• Home Security Systems

    Find the home security system that is perfect for your family! We are the most affordable, reliable national home security company in the United States.

  • Security Systems

    Alarm Grid is here to help you find the perfect security system for you and your family. Stop in and consult with us today!

  • Home Automation

    Home automation provides you with total control over the devices inside your home. You can use home automation to instantly turn on the lights when you walk inside a room, automatically adjust your thermostat when you get home from work, and even unlock your front door just by using your smartphone.

  • Security Camera Systems

    Alarm Grid offers many security camera systems for your home or business. Whether you are looking for cameras you can use around your house or you need a robust security camera setup for your business, Alarm Grid has you covered. We are here to help. Purchase security camera systems from Alarm Grid.

  • Medical Alert Systems

    ​A great way to give an elderly or sickly loved one more independence is with a medical alert system. These devices consist of a button that is worn at all times and can easily be pressed in the event of an emergency. Help someone you care about remain independent with their own medical alert system.

  • Programmable Thermostats

    A programmable thermostat is a device that allows you to automatically adjust your house’s temperature depending upon the time of day. This can save you money, while also making it easier to cool and heat your house. These devices can also connect with your security system to be controlled remotely.

  • Wireless Alarm Systems

    The primary component of a security setup is the security system. All of the security and life-safety devices that are being used with the setup will connect with this system. Wireless security panels are generally very easy to program, making them great for DIY users. Check out our selection below.

  • Business Security Systems

    Adding a security system is one of the best ways to protect your business. A proper set up will inform you about any serious situations, such as a burglary or a fire. You can also set up the system to request immediate dispatch in the event of an emergency. Check out these great kits for businesses.

  • Wireless Alarm Control Panels

    ​A wireless alarm control panel is designed to be the centerpiece of a security set up. Our wireless systems utilize the latest and most advanced technology to provide complete and total control for end users. They make a great addition to any home or business. Take a look at our fantastic selection.

  • Wired Alarm Control Panels

    ​A wired alarm control panel is a hardwired system that serves as the centerpiece of a security setup. They are commonly used by both homes and businesses as an effective means of providing security and protection. If you need a new wired alarm control panel, check out the great Alarm Grid selection.

  • Security Products

    Alarm Grid has a massive selection of security products. We offer everything needed for a complete and total security setup. Whether you need a new alarm control system or a few security sensors, Alarm Grid has you fully covered and protected. Check out our huge selection of security products below.

  • Internet Security Systems

    Internet security systems are alarm systems that use IP connectivity for alarm monitoring service. This can be effective if your home has reliable internet connectivity. You can save money by not going cellular. But remember that cellular is usually more reliable. Buy internet security systems here.

  • Access Controls

    ​Access control is the process of restricting access to a certain place. By using access control devices, you can prevent others from accessing an important location, such as your home or business. Many protection devices can be integrated into your security system to make access control even easier.

  • Apartment Security Systems

    Just because you don't own the place you live, doesn't mean your stuff shouldn't be safe. Alarm Grid's systems are affordable, secure, and best of all, portable.

  • Security Stickers

    Security stickers act as a great first line of defense against thieves looking for an easy score. Get your Alarm Grid Security stickers today!

  • Life Safety Systems

    ​An alarm system is used for more than just security applications. Many systems are used for the purpose of keeping people on-site safe. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors will monitoring for dangerous conditions, while medical alert buttons will call for help. Buy a life safety system here.

  • Medical Alert Buttons

    Medical alert buttons are used by many elderly and mobility challenged individuals to help them live more independent lives. These devices are easy to use, and they provide great peace of mind for both end users and their loved ones. There are options for almost any system. Buy medical alert buttons.

  • Wireless Receivers

    ​Wireless receivers are add-ons that are used with hardwired security panels to allow them to interface with wireless devices. Once a wireless receiver has been installed, the hardwired system will be able to use wireless sensors as part of its setup. Check out the wireless receivers from Alarm Grid.

  • Custom Security Systems

    Custom security systems allow you to create the perfect alarm system package for the unique needs of your home or business. Remember, you can always go on alarm grid to choose a security system and any combination of sensors to go along with it. Purchase a custom security system kit from Alarm Grid.

  • Home Automation Controllers

    A Home automation controller serves as the central hub for a smart home automation network. All your smart home devices on the same network will communicate through this controller. You may also use the controller for the operation of your smart home devices. Buy home automation controllers from us.

