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Here at Alarm Grid, we strive to be different than your average alarm company. We find it interesting that most alarm companies hide their prices and don't provide any real information to a prospective buyer. Maybe they assume that the average consumer can't understand anything more than how to arm and disarm a security system; or perhaps they just like to get people in high pressure sales situations to push security systems and expensive long-term alarm monitoring contracts. Whatever their real intentions are, it's clear they do not have the consumer's best interests in mind. It's a shame that the business practices of these companies have hurt the reputation of the overall alarm industry. Instead of getting excited about the amazing new technologies available today, most people are so fed up with their current alarm company that they don't even bother to arm or disarm their system.

As the founder and president of Alarm Grid, I believe that security systems are not as mysterious as your alarm company would have you think and it is my goal to explain the way a system works in a clear and user friendly way. Instead of forcing you to sign a long term contract that has tons of language protecting ourselves, we invite you to sign up for monitoring services knowing that if we ever fail to live up to your expectations, you are free to choose a different company. Of course, if we can save you some money in the process, you'll love us even more! I don't expect everyone to be as excited about alarms as I am, but I do think that if you take the time to browse the products we offer, you'll be very suprised to find out what today's security systems can do. Imagine for a minute that you've left for a nice long weekend but you can't remember if you locked your front door. Instead of driving an hour back to the house to be sure, you can pull out your iPhone (not while you are driving of course!) and with the touch of a button, lock every door of your house. Or maybe you have teenagers that are supposed to come home at 4PM every day after school. Instead of wondering if they are out getting into trouble, you can get a quick video clip of them coming home followed by a text message that they've armed the system behind them and now you have the peace of mind that they are safe. Sorry, we still can't make them do their homework! Today's security systems do so much more than protect your family and property. They make our lives easier and more efficient! 

Welcome to Alarm Grid and be happy knowing that you have finally found an alarm company that works for you. If you allow us the chance, we promise we will change the way you think about security systems and the alarm industry forever!



Sterling Donnelly