Black Friday Deals Start Today!

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Want alarm monitoring at a great price? How about free? If you are buying more than $50 in product today, sign up for monitoring, and we'll give you 3 months for free. 3 free fabulous months of monitoring just for ordering between now and Cyber Monday. We think that when your three month trial is up, you'll stick around because the service is so, stinkin' good. Make sure that you use the same email address when you purchase as you do when you sign up for monitoring. This is for new customers only.

If you want to figure out which monitoring plan you need, call us at 888-818-7728!

Normally: $10-45/month | Black Friday Price: $0 for 3 months

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DEAL 2: $71 Off Lyric Alarm Systems w/ 24 Hour Battery

The Lyric Alarm system is the workhorse of the Resideo line. It's a beautiful system with Homekit integrations and an incredible set of functions. It works with both 5800, 2GIG, & SiX protocol sensors. We are knocking $50 off of the price from today until Cyber Monday.

Normally: $270.99 | Black Friday Price: $199.99

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DEAL 3: $10 off Garage Door Controllers for LYNX & Lyric Systems

Your Lyric or Lynx alarm system is capable of controlling the garage door. Did you know that? It is easy to install this garage door controller and program to the system to make it work as well. We can help you do it! Take control of your garage door today with the 5877GDPK.

Normally: $89.99 | Black Friday Price: $79.99

Buy a 5877GDPK

DEAL 4: 10%-Off All Smoke Detectors

We hope we're not too late! The Thanksgiving holiday is a day past, and some of you, we know, have scary ideas about cooking turkeys. Well, it's never too late to be prepared. We want to make sure that your security system has fire detection for next year's scary idea. Protect your home, family, and all of your things when you purchase a smoke, fire, or combo detector that is compatible with your security system. Combine it with the free monitoring for 3 months in DEAL 1, and we can call the fire department for you in the case you wake up one day smelling smoke.

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DEAL 5: 10%-Off All CO Detectors

Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer. We have the solution, a not so silent, screaming loud alarm system compatible CO detector. When you purchase a CO detector that is compatible with your security system, you'll be protecting your family from one of the scariest threats homeowners face.

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Check Out Our Smoke, Heat, & COMBO Detectors

DEAL 6: $20 off Doorbell Cameras

Your packages are sitting ducks! And when is a better time to change that than right now, before the holiday season.

Get a compatible camera for your home to watch over the front stoop. Make package thieves think twice before taking the holiday gifts you got for your loved ones.

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DEAL 7: 5%-Off All Orders Over $50

If you're looking at the great deals above and you're thinking to yourself, "there's nothing here for me," this deal's for you! We're giving 5% off all orders over $50. For those excited by the offers above, I know you're wondering, "What about me? Do I get 5% off in addition?" The answer is YES! Of course you do.

Today's savings are off the hook!