Honeywell Releases VISTA Home Automation Module (VAM), an Affordable Z-Wave Controller for Wired Systems

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Honeywell VAM

The VISTA Automation Module (VAM) may be Honeywell's most anticipated wired system accessory in years. Previously, those who owned wired systems were stuck paying the hefty price of a Tuxedo Touch WIFI if they wanted to take advantage of Z-Wave capabilities available to Honeywell security system users. The nearly $500 price tag has been a point of criticism for years, as users have flocked to wireless systems such as the L5200 where they can gain access to the convenience of Z-wave home automation with a simple $25 Z-wave ready circuit board that can be installed in seconds. But Honeywell's commitment to making systems more affordable and more DIY friendly seems to have given way to VAM which acts as a simple Z-Wave controller for their VISTA series panels.

If you are one of the numerous customers who have always wanted to take advantage of the home automation advantages of a Z-Wave system, but aren't ready to pay the huge expense of a Tuxedo Touch? Then today is your lucky day! The VAM, which is basically just the guts of the Tuxedo Touch without a screen, will get you where you need to go for a much more affordable price. Get yours today, to unlock the power of your VISTA when enhanced with Z-Wave automation products!

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The VAM can send out to 4 email addresses on system events so it's similar to what the Total Connect Remote Home Automation feature would provide.
Sterling, with the VAM having its own built in server, is adding home automation still needed?
Yes, the VAM works with a VISTA-15P and 20P.
Compatible with vista 15 and 20?
It should be compatible with any VISTA-21iP. If your 21iP supports Total Connect 2.0, so should the VAM.
The VAM looks very promising. The high price of the Tuxedo had kept me away for the time being. Now the VAM looks like it fits the bill. Is there a PROM restriction in order to use this with the VIsta 21ip?

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