• Home Security Systems

    Find the home security system that is perfect for your family! We are the most affordable, reliable national home security company in the United States.

  • Security Systems

    Alarm Grid is here to help you find the perfect security system for you and your family. Stop in and consult with us today!

  • Home Automation

    Home automation provides you with total control over the devices inside your home. You can use home automation to instantly turn on the lights when you walk inside a room, automatically adjust your thermostat when you get home from work, and even unlock your front door just by using your smartphone.

  • Security Camera Systems

  • Medical Alert Systems

  • Programmable Thermostats

    A programmable thermostat is a device that allows you to automatically adjust your house’s temperature depending upon the time of day. This can save you money, while also making it easier to cool and heat your house. These devices can also connect with your security system to be controlled remotely.

  • Wireless Alarm Systems

    The primary component of a security setup is the security system. All of the security and life-safety devices that are being used with the setup will connect with this system. Wireless security panels are generally very easy to program, making them great for DIY users. Check out our selection below.

  • Business Security Systems

  • Wireless Alarm Control Panels

    ​A wireless alarm control panel is designed to be the centerpiece of a security set up. Our wireless systems utilize the latest and most advanced technology to provide complete and total control for end users. They make a great addition to any home or business. Take a look at our fantastic selection.

  • Wired Alarm Control Panels

    ​A wired alarm control panel is a hardwired system that serves as the centerpiece of a security setup. They are commonly used by both homes and businesses as an effective means of providing security and protection. If you need a new wired alarm control panel, check out the great Alarm Grid selection.

  • Security Products

    Huge selection of security products for your home or office.

  • Internet Security Systems

  • Access Controls

    ​Access control is the process of restricting access to a certain place. By using access control devices, you can prevent others from accessing an important location, such as your home or business. Many protection devices can be integrated into your security system to make access control even easier.

  • Apartment Security Systems

    Just because you don't own the place you live, doesn't mean your stuff shouldn't be safe. Alarm Grid's systems are affordable, secure, and best of all, portable.

  • Security Stickers

    Security stickers act as a great first line of defense against thieves looking for an easy score. Get your Alarm Grid Security stickers today!

  • Z-Wave Home Automation

    Z-Wave home automation provides you with total control over the Z-Wave devices in your home. By integrating Z-Wave devices with your security panel, you will have the ability to control them from your security panel and remotely using a mobile app. Read on to learn more about Z-Wave home automation.

  • Life Safety Systems

  • Medical Alert Buttons

  • Wireless Receivers

    ​Wireless receivers are add-ons that are used with hardwired security panels to allow them to interface with wireless devices. Once a wireless receiver has been installed, the hardwired system will be able to use wireless sensors as part of its setup. Check out the wireless receivers from Alarm Grid.

  • Custom Security Systems

  • Z-Wave Controllers

  • Alarm Keypads

    An alarm keypad is used as a way of controlling an alarm system. This includes arming and disarming the system and making programming changes. An alarm keypad can be the primary controller for a hardwired system or a secondary point of access for a touchscreen panel. Buy alarm keypads at Alarm Grid.

  • Cellular Security Systems

    Cellular security systems are the most reliable systems on the market. Make sure that you can get signals out and alert the authorities of a break-in, get a cellular security system today.

  • Wired Security Systems

  • Alarm Control Panels

    ​An alarm control panel is the central hub of a security set up. All of a user’s security devices will connect with the control panel to alert the user when they are activated. An alarm control panel can also be used to activate any home automation devices. Buy an alarm control panel from Alarm Grid.

  • Security Key Fobs

    ​A security keyfob is a handy device that allows you to quickly arm or disarm your alarm panel. Many keyfobs also feature additional buttons that can be used to perform other functions, such as activating a Z-Wave scene or triggering a panic. Check out the selection of keyfobs offered on our website.