  • Alarm Keypads

    An alarm keypad is used as a way of controlling an alarm system. This includes arming and disarming the system and making programming changes. An alarm keypad can be the primary controller for a hardwired system or a secondary point of access for a touchscreen panel. Buy alarm keypads at Alarm Grid.

  • Cellular Security Systems

    Cellular security systems are the most reliable systems on the market. Make sure that you can get signals out and alert the authorities of a break-in, get a cellular security system today.

  • Wired Security Systems

    Wired security systems are good for monitoring homes and businesses. The systems will integrate with the building itself to increase property value. You can customize your system by adding new sensors and other accessories as required. You will also need a keypad. Buy wired security systems from us.

  • Alarm Control Panels

    ​An alarm control panel is the central hub of a security set up. All of a user’s security devices will connect with the control panel to alert the user when they are activated. An alarm control panel can also be used to activate any home automation devices. Buy an alarm control panel from Alarm Grid.

  • Security Key Fobs

    ​A security keyfob is a handy device that allows you to quickly arm or disarm your alarm panel. Many keyfobs also feature additional buttons that can be used to perform other functions, such as activating a Z-Wave scene or triggering a panic. Check out the selection of keyfobs offered on our website.

  • Smart Home Controllers

    Smart Home Controllers allow you to operate various home automation devices. The wireless protocol supported by a smart home controller will vary between various devices. A smart controller is a great way to get started with the the exciting world of home automation. Buy smart home controllers here.

  • Wireless Touchscreen Alarm Panels

    Wireless touchscreen alarm panels are super convenient to control, and they are very easy to program. No more uninviting push-button keypads. You can get a touchscreen system that is a joy to use on a daily basis. And you can have all your sensors work wirelessly for easy setup. Buy wireless panels.

  • Monitored Home Security Systems

    Monitored home security systems are security panels that are actively monitored by alarm monitoring companies. Alarm Grid can take new and existing alarm systems and provide them with reliable and trustworthy alarm monitoring service. We have great systems for homes and businesses. Buy systems here.

  • DIY Wireless Security Systems

    ​Alarm Grid offers several wireless security system kits that are great for DIY installations. Everything a new user needs to get started is included in these kits. Why pay an installer hundreds or thousands of dollars when you can do it yourself? Buy a DIY wireless security system kit from our site.

  • Small Business Security Systems

    ​Alarm Grid offers several kits that are excellent for small businesses. These kits arrive complete with everything needed to get started with a new security system. Alarm Grid is ready to provide everything needed for a small business security setup. Buy a small business security system kit from us.

  • Burglar Alarm Systems

    Burglar alarm systems are important to have in any home or business. A properly configured security system can save you thousands in the event of a break-in. Make sure that your home or business stays protected with a security panel and a monitoring plan from Alarm Grid. Learn about burglar systems.

  • Smart Home

    Smart home devices are accessories you will want to consider adding to your system. We offer many Z-Wave Plus and Apple HomeKit devices to make your life more convenient. You can set your smart home devices to trigger based on activity or with a set schedule. Buy smart home products from Alarm Grid.

  • Touchscreen Alarm Panels

    Touchscreen alarm panels are systems with built-in touchscreens for easy control. A touchscreen controller is more inviting and easier to understand than a generic push-button controller. Visible menu options and colorful icons can help a user feel more confident. Buy touchscreen alarm systems here.

  • Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems

    Wireless burglar alarm systems are easy to install, and they provide reliable detection for homes and businesses. You can achieve a fully wireless setup with a wireless panel and wireless security sensors. Several great options are available. Buy wireless burglar alarm systems here.

  • Security Cameras

    Security cameras make for excellent additions to any security setup. They provide you with a total view of whatever is happening inside your home or business. You can also view live feeds of the cameras remotely using Total Connect or Alarm.com mobile apps. Buy your security cameras from Alarm Grid.

  • Low-Light Security Cameras

    When recording footage, your security cameras might not always get optimal lighting. That is why it is important to use low light security cameras that can capture footage in the dark. Many of these cameras can adjust automatically based on the lighting. Check out our selection of low light cameras.

