? I know homekit itself does not work with z-wave but it seems within the realm of possibility to extend homekit's control over the panel itself to include all devices managed by the controller. Yes. See attached screenshot. The Garage door is the RPS, the Glass Break is the SIX Glass Break, and the Windows are 5820L
Those are standalone WIFI smoke detectors and the devices themselves are HomeKit compatible. That's a very different type of device than one you'd use with a security system.
Does that mean they are showing up as Home accessories?
That's odd. First Alert OneLink smokes integrate with Homekit.
Okay, we've also confirmed the SiXSMOKE's don't tie in as Home "accessories". From what we've heard, I believe it's because they are considered "life safety devices". I tested an alarm from a SiXSMOKE and the only Home notification I got was "Default Room Lyric was triggered."
Thanks for the reply. Your solution makes sense but I could do the same thing today with my 2GIG and I really wanted locks integrated with an alarm to simultaneously unlock a door and disarm the system AND Siri/HomeKit control of the locks directly or tied to a goodnight scene (that doesn’t set an alarm arm condition). I could get that with a Lyric but I’d have to also swap out my locks from Z Wave to HomeKit, right?
From the little we've been told by Honeywell and from what we've tested ourselves, only HomeKit compatible devices show in the Home app as accessories and any Z-Wave devices tied into the Lyric would only have control from the Lyric or Total Connect 2.0 (with the right service plan). Of course, if you have Z-Wave Smart Scenes setup in the panel or on TC2, since you can control the system for arm/disarm from the Home app, you can have some control of the Z-Wave devices if the system arming/disarming triggers the smart scene.
They are Sixsmoke- although maybe HomeKit just assumes that if they activate it will send the same alarm signal to HomeKit as a burglar alarm. I'll have to put the system in test mode and push the physical test button on the smoke alarm to see how HomeKit reacts-
Is this confirmed? No exposure of Z Wave devices like locks to HomeKit? This was a key driver for me to move from my 2GIG GC2 panel to the Lyric.
When you saw you "see" your 5820Ls and 5800RPS, does that mean you're getting HomeKit status on activation of those devices or that they are showing as devices in the Home app?
Using an iOS device that's within a few feet of your Lyric and has WIFI and Bluetooth enabled, launch the Home app and select the Lyric system from the available accessories. You should then see a keypad displayed on your Lyric screen and you'll need to enter your Master Code at the panel. After doing so, an 8 digit HomeKit setup code should appear on the Lyric screen and you can use your iOS camera window in the Home app to capture the code (or you can manually enter it) and then you press Identify Accessory in the Home app. once the Lyric beeps three times, you should be able to hit Done in the app and have it integrated properly. Let us know if you run into any issues and we'll be curious to hear your thoughts on the integration once you've set it up.
Was that SiXSMOKEs that didn't tie into HomeKit or 5800 Series smokes?
What type of alert do you get from HomeKit when the C2W zones fault or restore?
I got HomeKit working (after emailing Alarm Grid Support to have it enabled) and I can see all my 5820L Slim Line Door/Window Sensor and 5800RPS Recessed Door Plunger Sensors. The only thing that it doesn't show is my 2Gig FireFighter Relay Module.
You have to click the yellow text that says "Don't Have a Code or Can't Scan?"
Would someone please post the specific steps to integrate? I have the updated firmware but when I hold my iPhone 7 up to the panel and click add accessory in the Home app, nothing happens. Thx!
Yahoo- finally! Functions integrated perfectly. The only accesorries that don't seem to be linked to HomeKit at this point are the smoke detectors. Hopefully this will come in future versions- it would be great to use those sensors to trigger lights and shut off the HVAC in the event of fire. If anyone else has had these show up- let me know. Exciting that you can finally use geo-fencing to arm and disarm the system. Set it to arm the system when the last person leaves home. This also allows some clever automations- for example, you can set it to arm the system to home when you turn off your bedside lamp (using lutron caseta to link to HomeKit)- between say 10-11PM only. Frees you from the clunky screen only control features on the lyric panel. I've already set HomeKit to disarm the system when I turn the master bathroom light on between the hours of 5-7 AM. Time to see how this all actually works-
I have a 5800C2W wired to wireless adapters with my Lyric and Homekit recognizes when doors and windows open.
Awesome! Please do report back here with your opinion of the integration once you have it fully setup to let others know what you think and we hope you keep us in mind if you're ever unhappy with your provider.
My service provider didn’t have HomeKit enabled. I got them to change that and it is now working perfectly. Thank you!
The Lyric as a security system has been great since it launched in our opinion. The delay on the Homekit integration was less than desirable though and if were set on not signing up for Total Connect 2.0 (we offer it as low as $10/mo with no-contract through our Self Bronze plan) to get remote control and alerts, that would make sense for why the Lyric wasn't an option then.