  • Motion Detecting Sensors

  • Sensors

  • Wireless Motion Detecting Sensors

    ​Wireless motion detectors are wireless security devices that respond to the presence of motion. Whenever motion is detected, the device will offer a predetermined response depending upon the needs of the end user. Wireless motion detectors are also great for home automation. Buy one for your system.

  • Honeywell 5800 Sensors

  • Honeywell 5800 Motion Detectors

  • Wireless Peripheral Sensors

    Wireless peripheral sensors are wireless devices that are programmed to the wireless zones of a security system. When activated, the wireless device will send a signal to the system so that it can let the user know about a potential problem that has occurred. Check out the selection from Alarm Grid.

  • Temperature Sensors

  • Environmental Sensors

    ​Environmental sensors are used with security systems for the purpose of detecting certain environmental conditions. These conditions can include flooding, extreme temperatures, fire, or the presence of life-threatening carbon monoxide. Purchase your environmental sensors from the Alarm Grid website.

  • Peripheral Sensors

    ​Peripheral sensors are the devices that a security system uses to ensure that the home or business is kept safe and secure. When a peripheral sensor is activated, the system will know that a potential problem has occurred, and it will alert the user. Check out the peripheral sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • Pet Friendly Motion Detecting Sensors

    ​A great way to immediately improve your home security system is to install motion detectors. However, many users are afraid that their pets may set off these sensors, causing false alarms. Luckily, pet-friendly motion sensors can prevent this event. Buy pet-friendly motion detectors from Alarm Grid.

  • Passive Infrared Motion Detecting Sensors

    A passive infrared motion sensor is a security device that detects motion by looking out for the presence of infrared energy. This type of motion detector is very popular, and these devices make for an excellent addition to any security setup. Purchase a passive infrared motion sensor from our site.

  • Wireless Environmental Sensors

    ​Wireless environmental sensors are wireless devices that are used with alarm panels to detect certain environmental conditions. These environmental conditions can be problems like a serious fire, carbon monoxide, extreme temperatures or flooding. Purchase your wireless environmental sensors from us.

  • Outdoor Motion Detecting Sensors

    ​Outdoor motions are security devices that are specifically designed for outdoor use. They will detect the presence of motion outside a home or business in order to alert the user to any intruders that may be present. They can also be used as part of a home automation set up. Check out our selection.

  • Wireless Outdoor Motion Detecting Sensors

    An outdoor wireless motion sensor is a type of motion detector that is specifically designed for outdoor applications. These devices can be used for detecting intruders or for Z-Wave home automation purposes. Take a full look at the outdoor wireless motion sensors that are available from Alarm Grid.

  • Honeywell Lyric

  • Wireless Heat Detectors

  • Wireless Smoke Detectors

  • Heat Detectors

  • Series

  • Battery Operated Heat Alarm Sensors

    Installing heat sensors is very important for detecting fires as quickly as possible. Many rooms cannot use conventional smoke detectors due to the regular presence of smoke. However, heat sensors make for excellent alternatives. Buy your battery operated heat alarm sensors from the Alarm Grid site.

  • Life Safety Products

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Encrypted Wireless Peripheral Sensors

    Encrypted wireless peripheral sensors are wireless devices that utilize methods of encryption to remain secure and protected from hackers. Many of our newest and most advanced wireless sensors offer this capability for the peace of mind of the end user. Take a look at Alarm Grid’s encrypted sensors.

  • Smoke & Heat Detectors

  • Honeywell SiX Smoke Detectors

    The Honeywell SiX Smoke Detectors are fully encrypted and the first to offer wireless "interconnected" capability. The "One-go-all-go" patented technology allows devices like the SiXSMOKE to wirelessly report a fire situation to other nearby detectors. Traditionally, interconnected smoke detectors required expensive and time consuming hardwiring with high voltage cabling. Now the SiX series smokes offer the benefits of interconnectedness to a wireless device. The extended RF range of 300 feet allow you to protect peripheral spaces including detached garages, guest homes and sheds!