  • Outdoor Cameras

    Outdoor cameras make a great addition to your alarm system. These are perfect for capturing activity that occurs outside your home or business. The cameras are weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use. We have many outdoor camera options available. Buy outdoor cameras from Alarm Grid.

  • HD Security Cameras

    HD cameras are the best way to complete your home security system. The days of blurry images are over. These high definition cameras offer incredibly high resolution so you can see every minor detail in the field of view! Buy HD security cameras from Alarm Grid.

  • POE Cameras

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras allow you to use a single ethernet cable to power a camera and receive data transmissions. This is a nice way to achieve a more flexible wiring setup and overcome wiring restrictions. Many security PoE technology to make your life easier. Buy PoE Cameras right here.

  • 1080P Security Cameras

    1080P Cameras make a great addition to any security panel. Being able to get a live, clear look at your home or business from anywhere can provide so many benefits. These devices are perfect for pairing with an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com. Buy 1080P Cameras here.

  • 1080P HDR Security Cameras

  • Wireless Security Cameras

    Adding security cameras is one of the best things you can do for your security setup. Nothing beats being able to obtain hard, video evidence of anything that occurs on your property. Wireless security cameras are also extremely easy for users to set up and program. Buy your cameras from Alarm Grid.

  • Security Camera Accessories

    Security camera accessories can help you get the very most out of your video recording setup. Alarm Grid has all sorts of security camera accessories, ranging from WIFI bridges, PoE injectors, extension cables, plus more. We're here to help you get the most out of your cameras. Buy accessories here.

  • Doorbell Cameras

    One of the best places to place a security camera is at your doorbell. We offer doorbell cameras that can effectively monitor the area around your door. These devices can also alert you whenever someone rings your doorbell so that you can see whoever is at your door. Buy doorbell cameras right here.

  • Wireless Doorbell Cameras

  • ​Security Doorbells

  • 720P Security Cameras

    720P Security Cameras provide clear and detailed video surveillance for your home or business. Many of these cameras are designed for use with interactive service platforms like Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com. You can view these cameras remotely using a mobile app. Buy 720P Security Cameras from us.

  • Thermostats

    Smart thermostats are great for making your life more convenient and helping you save money on your energy bills. It is surprisingly easy to remove an existing thermostat and install a smart thermostat in its place. You will wonder how you ever lived without a smart thermostat. Buy thermostats here.

  • Water Valves

    Water valves let you know if the water in your building has been left running. This is perfect for preventing wasteful water habits and possible water damage or flooding. Water valves are easy to set up, and they can greatly enhance systems. Buy water valve sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • LTE Cellular Communicators

    LTE cellular communicators represent one of the most important additions available for security panels. With an LTE cellular communicator, you can ensure that your security panel is always able to communicate reliably for alarm monitoring service. Purchase LTE cellular communicators from Alarm Grid.

  • Verizon LTE Cellular Communicators

    Verizon LTE Cellular Communicators allow alarm systems to communicate across the Verizon LTE Cellular Network. This can be perfect for ensuring fast and effective alarm communication. These devices are easy to install and activate for alarm monitoring. Buy Verizon LTE Cellular Communicators from us.

  • Internet Alarm Communicators

    ​Many older security panels do not come with immediate access to the internet. Instead, you will need to install an internet alarm communicator to get the system online. This will allow a high-speed ethernet connection to be used with the setup. Purchase an internet alarm communicator for your panel.

  • Alarm Monitoring Communicators

    Adding an alarm monitoring communicator is perhaps the most important upgrade you can make for an alarm system. A proper communicator is needed for having your system send out signals during alarm events and for receiving incoming commands from Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com. Buy communicators here.

  • Dual-Path Alarm Communicators

    ​A dual path alarm communicator is an add-on for a security system that will allow it to connect with the network using both a cellular connection and an IP connection. Most security experts believe that this is the very best way for keeping a security system connected. Check out our selection below.

  • Cellular Alarm Communicators

    Cellular alarm communicators allow security systems to communicate across cellular networks. This is the most reliable communication path available for a security system. Many systems need added cellular communicators do this. These can be purchased here. Buy a cellular communicator for your system.

  • AT&T LTE Cellular Communicators

    AT&T LTE Cellular Communicators allow your security system communicate across the AT&T LTE Network. This will let your system to work with an interactive service platform like Alarm.com or Total Connect 2.0. We sell AT&T LTE Communicators for nearly all of our systems. Buy an AT&T Communicator here.

