Alarm Grid Video Recap June 8th through 15th

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Hi DIYers! Are you ready for the Alarm Grid weekly video recap? By pure coincidence, Joe was the star of every video this week. He certainly did a great job of making videos to help users learn the basics of their alarm systems. Let's check out the newest videos from our YouTube channel.

Registering a Lyric Alarm System SIM Card

Joe talks about how to register a SIM Card for a Honeywell Lyric Controller. All of the cellular communicators for the Lyric Controller provide the same function. The main difference between these communicators is that they connect to different cellular networks. The fastest communicator at this current time is the AT&T LTE Communicator. The cellular module is inserted into a port located on the side of the system. The communicator can be installed after choosing the "Install Cellular Module" option within the advanced settings menu.

Factory Defaulting a 2GIG GC3

Joe discusses how to reset a 2GIG GC3 to factory default settings. To do this, you will need to know the system's Installer Code to do this. Both a soft default and a hard default can be performed. The soft default will allow you to choose which settings to reset, while a hard default will reset everything. A soft default is performed by choosing the "Restore Defaults" option. A hard default is performed by pressing and holding the two main buttons after the system is powered on.

Honeywell VISTA 20P vs Honeywell VISTA 21iP

Joe talks about the differences between the Honeywell VISTA 20P and the VISTA 21iP. These systems feature mostly the same functions and features, but they differ in terms of their communication paths. The VISTA 21iP board provides support for a hardwired ethernet connection and cellular connectivity. The system will use ethernet as its primary connection and cellular service as a backup. Without any upgrades, the VISTA 20P will be forced to rely on a phone line connection. To utilize a cellular or IP connection on the VISTA 20P, some upgrades will be needed.

Adding User Code to a VISTA Security System

Joe goes over the process for adding a new user code to a VISTA Alarm System. The number of user codes supported by the system will depend on the type of VISTA System that is being used. The main way to add a new user code is by using an external keypad, like the Honeywell 6160RF. The command for adding a new user code is [Master Code] + [8] + [2-Digit User Number] + [Desired 4-Digit Code]. Only the Master Code can be used to add a new user code.

Add a Duress Code to a VISTA Alarm System

Joe discusses how to program a duress code for a VISTA Security System. Entering in a duress code will send a panic signal to the central monitoring station. A duress code is programmed by assigning the duress attribute to any valid user code. Any system code except for the Installer Code and the Master Code can be set up as a duress code. The command for setting a user code as a duress code is [Master Code] + [8] + [2-Digit User Number] + [#] + [1] + [3].