  • Honeywell SiX Sensors

    ​Honeywell's SiX Series peripheral sensors are the most secure, encrypted security devices available today.

  • Honeywell SiX Heat Detectors

  • Alarm Sirens

  • Alarm Sirens & Strobes

    ​An alarm siren and strobe light is an easy way to quickly scare off any vandals who decide to break into your home. You can set up your sirens and strobes to go off whenever a sensor on your alarm system is activated. These devices can be hardwired or wireless. Buy an alarm siren and strobe from us.

  • Wireless Alarm Sirens

    Alarm sirens are loud noise-making devices that are frequently used with security panels. Sirens are used for scaring off intruders and for alerting others about a potentially dangerous situation. Wireless sirens are very easy for users to install on their own. Buy a wireless alarm siren right here.

  • Honeywell Six Motion Detectors

  • Wireless Door Alarm Sensors

  • Door & Window Alarm Sensors

    Door and window sensors are essential for any complete security set up. These sensors will let a user know if an intruder has entered through their door or window. The panel will also display which zone was faulted so they know where the security breach occurred. Buy door and window sensors from us.

  • Wireless Door Sensors and Window Alarm Sensors

    Alarm Grid offers hundreds of wireless door and window sensors that pair with the most popular security systems. If you are looking for a reliable wireless contact for your home, view our selection online today!

  • Door Alarm Sensors

  • Encrypted Door Alarm Sensors

  • Honeywell SiX Door Sensors and Window Sensors

  • Honeywell SiX Glass Break Detectors

  • Glass Break Sensors

    Glass break sensors are security devices that respond to breaking glass. There are two types of glass break sensors. These are glass break detectors that listen for the sound of breaking glass and shock sensors that sense the vibration of glass being struck. Buy a glass break sensor from Alarm Grid.

  • Wireless Glass Break Detectors

  • Glass Break Detectors

    Glass break detectors are security devices that respond to the sound of breaking glass. They are excellent for alerting users to a break-in through a window or to property damage that involves broken glass. Take a look at the great selection of glass break detectors available on the Alarm Grid site.

  • Honeywell SiX Key Fobs

  • Panic Buttons

    A panic button is a security device that is used to request immediate police, fire or medical dispatch. These devices work by sending a signal to a security system, which will alert a central monitoring station and let them know that help is needed. Check out Alarm Grid’s selection of panic buttons.

  • Honeywell 5800 Glass Break Detectors

  • Honeywell 5800 Door Sensors and Window Sensors

    Honeywell's 5800 series wireless door and window contacts are the most diverse in the entire industry. Ranging from tiny recessed sensors to multi-functional surface mount, the 5800 series devices balance reliability and efficiency best.

  • Wired Door Alarm Sensors

  • Transmitters

  • Wired Garage Door Alarm Sensors

    ​Wired garage door sensors are used for monitoring garage doors. By using a one of these devices, a user can know immediately whenever their garage door has been opened. As hardwired devices, these sensors must be connected directly to the alarm system. Buy a wired garage door sensor from Alarm Grid.

  • Garage Door Alarm Sensors

    Garage door sensors are special alarm sensors that are designed for use with garage doors. Monitoring your garage is very important, as it is one of the most vulnerable spaces inside a home. With these devices, you can protect your garage and your property. Check out our selection of garage sensors.

  • Wireless Garage Door Alarm Sensors

    ​A wireless garage door sensor is a great way to monitor your garage door. These devices will let you know whenever the garage door has been opened so that you can respond as needed. We offer both wireless tilt sensors and wireless garage door contacts. Purchase a wireless garage door sensor from us.