  • Home Automation Modules

    Home automation modules make for great additions to your growing smart home network. We offer many great smart home devices, such as lights, door locks and smart thermostats. You can then control these devices through an interactive service platform like TC2 or ADC. Buy home automation modules here.

  • Sensors

    Sensors represent a mandatory component of any alarm system. You need sensors to let your system know when there is any activity in the building. Alarm Grid has many sensor options available to help you expand upon your home or business security system. Buy sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • Temperature Sensors

    ​Temperature sensors are used to detect the presence of extreme temperatures inside a building. These devices usually include a low temperature range to alert users before the pipes freeze. They also include an upper range to detect very high temperatures. Check out our available temperature sensors.

  • Environmental Sensors

    ​Environmental sensors are used with security systems for the purpose of detecting certain environmental conditions. These conditions can include flooding, extreme temperatures, fire, or the presence of life-threatening carbon monoxide. Purchase your environmental sensors from the Alarm Grid website.

  • Streaming Video Recorders

    Streaming video recorders represent a vital portion of various security camera setups. These devices can be used to make 24 hour continuous recording possible, and they can playback previously captured video, Making sure you have enough storage space is essential. Buy streaming video recorders here.

  • Video Recorders

  • Cellular Antennas

    When using cellular communications with a security system, it may be necessary to use a cellular antenna to boost the signal strength. This can prevent the system from losing its cellular signal and fully ensure that it always remains connected to the network. Buy a cellular antenna from Alarm Grid.

  • In-Wall Outlets

    Alarm Grid offers smart in-wall outlets that allow you to control your plug-in devices through an interactive service like Alarm.com, Total Connect 2.0 or Apple HomeKit. These devices are fairly easy for DIY users to install, and they offer strong results. Buy in-wall outlets here.

  • Outlets & Receptacles

    A smart wall outlet or a smart power receptacle can make your life more convenient. The handy devices allow you to control your electrical appliances from remote locations using an app on your phone. They can be easily installed in place of an existing outlet. Buy smart outlets and receptacles here.

  • Wireless Alarm Keypads

    Wireless alarm keypads are typically used with security systems as a way of providing a user with a secondary point of access. A user can put their wireless alarm keypad in a separate area of their home or business so that they have another location for arming and disarming. Check out our selection.

  • Touchscreen Keypads

    Touchscreen keypads provide satisfying touchscreen control for security systems. These devices make alarm panels more inviting and easier to use than if you rely on push-button keypads alone. There are touchscreen keypads available for nearly any alarm panel. Buy touchscreen keypads from Alarm Grid.

  • Wireless Touchscreen Keypads

    Wireless touchscreen keypads make for great additions to nearly any wireless security panel. These devices allow you to control your system from multiple on-site locations. Many users prefer touchscreen keypads as opposed to push-button keypads. Purchase wireless touchscreen keypads from Alarm Grid.

  • Wireless Garage Door Alarm Sensors

    ​A wireless garage door sensor is a great way to monitor your garage door. These devices will let you know whenever the garage door has been opened so that you can respond as needed. We offer both wireless tilt sensors and wireless garage door contacts. Purchase a wireless garage door sensor from us.

  • Encrypted Wireless Peripheral Sensors

    Encrypted wireless peripheral sensors are wireless devices that utilize methods of encryption to remain secure and protected from hackers. Many of our newest and most advanced wireless sensors offer this capability for the peace of mind of the end user. Take a look at Alarm Grid’s encrypted sensors.

  • Peripheral Sensors

    ​Peripheral sensors are the devices that a security system uses to ensure that the home or business is kept safe and secure. When a peripheral sensor is activated, the system will know that a potential problem has occurred, and it will alert the user. Check out the peripheral sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • Garage Door Alarm Sensors

    Garage door sensors are special alarm sensors that are designed for use with garage doors. Monitoring your garage is very important, as it is one of the most vulnerable spaces inside a home. With these devices, you can protect your garage and your property. Check out our selection of garage sensors.

  • Door & Window Alarm Sensors

    Door and window sensors are essential for any complete security set up. These sensors will let a user know if an intruder has entered through their door or window. The panel will also display which zone was faulted so they know where the security breach occurred. Buy door and window sensors from us.