I wasn't willing to buy the Lyric 'on spec'. I tried the "Homekit enabled" FirstAlert Onelink smoke detectors...problem after problem until I returned them. AFAIK, they're still a disaster a year later. Check the online reviews for details. I was (am) afraid that the Lyric could be the same. The DSC is fine. The touch screen works good and passes the SAF test (Spousal Approval Factor). ;) I'm self-monitoring. I'm still keen on Homekit though. We're an Apple household. Apple stresses privacy, with industrial-strength encryption, which I think is important. OTOH, all this stuff is jaw-droppingly expensive here in Canada.
I haven't tested the wired zones but I know the Lyric controller can "tell" Homekit about an alarm from any sensor but only the SiX devices show up as actual devices, other than the panel, in the Home app. I wish you had found us last Spring as the Lyric was out already then. How do you like your PowerSeries system? We offer the SEM ( ) for the DSC panels and I've seen that there's integration built out already.
I would think it is the controller that 'speaks' to Homekit; not the SiX sensors themselves. Thus I'd think that wired sensor inputs ought to be addressable from Homekit. Are you sure that's not supported? I don't have a Lyric. I was very interested last spring as I needed to replace a failing system. Eventually, I went with a DSC PowerSeries since the Lyric was vapourware at that point. There is a software project (Homebridge-Envisalink) that interfaces via the EyezOn board to communicate with Homekit (all sensors; wired and wireless). It is a bit sketchy so I haven't gone that route yet.
Do you have active alarm monitoring service? If so, your company may not have Homekit enabled.
The Lyric doesn't really support wired sensors as it's an all-in-one wireless system. It does offer 2 wired zones but I don't think they would show up as sensors in Homekit like the SiX Series devices. With that said, the batteries should last 5 years or so on the SiX devices. Do you have a Lyric now or not?
Ah, that's a good suggestion!
Are you sure you're using the Master Code and not the Installer Code and getting into the Advanced option? If so, and you've confirmed you're on MR4 firmware, then your alarm monitoring provider must have the Homekit service disabled on your account. If they aren't helpful or won't enable it, you should consider switching to us. We have no-contract plans online at
I was more curious to hear if you'd drop the TC2 service and keep the central station service (assuming your company has a plan like that) now that you have the HomeKit integration.
I’m on the specified MR4 firmware too and I’m not seeing either. Tried rebooting and leaving the system overnight. Still can’t get the HomeKit reset button.
BTW, thanks for the report. Just to be clear, are any wired sensors visible in Homekit? I hate changing batteries.
Re no PIN to disarm, just ensure that your iPhone and/or iPad requires authentication (PIN, TouchID or FaceID).
Been waiting for this release! I just updated firmware and then rebooted the system. Still not seeing anything in the advanced section for HomeKit reset. Are there any other tricks to getting it to show up?
I have Total Connect monitoring and plan to keep it. This Homekit support is no substitute for remote monitoring... I look to be able to have an alarm event trigger something in Homekit, but unless I could get that to somehow reach out to dispatch, I might as well have a completely disconnected system. I seem to be able to use Homekit on my phone to arm/disarm the system (maybe remotely too? haven't tried yet) instead of opening the TC 2.0 mobile app, but I don't think I'll get attached to that. In fact I'd feel more comfortable if they offered a toggle to allow me to lock out Homekit from arming/disarming. This Homekit support just looks like it'll allow me to do some more convenience things, like use the Lyric panel or SiX sensor activity to trigger events. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to hook the entry delay event via Homekit... I have it configured on the Lyric to turn on some Z-Wave lights.
We didn't expect the 5800 Series to work with Homekit as that's something only compatible with the SiX devices but I would imagine if you have an alarm from the 5800 Series sensors would trigger a Home app alert.
Homekit hasn't exposed any of my Honeywell 5800-series sensors nor my Z-Wave devices.
We haven't tested that yet or received any formal Honeywell documentation on the integration yet but if you do try it on your end, please reply back with your findings as I'm sure everyone is wondering things like that themselves now that the integration is available.
I take it this does not pull Z-wave devices that are connected to it and expose them to HomeKit, right?
We're glad to hear you were able to get it paired and operational. Do you have monitoring service on your Lyric now and if so, do you have Total Connect 2.0? I'd be curious to hear your thoughts about what Homekit offers compared to TC2.
My Lyric is running MR4 (01.04.07178.491) but I did not have a button for "Reset HomeKit". I rebooted the system, it came mostly back up, then rebooted itself again (!?). After it came up, the button was there! Clicking it asked for confirmation, but does nothing. In the Home app, I added a new accessory, and never having seen a Homekit code on my Lyric before, I tried the NFC pairing by holding my phone up to the panel, and it found it! I clicked the Lyric device icon to pair, the Lyric panel prompted for master PIN code and then displayed a Homekit pairing code. It's all paired up, it created "rooms" for each SiX sensor (door/motion/glass) but didn't export any of my legacy 5800-series sensors. All sensors seem to be reporting Homekit characteristics you can use as triggers (contact open/closed, motion), including separate events for fault / tamper / low battery. You can also use security system state as triggers, and arm/disarm the system over Homekit (I thought they weren't going to allow this!?). The disarm via Homekit makes me a little uncomfortable... there is no PIN or extra step required at all. Otherwise, this is very exciting!!!

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