Honeywell ProA7 Early Beta Test

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Alarm Grid has been beta testing the upcoming Honeywell ProA7 Panel. This will become the first newly released wireless security system from Resideo after being spun-off by Honeywell. The panel supports some nice new features, and it is expected to be used by DIYers and professionals alike.

The first thing we love about the Honeywell ProA7Plus Security System is how slim and non-obtrusive it is. Honeywell Home has recognized that a security system is no longer something you hide and tuck away. It is a fixture in your home, and it should look nice on a wall or standing on a table. With its tablet-like profile, this panel was specifically built with the modern homeowner or innovative business owner in mind. Once again, Honeywell has proven that home or small business security is a matter you can take into your own hands.

We have also confirmed that the Resideo ProA7 will have a built-in Z-Wave Plus 500-Series Chipset for supporting a variety of smart home automation devices. You can build around the system and add devices like door locks, smart lights, and thermostats for controlling the temperature. Resideo has also stated that the system will support partitioning, which makes it ideal for multi-family homes, rental properties, rooms with important documents, and so much more.

Beyond that, we cannot confirm any other major details. However, we do predict that HomeKit functionality will return for this system. It is also expected that Honeywell will release a new ProSeries Sensor lineup for exclusive use with this system. We can expect the sensors to utilize top-of-the-line wireless encryption and offer a longer communication range than previous Honeywell offerings. We have not received word if the ProA7 will be backwards compatible with Honeywell 5800 Sensors and/or Honeywell SiX Sensors. We also don't have any type of ETA, but we hope it will come fairly soon.

One last consideration for the Resideo ProA7 is that it will likely support IP-only monitoring service. Resideo tends to make cellular communication optional for their systems when it comes to alarm monitoring. The only requirement is that the panel is connected with the AlarmNet360 Servers. This can be through IP and/or cellular service. While cellular connectivity is recommended for superior reliability, many users elect to keep costs as low as possible by going IP only. This will likely make the Resideo ProA7 the top choice for anyone simply wanting basic low-cost monitoring service without cellular backup. We expect Resideo to sell standalone communicators that can be easily added if cellular monitoring is desired.

Alarm Grid will make sure to keep you up to date as we learn more about this exciting new panel. If you are looking for a new panel right away, then you might also consider the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. That is a great system for anyone looking to start new monitoring service. Another panel to look at is Honeywell's current flagship panel, the Honeywell Lyric Controller. The Lyric is ideal for HomeKit compatibility and IP-only monitoring. And if you want more information about these panels or our monitoring services, then the best way to contact us is to email Our support hours run from 9am to 8pm ET M-F. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We have begun selling the PROA7PLUS:
Any update on this panel? I am anxiously waiting. I did notice on the Resideo Website there are more details:
Once they do, we'll be sure to make a post with that information.
Really looking forward to this system. Wish Resideo would schedule a release date...
Hi Eric, We have not received any updates as of yet and as soon as we do we will blog about the product on our site. :)
Any update on when this panel will be released?
We heard potentially July some time. That's more of a rumor, though. Nothing official.
Any updates on availability?
The A7pro is a All in One panel like the Lynx or Lyric panels. Not just a standered keypad.
Can I use it with the Vista 20P?
Hey John I am currently Beta testing the A7Pro the features include Six and Sixpro devices, Bluetooth disarm, Zwave Plus. It can be partioned. The A7pro does not do 5800 series contact and motions. it will do 5800 keyfobs. It can be intergrated into Alexia wth Total Connect 2.0. The Lyric its a good panel but it can't do partioning or blue tooth disarm. It can only do the standard six devices not SixPro. The lyric can communicate to Zwave Plus but the A7pro can handel more feature that Z wave plus offers.
Nice! Glad to see Resideo finally bringing this to market. Any pro/con comparisons with Lyric that you can tell us about?