ISC West 2019 - Updated Tuxedo Touch and 6290 Keypad

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Are you enjoying ISC West 2019 DIYers? We actually missed part of the Resideo booth yesterday, and we're playing catch-up to keep you up to date! We have learned that the Tuxedo Touch Keypad for Honeywell VISTA Systems has received a redesign. The new menus look super sleek and fresh!

Most owners of the current Tuxedo Touch Keypad love the device's performance, but they aren't thrilled with the look of the menus. Resideo is seeking to fix that with the Tuxedo Touch redesign. This makeover represents the third generation of Tuxedo Touch Keypads, and we believe that end users will absolutely love the new appearance.

The redesigned Tuxedo Touch serves the same purpose as the current model. It is a touchscreen keypad that is used to control a Honeywell VISTA System. The keypad wires-in directly with the main control panel to draw power and communicate as needed. By accessing the keypad, user can arm and disarm their system, control individual Z-Wave devices and perform smart automation scenes. We confirmed with Resideo that the updated Tuxedo Touch will support Z-Wave Plus 500 Series technology.

Resideo also updated their Honeywell 6280 Touchscreen Keypad. The new model is the Honeywell 6290, and it also offers a fresh new look. The 6290 will be basically the same as the updated Tuxedo Touch, except it won't have Z-Wave functionality. Nevertheless, it should provide a quick and easy access point for VISTA System users.

We have also confirmed that a user will be able to enter the IP address for the new Tuxedo Touch and 6290 Keypads into a web browser to control their system as if they were at the keypad itself. Just like the current models, the web browser will need to be on a device that is connected with the same local WIFI network to gain access. A great option if you want to conveniently add an additional keypad is to use the web browser on a tablet and then just mount the tablet to the wall.

Both the third generation Tuxedo Touch and 6290 Keypads will use WIFI to connect to a network. Unlike the older models, a hardwired ethernet option will not be available. This shouldn't cause too many issues though, as most users prefer the convenience of a WIFI connection anyway.

Thanks for staying with Alarm Grid for the latest ISC West 2019 updates. We will have more posts coming soon!

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I do not believe we have more release info on this as of yet.
Wonderful! How about the tuxedo version with Zwave Plus?
The 6290 is available here:
Hi. Any chance this has started shipping? I'm really looking forward to it and ready to buy immediately.
Good Day Michael I spoke with Resideo the other day there is no ETA just yet on the new tux.
Any updates on the new Tuxedo Touch now?
Sorry we do not have an ETA yet.
Are there any updates yet for the new Tuxedo Touch release?
Resideo just released the 6290W and we have it live on our website: The Tuxedo Touch is still in beta. It is the exact same physical design as the 6290W except that it is equipped with a z-wave automation controller. We will be blogging upon its release. It will go live on our site as soon as it becomes available.
Whatever happened to this product?
Unfortunately, the systems don't accept Z-Wave smoke sensors.
Hello. Any honeywell alarm system that accepts z-wave smoke sensors like First Alert ZCOMBO? Thanks
Unfortunately, we do not have release dates yet but once we do it will be on our site :)
Is there news on when the new Tuxedo Touch keypads will be available?
They are still planning to release a version of the new platform system for wired system upgrades. The new all-in-one is just the first phase of the new platform release. We certainly do hope all the new platform systems will support HomeKit.
What happened to new wired/wireless panels that they showed last Vista replacements? This is really disappointing. My current keypads work fine and to be honest, all of my home automation is through Homekit anyway...I just want a new up to date panel that has Homekit. I know they weren't even mentioning Homekit, but I guy can hope right? If Ring offers Homekit, I'd just go that route as their stuff is super simple...I just would rather use all of my wired devices too.

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