Power Multiple Tuxedo Touch or Tuxedo Touch WIFI Keypads with an Altronix SMP3 Power Supply.

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Alarm Grid now offers the Altronix SMP3 auxiliary power supply which works great when adding multiple Tuxedo Touch or Tuxedo Touch WIFI keypads to a Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panel. A Honeywell VISTA-20P alarm control panel has 600mA of auxiliary power supply. Each Tuxedo Touch draws up to 310mA and each Tuxedo Touch WIFI draws up to 350mA. Also, any alarm keypadwireless receiver or AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator connected to your VISTA-20P will also need power from the available 600mA auxiliary. That means that there is very little power left over for your Tuxedo Touch keypads. While the Honeywell AD12612 is an auxiliary power supply with 1.2A of power output, you will need a larger power supply like the SMP3 which puts out 2.5A if you have lots of devices drawing power or you have multiple Tuxedo Touch keypads.

Here at Alarm Grid, we recommend connecting all of your Tuxedo Touch and Tuxedo Touch WIFI keypads to an SMP3 power supply to make your alarm installation as easy as possible. You will need to hook up a Honeywell 1361 AC transformer to your SMP3 and you should also connect an Ultratech 1240 backup battery so that your Tuxedo Touch keypads will work even during a power outage. With a VISTA-20P alarm control panel, you should be able to fit the SMP3 and the extra backup battery inside the same alarm cabinet that houses the VISTA-20P. Powering your Tuxedo Touch keypads is easy with an SMP3 auxiliary power supply.

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Copy. Thanks!
You should use separate transformers.
Can you use the same transformer to feed both the Vista 20P and the SMP3 or do they need separate transformers?
No, the Tuxedo does not work with the LYNX Touch panel. It only works with the VISTA Series control panels.
There is anyway the tuxedo can control or integrate some way with Lynx 5100
The Tuxedo draws 12V which this power supply supports.
How many Volts use the Tuxedo wifi ? because this go with selectable 6VDC, 12VDC or 24VDC, right ?
No Luke, you need to use a separate transformer and battery backup for the auxiliary power supply. You can get a small alarm cabinet (https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/mier-products-bw98b) to house the power supply and backup battery if you don't want to clutter up the main control panel.
Can the SMP3 or Honeywell AD25624 be connected to the same battery that is used by the vista control panel? It would be nice to use one larger battery instead of multiple small batteries but am worried about the control panel and the auxiliary power supply trying to charge the battery at the same time. Also can you connect the auxiliary power supply to the same power 120V ac power adapter as the control panel?

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