  • Wireless Peripheral Sensors

    Wireless peripheral sensors are wireless devices that are programmed to the wireless zones of a security system. When activated, the wireless device will send a signal to the system so that it can let the user know about a potential problem that has occurred. Check out the selection from Alarm Grid.

  • Series

    Many security products are groups into various product lineups that may be referred to as different "series". Alarm Grid offers many different series and product lineups for you to choose from. The key is making sure the equipment will work with your alarm system. Buy various security products here.

  • 2GIG 345MHz Sensors

    ​The 2GIG GC3 and GC2 Security Systems are designed to interface with 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors. 2GIG offers a full device lineup that includes all of the security and life-safety sensors that a user needs for a complete security system. Improve your 2GIG System with 2GIG 345 MHz sensors from our website.

  • Transmitters

    Transmitters are devices that allow you to take hardwired devices and have them communicate with an alarm panel wirelessly. This can be helpful for bringing over existing system equipment and making it compatible with your newer wireless alarm panel. Buy wireless transmitters here.

  • Wired to Wireless Security System Converters

    Make an old, worn out alarm system new again. Connect hardwire sensors to a wired-to-wireless-converter. It sends wireless signals to the system's head unit. Easy to install, extremely reliable. Get yours today!

  • Wired to Wireless Security System Transmitters

    Wired to wireless security system transmitters are needed for bringing wired devices to a wireless security panel. These transmitters come in many forms. Some also double as security sensors, while others are strictly for bringing hardwired devices to a wireless panel. Check out our selection below.

  • Plastic Cabinet Enclosures

  • Enclosures

  • Stove & Grill Guards

    Stove and grill guards alert your panel if you leave a burner turned on. This can help you prevent energy loss. They are also good for parents who want to make sure that their kids aren't playing with the stove or the grill. Purchase stove and grill guards from the Alarm Grid site.

  • Grill Automation Devices

    Grill automation devices help you save money and prevent fires in your home. These devices are installed on grill burners, and they let the panel know if someone accidentally leaves their burner in the ON position. You can also get alerts regarding your grills activity. Buy grill automation devices.

  • Cooking Automation Devices

    Cooking automation devices are useful for saving energy and preventing fires. These devices will let the system know if you accidentally leave your cooking appliance turned on and forget to turn it off. Other cooking automation devices that let you control cook times. Buy cooking automation devices.

  • Heat Detectors

    Heat detectors are ideal fire-monitoring devices for areas where smoke detectors may cause false alarms. With a properly install heat detector, you can receive reliable fire detection just like you would for a smoke detector. Both wired and wireless heat sensors are available. Buy heat detectors here.

  • Smoke Detectors

    Smoke detectors are important life-safety sensors that should be used in every building. Many smoke sensors can be integrated with security systems for automatic dispatch when a fire occurs. The end user can also receive alerts regarding an activated smoke. Buy smoke detectors here.

  • Wireless Heat Detectors

    Wireless heat detectors are important property safety devices that should be used in locations where smoke detectors may cause false alarms. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, attics, garages, and more. The devices can be easily enrolled and programmed as needed. Buy wireless heat detectors from us.

  • Life Safety Products & Accessories

    Life-safety products represent important additions to any alarm system. These products include sensors like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors. These devices can be easily enrolled with nearly any security system. Both wireless and wired sensors are available. Buy life-safety products here.

  • Smoke & Heat Detectors

    Smoke and heat detectors are sensors you will want to add to any system. These devices let a panel know if there is a fire in the building. An activated smoke and heat detector will cause an instant alarm. Your system will take action based on your monitoring plan. Buy smoke and heat detectors here.

  • Freeze Sensors

    Freeze sensors alert an alarm panel to unusually low temperatures that indicate that the building's HVAC system has malfunctioned. These devices are crucial for colder areas, where frozen water pipes could prove to be disastrous. Many freeze sensors are available. Buy freeze sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • Wireless Environmental Sensors

    ​Wireless environmental sensors are wireless devices that are used with alarm panels to detect certain environmental conditions. These environmental conditions can be problems like a serious fire, carbon monoxide, extreme temperatures or flooding. Purchase your wireless environmental sensors from us.

