Alert - Honeywell & Resideo Tuxedo Keypads & VAMs Not Updating Weather


Update April 2022: Per Resideo, though this feature seems to be working again, it is not officially fixed until we receive a new Technical Bulletin from them saying that it is. For now, if your keypad is not displaying the weather, refresh the weather on the forecast page. Do this by pressing the refresh button in the lower-left corner of the forecast screen.

Update December 2021: In late December, Resideo announced that the weather display feature had been fixed and is now available on Tuxedo Touch WIFI, VAM, and original Tuxedo Touch keypads. Hopefully, this will be the end of the Weather Feature Saga, once and for all!

There is an issue affecting all versions of the Honeywell and Resideo Tuxedo Keypads and VISTA Automation Modules (VAMs). This is a server issue causing the displayed weather forecast to not update. Resideo has not provided an ETA for a fix. Alarm Grid will update when more info is made available.

Update: Alarm Grid has learned that the issue is only affecting old style Tuxedo Touch Keypads, including the Tuxedo Touch WIFI and the original Tuxedo Touch with ethernet connectivity, as well as Honeywell VAM devices when accessed through a web browser. The issue is NOT affecting newer Honeywell Home Tuxedo and Resideo Tuxedo Keypads, as was initially reported. Keep in mind that these new-style Tuxedo Keypads may only update weather once per day, so the displayed last update time might still seem off. But if you click the refresh button in the bottom-left corner of the weather display screen, then it will still update. As the issue is relatively minor and only affecting old style devices, it's possible that Resideo may put off applying a fix for a while. Again, we promise to provide an update if any new information is made available. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the issue.

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Yes, John. They are still experiencing weather issues on the older style Tuxedos. Still waiting to get an update from the manufacturer. We will update this blog when we receive an update.
Same issue here. Changed to another ZIP code, and same thing happens. Stuck on 6/9/21. Also, if it does update to current date, i only get weather (which is prob wrong) for Thurs, Fri and Sat
On my new Honeywell Home (TUXEDOW) console, only Today's weather is shown, not tomorrow or day after. Is anyone seeing future forecast?
Attempt to change the zip code to one that is near you and see what that does.
Thank you for the suggestion. I updated the firmware. However, it made no impact on the issue at hand as it continues to show old weather details. When I press "refresh", the device reverts completely to June 9th with the sunrise/sunset times on that date as well as weather on that date. After several refresh attempts, it will show current date but old weather details. So, it toggles between current date and June 9 but never gives complete current weather and sunrise/sunset details. Software Version is TUXW_V5.2.22.0_VA
Good Day, You can try a firmware update for the tux at the link here
My device is stuck on 6/9. Refreshing and resetting device only works to temporarily change to current date and reverts to the old date. This impacts other automation features that rely on accurate sunrise/sunset times. Disappointed that Honeywell is not looking after its consumers by not coming up with a fix. I had higher hopes for this brand.
TUXWIFI using software version "TUXW_V5.3.21.0_VA"
Hi Marc, what is the model number of the unit you're using?
Just want to comment that I will likely avoid all Honeywell branded products going forward. This obviously does not appear to be a concern for the vendor to correct. The weather forecast on these consoles are useless. Refresh attempts pull inconsistent dates, and when the correct date is displayed the forecast is more incorrect than a meteorologists forecast.
I'm thinking about maybe just upgrading.. I don't need the zwave on the tuxedo, so do I want the Honeywell 6290W? does it do the weather screen too? does anyone have a screenshot of it? Thanks!
Still not update, sorry.
Still down since 6/9. any update from honeywell on this?
Date and time is confirmed as part of the issue. We will update this blog as soon as we hear any updates from the manufacture.
Date and time don't update either. Maybe the server is set to 2012?
lost again on the 5/30
Great, Hope it stays.
Im back again today
I'm getting updated on 5/21, after refresh I get updated 5/24, another refresh is 5/21, back and forth. Apparently there are 2 servers and one is correct and the other has the issue.
Mine stopped again on the 21st. Did anyone elses?
Yes, mine is too. No official work yet though.
Mine is back today. Yippie!!!
It is happening on Wi-Fi versions. The newer Honeywell Home line (Resideo), is not affected by this issue.
is this for all versions of the tuxedo touch, My is an early one with ethernet (no wifi) and has been End of Life for a while now. I figured they just dropped support. Is it also happening on the newer wifi ones? How about the current "Honeywell Home" line? I use the weather so much, i thought about upgrading just for this feature.
That sounds like it may have been the date it broke on us.
4/23/21 popped back up on mine yesterday. That data must be cached somewhere.
Yeah, I apologize. It is still an unresolved issue.
Mine still says last update was 4/23/21. It has done 2-3 times in the past and usually returns only after 30-60 days. I miss my weather reports..
Mine does not seem to want to automatically update the weather. A few days ago I noticed that it was finally displaying weather again, but although the city was correct the temperature and forecast were incorrect. I tapped on the weather and saw that the last update was in late April. I tapped the refresh button and it loaded the up-to-date information, but today it's still showing yesterday's info. Interestingly enough, when I tapped to refresh, it actually reverted to the April date and weather info the first time, but a second tap brought it to the current date and weather.
Seems to be working again.
Not at this time, we will be sure to update this blog when we have some.
Any news on this?
The problem just recently surfaced. There is no fix yet. Please continue to monitor this blog for updates.
Same problem here with Honeywell's Tuxedo Touch. Latest firmware version "TUXW_V5.3.21.0_VA" is not the solution. Weather forecast is not available and affects sunset/sunrise time for z-Wave devices.
I think this is also messing with my zwave lights that I have set to come on at Sunset. They are now coming on at the same time and not adjusting for the longer daylight period each day.
Keep checking back here for updates when the issue is resolved.
I thought it was just me... glad to see this is a widespread issue.
I’m having the same issue. Connected to 2.4 GH WiFi and everything seems to be fine except I cannot get the weather to update

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