  • Honeywell 5800 Heat Detectors

  • Honeywell 5800 Smoke Detectors

    Honeywell's 5800 series smoke detectors offer a simple solution for protecting your home or business. Forget running wires which are expensive and next to impossible in some environments. Devices like the 5808W3 make it easy to add smoke protection in areas where existing wired smokes were not installed. Any addition or renovation should have a 5800 series wireless smoke detector that uses the newest photoelectric technology.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems

  • DIY Wireless Security Systems

  • Honeywell VISTA Series

  • Wired Alarm Keypads

    ​A wired alarm keypad is a device that is hardwired to a security panel as a way of controlling the setup. Most wired alarm keypads are used with hardwired security panels that do not include a built-in keypad or touchscreen for making inputs or programming changes. Check out our wired alarm keypads.

  • Burglar Alarm Systems

  • DIY Wired Security Systems

  • Total Connect Cameras

    Security cameras make for a superb addition to any home or business security setup. Total Connect cameras are used whenever the setup features a Honeywell security system. These cameras will interface with the Total Connect service for remote access. Check out our selection of Total Connect Cameras.

  • Security Cameras

    Security cameras make for excellent additions to any security setup. They provide you with a total view of whatever is happening inside your home or business. You can also view live feeds of the cameras remotely using Total Connect or Alarm.com mobile apps. Buy your security cameras from Alarm Grid.

  • Wireless Security Cameras

    Adding security cameras is one of the best things you can do for your security setup. Nothing beats being able to obtain hard, video evidence of anything that occurs on your property. Wireless security cameras are also extremely easy for users to set up and program. Buy your cameras from Alarm Grid.

  • Cellular Alarm Communicators

  • Alarm Monitoring Communicators

  • Honeywell Lyric Security Systems

    ​The Lyric panels are the latest alarm control panels from Honeywell. The Lyric lineup only includes two panels. These are the Lyric Controller and the Lyric Gateway. Both are compatible with the fully encrypted Honeywell SiX Series of wireless sensors. Check out the Lyric Controller and the Gateway.

  • Small Business Security Systems

    ​Alarm Grid offers several kits that are excellent for small businesses. These kits arrive complete with everything needed to get started with a new security system. Alarm Grid is ready to provide everything needed for a small business security setup. Buy a small business security system kit from us.

  • Lyric Security System Kits

    Our Lyric Security System Kits include everything a new user needs to get started with a Honeywell Lyric Controller. Every kit includes a Lyric Controller System, security sensors and the Honeywell LT-Cable for simple installation. Some kits also include a cellular communicator. Buy a Lyric Kit now.

  • Monitored Home Security Systems

  • Wired Smoke Detectors

  • Wired Heat Detectors

  • 2GIG 345MHz Sensors

  • Internet Alarm Communicators

    ​Many older security panels do not come with immediate access to the internet. Instead, you will need to install an internet alarm communicator to get the system online. This will allow a high-speed ethernet connection to be used with the setup. Purchase an internet alarm communicator for your panel.

  • Wired Glass Break Detectors

  • Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Featured Systems

  • Wireless Encrypted Security Systems

  • POE Cameras

  • Wireless Panic Buttons for Offices

  • cr1/3n Batteries

  • Verizon CDMA Security System Cellular Communicators

  • cr1620 Batteries

  • Honeywell Lyric Thermostats

    Honeywell Lyric Thermostats are a series of heating and cooling devices that are designed to interface with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. These thermostats use wireless Z-Wave and WIFI, allowing them to be controlled from the system and from Total Connect. Buy a Honeywell Lyric Thermostat from us.

  • Factory Packaged Security System Kits

  • 9 Volt Lithium Batteries

  • cr2430 Batteries

  • Jewelry Store Security Systems

  • cr2032 Batteries

  • lynxrchkit-hc Batteries

  • Universal Alarm Communicators

  • cr2032 Batteries

  • cr123 Batteries

  • aa Batteries

  • cr2025 Batteries

  • lynxrchkit-sc Batteries

  • 9 Volt Alkaline batteries

  • aaa Batteries

  • Low Light Security Cameras

  • Security Signs

  • Dual-Path Alarm Communicators

    ​A dual path alarm communicator is an add-on for a security system that will allow it to connect with the network using both a cellular connection and an IP connection. Most security experts believe that this is the very best way for keeping a security system connected. Check out our selection below.