  • Wireless Smoke Detectors

    Wireless smoke detectors are perfect for anyone with a wireless security system looking to build around their panel. A wireless smoke detector will send an alert to the panel during a fire. If you have central station monitoring, you can then receive fire dispatch. Buy wireless smoke detectors here.

  • Wireless Repeaters

    Wireless repeaters are convenient devices that allow you to extend the range of your wireless sensors. By using a wireless repeater, you can effectively double the range of your system. We sell wireless repeaters for nearly every wireless system we offer. Purchase wireless repeaters from Alarm Grid.

  • Motion Detecting Sensors

    Motion detecting sensors are some of the most commonly used devices with security systems. These devices respond to the movement caused by a person or large object. If motion is detected while your system is Armed, then an alarm event will occur in response to the intrusion. Buy motion sensors here.

  • Encrypted Wireless Motion Sensor

    Encrypted wireless motion sensors use encryption to prevent any hacking or takeover attempts by intruders. This can be very important for ensuring that your security system always works the way that it should. Make sure to check compatibility when choosing sensors. Buy encrypted motion sensors here.

  • Wireless Motion Detecting Sensors

    ​Wireless motion detectors are wireless security devices that respond to the presence of motion. Whenever motion is detected, the device will offer a predetermined response depending upon the needs of the end user. Wireless motion detectors are also great for home automation. Buy one for your system.

  • Dimmers

    Dimmers are extremely useful smart home devices that you can easily use with your compatible alarm system. There are smart dimmers that plug into a wall outlet and other smart dimmers that can be hardwired in place of an existing in-wall dimmer. Get one that suits your needs. Buy smart dimmers here.

  • In-Wall Light Switches

    Smart in-wall light switches are perfect for adding to your growing smart home network. These smart switches replace your existing your existing in-wall switches. You can control these devices remotely using a smart platform like Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com. But smart in-wall light switches here.

  • Light Switches

    Smart light switches can make a great addition to nearly any smart home network. These devices are installed in place of regular light switches, and they integrate with the hardwired lights already installed in the room. Now you can turn your lights into smart devices. Buy smart light switches here.

  • Lights

    Lights represent a very popular addition to any smart home setup. Being able to control the lights in your home remotely is a very cool and convenient for anyone. There are many options available, such as Z-Wave lights, HomeKit lights and other smart protocols. Purchase smart lights from Alarm Grid.

  • Universal Alarm Communicators

    Universal alarm communicators are communicators for alarm systems that are compatible with a wide variety of different panels. These communicators work with alarm systems from many different manufacturers, which makes them quite versatile. Buy a universal security system communicator for monitoring.

  • Wireless Door Sensors and Window Alarm Sensors

    Alarm Grid offers hundreds of wireless door and window sensors that pair with the most popular security systems. If you are looking for a reliable wireless contact for your home, view our selection online today!

  • Passive Infrared Motion Detecting Sensors

    A passive infrared motion sensor is a security device that detects motion by looking out for the presence of infrared energy. This type of motion detector is very popular, and these devices make for an excellent addition to any security setup. Purchase a passive infrared motion sensor from our site.

  • Honeywell LYNX Touch

    The Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels are some of the most popular alarm systems offered from Honeywell. These are wireless all-in-one systems that each feature their own touchscreen controller. They are capable of performing almost any application needed from a modern system. Buy a LYNX Touch Panel here.

  • Wireless Encrypted Security Systems

    A wireless encrypted security system refers to any wireless alarm panel that supports a wireless sensor lineup that utilizes methods of encryption. They are great for users who want to take extra precautions against wireless hacking and takeover attempts. Buy encrypted panels here.

  • PowerG Control Panels

    PowerG Control Panels are alarm panels that can support PowerG Wireless Sensors and other PowerG devices. The PowerG products are known for their impressive wireless signal range and their exceptionally secure communication. Many PowerG Systems are available. Buy PowerG Alarm Panels from Alarm Grid.

  • Wireless Panic Buttons

    ​A wireless panic button is a device that can be pressed by a user to request immediate police, fire or medical dispatch. As long as the button is within range of the panel, it will tell the system to send a signal to the monitoring station for quick help. Buy a wireless panic button from Alarm Grid.

  • Wireless Panic Buttons for Offices

    Wireless panic buttons can make a great addition to any office. You can mount the panic buttons under a desk or on the wall to conveniently and discreetly contact the authorities in an emergency situation. These devices communicate with a security system. Buy wireless panic buttons for offices here.

