The 5834-2 Key Fob Has Been Discontinued

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Honeywell has informed us that they are discontinuing production of the largely disused two-button key fob, the 5834-2. The remote fob was made to simply offer an arm and disarm option, but did not allow for an arm stay or a panic function. While, theoretically, removing those buttons would give users the ability to avoid false alarms through mis-presses, the 5834-2's proven to be a fairly unpopular key fob compared to its contemporary the 5834-4.

Used largely with the LYNX series panels such as the L5200 or L7000, the 5834-4 key fobs (as well as the 5834-2) allow for the arming and disarming without the need to enter a code into the panels themselves. This functionality is well loved by end users, and is the reason the 5834-4 has become one of the more popular options, even coming with the available kits for the LYNX panels. But while users will often find themselves purchasing multiple 5834-4s for the system, since the 5834-4 offers the versatility of an end-user programming it to function exactly like the 5834-2, this key fob has been rendered redundant. Alarm Grid has discontinued the item on the site.

For those who want to know how to program a key fob to one of these simple, wireless systems, we have made a series of programming videos for the 5834-4. For those that are looking for functionality that mimics the 5834-2, simply delete the arm stay function which is indicated by the small home picture on the key fob. That would make only the arm stay and arm away buttons work with the system, exactly as the 5834-2 works.

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