  • Honeywell LYNX Touch

    Honeywell's LYNX Touch series security systems are the most advanced systems in the industry.

  • Dual Path Security Systems

  • lynxrchkit-sha Batteries

  • cr2 Batteries

  • 9-volt Batteries

  • walynx-rchb-sc Batteries

  • Cellular Antennas

    When using cellular communications with a security system, it may be necessary to use a cellular antenna to boost the signal strength. This can prevent the system from losing its cellular signal and fully ensure that it always remains connected to the network. Buy a cellular antenna from Alarm Grid.

  • Wired Alarm Sirens

    Wired alarm sirens are loud noise-making devices that connect with a panel directly. They are very important for scaring off intruders and alerting others about an intrusion. A user can program their alarm siren to activate during certain system events. Check out our selection of wired alarm sirens.

  • Wired Alarm Strobes

    Strobe lights are an excellent addition to any alarm system. These devices are used for providing a visual indication of an alarm event on a security system. They are often accompanied by sirens which provide an audible indication of an alarm event. Buy wired alarm strobes from Alarm Grid right now.

  • Security Yard Signs

  • AT&T Security Systems

  • Security Signs & Stickers

  • Miscellaneous

  • Alarm.com Cameras

    ​One of the best ways to enhance the security setup in your home or business is to install security cameras. If your security system connects with Alarm.com, you will want to use Alarm.com cameras for this purpose. Take a look at the selection of Alarm.com compatible security cameras from Alarm Grid.

  • Wired to Wireless Security System Converters

    A wired to wireless converter is a device that allows a user to use hardwired security devices with a wireless security system. The hardwired devices will connect directly to the converter, and the converter will send a wireless signal to the panel to sync the devices. Check out our selection below.

  • IQ Panel 2 Kits

  • Wired to Wireless Security System Transmitters

    Wired to wireless security system transmitters are needed for bringing wired devices to a wireless security panel. These transmitters come in many forms. Some also double as security sensors, while others are strictly for bringing hardwired devices to a wireless panel. Check out our selection below.

  • Wireless Panic Buttons

    ​A wireless panic button is a device that can be pressed by a user to request immediate police, fire or medical dispatch. As long as the button is within range of the panel, it will tell the system to send a signal to the monitoring station for quick help. Buy a wireless panic button from Alarm Grid.

  • Batteries

  • Alarm System Transformers

  • Doorbell Cameras

    One of the best places to place a security camera is at your doorbell. We offer doorbell cameras that can effectively monitor the area around your door. These devices can also alert you whenever someone rings your doorbell so that you can see whoever is at your door. Buy doorbell cameras right here.

  • Base Kits

  • Wired Door & Window Alarm Contacts

    Door and window contacts are important for any security system. Wired contacts are easy to use with any hardwired security panel. They can also interface with wireless security systems if a wired to wireless converter is used. Purchase your wired door and window contacts from the Alarm Grid website.

  • Medical Alert Bracelets

  • Wireless Outdoor Door Alarm Sensors

    A wireless outdoor door alarm sensor is a security door contact that is designed for use in an outdoor environment. This type of device will communicate with a security system wirelessly using RF communications. They are great for fences, patio doors and sheds. Buy an outdoor sensor from Alarm Grid.

  • Heat Alarm Sensors for Garages

    Garages are some of the most common locations for fires. In order to detect a fire in a garage, it is necessary to install one or more heat alarm sensors that will activate when a fire is present. Alarm Grid offers heat alarm sensors that are superb for use in garages. Check out our selection below.

  • Wireless Alarm Keypads

    Wireless alarm keypads are typically used with security systems as a way of providing a user with a secondary point of access. A user can put their wireless alarm keypad in a separate area of their home or business so that they have another location for arming and disarming. Check out our selection.