  • Panic Buttons

    A panic button is a security device that is used to request immediate police, fire or medical dispatch. These devices work by sending a signal to a security system, which will alert a central monitoring station and let them know that help is needed. Check out Alarm Grid’s selection of panic buttons.

  • Alert Buttons

    ​Alert buttons are used by people who want a quick way to contact help if needed. These devices are often in banks or in stores in case a burglary takes place. They can also be used by elderly or sickly people who are likely to require immediate medical attention. Buy an alert button from Alarm Grid.

  • Medical Alert Bracelets

    Medical alert bracelets are wearable medical alert devices that are regularly used by many elderly and disabled individuals. These handy devices allow elderly and mobility-challenged individuals live more independently, while also providing peace of mind. Buy medical alert bracelets from Alarm Grid.

  • Medical Alert Sensors

    Medical alert sensors can interface with your security system so that you or a loved one can call for help if needed. These devices are easy to set up. They can save lives when used properly. Make sure the medical alert sensor you choose is compatible with your panel. Buy medical alert sensors here.

  • Security Fobs

    Security fobs are key fob devices that you can conveniently use to control your system from a distance. As long as you are within wireless signal range, a key fob is a convenient and easy device for quickly arming or disarming whenever needed. Many can also be used as panics. Buy security fobs here.

  • Gun Trigger Locks

    Gun trigger locks are locking devices that are placed on firearms to prevent them from being used. This can stop an individual from shooting a firearm without providing the valid unlocking code. They are great safety devices that every firearm owner should use. Buy gun trigger locks from Alarm grid.

  • Gun Security

    Gun security is very important for gun owners who want to ensure that their weapons are safe and protected at all times. Gun security devices can alert a panel if a weapon is moved, and they can prevent unauthorized users from firing the weapon without a valid code. Purchase gun safety devices here.

  • Guns

    If you keep guns in your house, then you will want to take every precaution possible to ensure that they are protected. A great way to do this is with gun guards and locks. There are even gun guards that can be paired with your alarm system to let you know about any activity. Buy gun guards from us.

  • Gun Locks

    Keeping your guns and firearms protected is very important. With a gun lock, you can ensure that only authorized users are able to use the weapons in your home. These devices can also alert your security system if your gun is moved or tampered with in any fashion. Purchase gun locks from Alarm Grid.

  • Gun Safety Devices

    Gun safety devices can be important for protecting yourself and people around you. These devices include gun trigger locks and that can prevent the unauthorized use of a firearm and tracking devices that can locate the positioning of a weapon. Purchase gun safety devices from the alarm Grid website.

  • Batteries

    An alarm panel is only useful if it is receiving power. This power is often supplied from a battery. These portable power devices will keep your equipment reliably running so that your home or business is always protected. We offer batteries in all sizes for all sorts of devices. Buy batteries here.

  • Featured Systems

    Featured systems are those highlighted by Alarm Grid for their excellence or special offers. We might feature a panel that is particularly new or otherwise noteworthy. Featured systems also include those that we are running special promotions or specials on. Check out these special featured systems.

  • Glass Break Sensors

    Glass break sensors are security devices that respond to breaking glass. There are two types of glass break sensors. These are glass break detectors that listen for the sound of breaking glass and shock sensors that sense the vibration of glass being struck. Buy a glass break sensor from Alarm Grid.

  • Glass Break Detectors

    Glass break detectors are security devices that respond to the sound of breaking glass. They are excellent for alerting users to a break-in through a window or to property damage that involves broken glass. Take a look at the great selection of glass break detectors available on the Alarm Grid site.

  • Wireless Glass Break Detectors

    Wireless glass break detectors alert alarm systems to broken windows or other broken glass. The sensors specifically listen for both the high-pitched shattering of glass and the low-pitched thud of an object striking against the glass. Purchase wireless glass break detecting sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • Encrypted Glass Break Detectors

    Encrypted glass break detectors are wireless glass break sensors that use encrypted communication. This makes these sensors virtually impervious to any RF jamming techniques that might be attempted by more savvy intruders. Purchase encrypted glass break detection sensors from the Alarm Grid website.

  • Flood Sensors

    A flood sensor is a type of environmental sensor that is designed to detect leaks and the presence of water before serious damage occurs. These sensors are best used in the basement or in other parts of the home that are prone to flooding. Purchase your next flood sensor from the Alarm Grid website.

