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We have learned from Alarm.com that some new features will soon be made available for the Alarm.com ADC-SWM150 Smart Water Valve and Meter. The new device features will be accessible on the latest version of the Alarm.com Mobile App for Android and iOS, Alarm.com Mobile App Version 4.19.2.

According to Alarm.com, iOS users "can select specific days to view their water usage and scroll back in the history to see how their usage has changed over time." The Alarm.com Mobile App will allow them to select specific days within the past thirty (30) days and view their water usage for the selected day(s). Users will also be able to review their usage history across the past 30 days. This is great for monitoring your water usage to make sure that you aren't being wasteful or letting your water conservation practices slip.

As for Android users, the new features seem to be a bit more limited, but the Android version of the app will still allow you to access an all-new "water usage graph" to check water usage across the last seven (7) days. All water-related activity will be found within the Alarm.com Mobile App Water Card, which is easily accessible from your Android or iOS device.

Keep in mind that the new Alarm.com ADC-SWM150 features may not be available just yet. They are being included with Alarm.com Mobile App Version 4.19.2. According to Alarm.com, the new ADC-SWM150 updates will be made available "in the coming weeks", so just keep your eyes open for these updates, and look forward to them coming soon! We know it's a bit early to get excited and eager, but we want you to hit the ground running once these features are available. Stay alert for the new Alarm.com Updates, and be ready once they are here!

If you aren't familiar with the Alarm.com ADC-SWM150, it is a Z-Wave Plus smart water valve that you can use to control the water supply for a location. It is great for turning the water OFF to prevent damage in the event of a serious flood or leak. Many users use these devices in conjunction with flood sensors, and they create smart scenes so that the water valve is CLOSED and the water is SHUT OFF automatically upon a flood sensor detecting a leak and alerting the security system. The unique aspect of the ADC-SWM150 is that it also includes a meter for monitoring and tracking your water usage over time. The ADC-SWM150 is fitted to water pipes of up to 1.25" (31.75mm) in size. It is typically installed by a plumber.

In addition, Alarm Grid recently began offering the Qolsys IQ Water Valve Kits that include both a water valve and a flood sensor. Unlike the ADC-SWM150, the Qolsys IQ Water Valve devices are a bit more DIY-friendly, as they are actually designed to be self-installed by end users, with no need to hire a plumber. However, a Qolsys IQ Water Valve Kit does not include any water meter for tracking water usage, like the one you receive with the ADC-SWM150. For users who decide upon the Qolsys IQ Water Valve Kits, they are available in two (2) distinct variants, those being the Qolsys IQWV908-KIT-PG (PowerG), and the Qolsys IQWV908-KIT-SL (319.5 MHz S-Line)

The Alarm.com ADC-SWM150 and the Qolsys IQ Water Valve Kits are available now on the Alarm Grid website. Do you have any thoughts or questions on these products? Leave a comment down below, and get the discussion flowing along - these are water valves after all! Our team is always interested in what you have to say about the newest security products and services. And of course, remember to keep checking the Alarm Grid Blog for more news and updates coming soon!

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Longform PodcastWe love supporting projects that we both believe in and personally enjoy as a group. Longform is one such project. As avid listeners, we are happy to support such an incredible and well-tuned into podcast.

Alarm Grid is new to sponsorships, but we decided that we wanted to support projects that we were personally excited about as a team. Sure, Longform gives us some great coverage by mentioning our name and describing our monitoring service and our installation videos, but more than that, we are very happy to be getting a chance to support the podcast and it's wonderful team of personalities.

Longform is kind of neat, if you've never been to the site, we highly recommend it. Nothing to do with home security equipment, but a lot to do with reading. Since their inception, Longform has been dedicated to showcasing longer written pieces. Whether fiction, journalistic, or biographical, Longform has really been a powerful part of shaping the modern landscape of both online and offline written content. Whereas newspapers are busy cutting staff and pushing ambulance and fire-truck chasing journalism that Longform's readers tend to be interested in the more in-depth, beautiful prose of well-seasoned writers. And while we really don't have an interest in taking political positions here at Alarm Grid, what excites us about what Longform does is that they feature writings on their site and they interview writers on their podcast. Some of these pieces are political, some are fictional, some are just plain old good stories. They get into the heads of authors, and have them discuss their creative processes.

For those interested in listening to the most recent Longform podcast that Alarm Grid has sponsored, please simply click here.