The Cost of Installing a Security System

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Hi DIYers! It is a common misbelief that installing a security system is very expensive and costly. That may be true if you hire a professional installer. But what many people don't know is that a DIY installation can be done for absolutely nothing. And a DIY install actually super easy!

Qolsys iq panel 2 at and t wireless security system with at and When a customer hires an installer to setup their security equipment, it's very possible that they will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This will depend on the installer itself and the extent of the installation. It can seem like a daunting task - the panel needs to be installed, the sensor need to be mounted, all wiring must be completed, and everything needs to be programmed.

What these installers won't tell you is that each step of the process can be completed with ease. The security industry has made great strides in recent years to make things easier and more accessible for DIY users. When all is said and done, you can purchase a complete and total security system from Alarm Grid, install it on your own for free, and pay nothing more than an affordable monthly monitoring fee moving forward. Let's see how this can be done.

Before getting into any costs, let's break down why installing a security system is not as difficult as many professional installers would lead you to believe. It all starts with the panel. This is the centerpiece of the security setup, and all sensors will communicate to this piece of hardware. To get started, the panel must be provided power. This used to be a challenging process. But now, with the Honeywell LT-Cable, no wires need to be stripped, no difficult connections need to be made, and the entire process can be completed using a screwdriver. Most of our system kits come included with this nifty accessory. Simply connect to the included transformer and plug into the wall.

Honeywell lt cable lynx touch power supply cable from aboveBut what about mounting the panel? That has to be difficult, right? Wrong. Sure, you can drill holes and fish wires if you want to. But most of the wireless alarm panels used today can be attached to a simple desk mount. Just slide and click, and now your security panel can be rested conveniently on a desk or table for quick access. Suddenly your difficult and challenging installation has been reduced to something that could be completed by any member of your family in a matter of seconds.

And mounting sensors is also an easy task. In the old days, sensors were hardwired, and there had to be wires run across the building. This certainly required assistance from a professional. But that is no longer the case. Today, most new security systems use wireless sensors. These devices don't even need to be drilled into the wall. They can be mounted with double-sided foam tape. You don't even have to spend the few dollars for the tape; it usually comes included with the sensors.

Honeywell sixminict wireless door slash window contact for lyricSo now, you have a panel set up and sensors installed. How about programming the sensors to the panel? This is also easy. Every newly purchased panel comes with a default Installer Code that can be used to access programming. This is where new sensors are enrolled with the security system. Once you've programmed a sensor, configuring the others is mostly just a process of repetition. Sure, you might need to adjust a few settings, but this is simple.

Alarm Grid is happy to help any monitored customer through the entire process online or over the phone if they need further assistance. This help is free and complementary for any customer who signs up for Alarm Grid monitoring services. We'll also walk you through the simple process of getting your system connected with a central station for automatic emergency dispatch. Alarm Grid is proud to partner with Criticom Monitoring Services for central station dispatch.

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Just like that, you have a complete and total security system that you installed using nothing more than a screwdriver. The installation cost? Nothing. The only cost incurred was the price of the equipment. Alarm Grid sells all of the necessary equipment on its website. But if you can find it cheaper somewhere else, go for it. We can takeover almost any equipment that is brought to us and provide you with top-quality alarm monitoring services.

If you are looking for an affordable home security system kit from Alarm Grid, then one of the best options is the 2GIG GC2 Verizon-LTE 3-1 Kit. This complete kit includes a 2GIG Go!Control GC2 System, a Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator for fast and reliable communication with a central monitoring station and, three wireless door and window sensors, a wireless motion sensor and a Honeywell LT-Cable. Add in a compatible desk stand, and the total cost is under $350.

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This mentioned above has everything you need to get started with alarm monitoring. You can install it yourself for free. Assuming you purchased the equipment new, you have just put in your own security system for $350. From there, you only costs would be any monthly monitoring fees. We have cellular monitoring plans starting at just $25 per month. Who's to say that professional alarm monitoring has to be expensive?

There are many reasons to install your own security system. It's empowering, it helps you understand your equipment better, and it can leave you more satisfied with your equipment than if you had someone else do it for you. Wanna get started? Simply sign-up for Alarm Grid monitoring and buy a complete system kit. Before you know it, you'll learn the true cost of installing a security system - it's whatever you pay for it. And if you do it yourself, it's free.

It is a better time than ever to get your own DIY security system. Sign-up for Alarm Grid, and protect your home or business today!

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