  • Long Range PIR Motion Detecting Sensors

    Long range PIR motion sensors are best used for detecting motion across extended areas. They are often utilized in commercial applications where larger areas of detection are needed. These sensors work by looking out for changes in infrared energy. Buy a long range PIR motion sensor from Alarm Grid.

  • Wired Motion Detecting Sensors

    Wired motion detectors are hardwired security devices that work to detect the presence of motion. Upon sensing motion, the device will conduct a predetermined response depending upon how it was set up. They can even be used for home automation. Buy an excellent wired motion detector from Alarm Grid.

  • Alert Buttons

    ​Alert buttons are used by people who want a quick way to contact help if needed. These devices are often in banks or in stores in case a burglary takes place. They can also be used by elderly or sickly people who are likely to require immediate medical attention. Buy an alert button from Alarm Grid.

  • Outdoor Door Alarm Sensors

    An outdoor door alarm sensor is essentially a door contact that can be used in an outdoor environment. These sensors are regularly used for fences, sheds and patio screen doors that may be exposed to excessive moisture, dust and debris. Purchase an outdoor door alarm sensor from the Alarm Grid site.

  • Wireless Outdoor Fence Gate Alarm Sensors

    Many people install wireless outdoor contacts on their fences and gates to learn when these structures are opened. These devices will communicate with the user’s alarm system so that they will instantly know if their fence or gate is opened. Check out our selection of wireless outdoor sensors below.

  • Wired Peripheral Sensors

    Wired peripheral sensors are hardwired devices that are used to monitor the programmed zones on a security system. When one of the these wired devices is activated, a signal will be sent to the alarm system to alert the user of the problem. Purchase your next wired peripheral sensor from Alarm Grid.

  • DUAL TEC® Motion Detecting Sensors

    ​A dual technology motion detector is a security device that uses multiple methods for detecting the presence of motion. In most cases, this includes a combination of passive infrared technology and a microwave radar. Purchase a dual technology motion detector for your security setup from Alarm Grid.

  • Shock Sensors

  • Wired Shock Sensors

    A shock sensor is a device that is used to detect the shockwaves associated with breaking glass. This type of device is placed directly on a window or glass casing. If the glass is broken, the shockwaves will set off the device and cause an alarm. Take a look at our selection of wired shock sensors.

  • Z-Wave Garage Door Controllers

  • Z-Wave Modules

  • Home Automation Relays

  • Wired Environmental Sensors

    Wired environmental sensors are hardwired devices that are used by alarm systems to inform users of various environmental problems and hazards. Some possible environmental conditions include fires, carbon monoxide, extreme temperatures or leaks and flooding. Buy a wired environmental sensor from us.

  • Wireless Shock Sensors

  • Z-Wave Thermostats

  • Thermostats

  • WIFI Thermostats

    ​A WIFI thermostat is a special type of programmable thermostat that interacts with a security panel using a WIFI connection. A WIFI thermostat can be programmed to perform a specific heating and cooling schedule that is convenient for the user, while also helping them to save money on energy bills.

  • Z-Wave Locks

  • Residential Access Control

    ​Residential access control is the process of restricting access to a person's home. With residential access control devices, you can help keep your family safe by stopping unwanted intruders from entering your house. These devices are also easy to use, making them great for any home security system.

  • Water Valves

  • Honeywell 5800 Key Fobs

  • Flood Sensors

  • Z-Wave Sirens

  • Z-Wave Plug-in Modules

  • Z-Wave Lights

  • Z-Wave Receptacles

  • Z-Wave Outlets

  • Z-Wave Dimmers

  • Z-Wave Plug-In Dimmers

  • Z-Wave Programmers

  • Z-Wave Serial Controllers

  • Z-Wave Fans

  • Z-Wave Switches

  • Z-Wave Button Controllers

  • Power Supplies