  • Audio Detectors

    Audio detectors are listening devices that listen for the Temporal 3 sound of an activated smoke detector or the Temporal 4 sound of an activated carbon monoxide sensor. With them, you can indirectly integrate high-voltage life-safety sensors with an alarm panel. Buy audio detectors from Alarm Grid.

  • Smoke/Heat/CO Listeners

    Audio detection listening sensors are paired with life-safety devices to indirectly integrate them with security systems. This is a superb way to pair a smoke detector or a CO detector that is otherwise incompatible with your alarm system. Purchase smoke/heat/CO listeners for your alarm system here.

  • Emergency Fall Sensors

    Emergency fall sensors can automatically detect if your elderly or disabled loved one suffers a sudden slip or fall. Many caretakers prefer these sensors over traditional button-press devices, as the individual might be unable to press and hold a button after a fall. Buy emergency fall sensors here.

  • Dual Path Security Systems

    Dual path security systems are alarm panels that use both internet (IP) and cellular communication. Having both of these communication paths work together is ideal. If one comm path goes down, the other will still be there to back it up. A monitoring plan is required. Purchase dual path systems here.

  • AT&T Security Systems

  • 2-Conductor Alarm Wire

    Alarm Grid sells 2-conductor and 4-conductor cabling for setting up security systems. The most common way to use 2-conductor wiring is to connect hardwired sensors back to the panel. You can also double-up 2-conductor wiring in place of 4-conductor wiring. Buy 2-conductor alarm wire from Alarm Grid.

  • 1000-Feet 22/2 Alarm Wire

    Professional installers and DIY users who want a large amount of 22-2 alarm wire should consider our 1,000 foot rolls. Buy your 22-gauge, 2-conductor wire from Alarm Grid.

  • 22-Gauge Alarm Wire

  • Alarm Wire

    Various wires fitted for alarm systems. Alarm Grid provides the highest quality wiring for big and small jobs. Available in either 22 gauge or 18 gauge, 4-wire or 2-wire and in various lengths. Available today, ships same day.

  • Electrical

  • Wire

  • 22/2 Alarm Wire

    Alarm Grid sells stranded 22-gauge, 2-conductor wire in 500-foot and 1,000-foot rolls. Purchase the alarm wire you need to set up your security system from Alarm Grid.

  • One-Go/All-Go Wireless Smoke Detectors

  • Honeywell SiX Sensors

    ​Honeywell's SiX Series peripheral sensors are the most secure, encrypted security devices available today.

  • Honeywell SiX Heat Detectors

    Honeywell SiX Heat Detectors are property safety devices that alert a system upon detecting unusually high temperatures that indicate the presence of a fire. These devices are part of the SiX Series Sensor lineup that communicate with the Lyric System. Buy SiX Heat Sensors from us.

  • Battery Operated Heat Alarm Sensors

    Installing heat sensors is very important for detecting fires as quickly as possible. Many rooms cannot use conventional smoke detectors due to the regular presence of smoke. However, heat sensors make for excellent alternatives. Buy your battery operated heat alarm sensors from the Alarm Grid site.

  • Honeywell SiX Smoke Detectors

    ​The Honeywell SiXSMOKE is an excellent life-safety device that is designed exclusively for use with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. A SiXSMOKE device features an impressive 300 foot range, and it can be interconnected with other SiXSMOKE sensors. Enhance your Lyric Controller using SiXSMOKE Sensors.

  • Honeywell Lyric

    The Honeywell Lyric is one of the best wireless security systems on the market today. This system offers compatibility with Apple HomeKit, pairing it with Total Connect 2.0 will make the system compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. It also includes built-in z-Wave. Buy the Lyric here.

  • Honeywell 5800 Sensors

    The Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors are some of the most popular wireless security devices used today. These sensors have stood the test of time and continue to work with excellent reliability. They are simple and fast to program, yet highly effective. Purchase your Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors here.

  • Combination Smoke/Heat Detectors

    Combination smoke and heat detectors are crucial life-safety devices that integrate with your alarm system. If a fire occurs, the detector will activate and alert the panel. Your system will then respond based on the monitoring plan you have set up. Purchase combination smoke/heat detectors from us.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Carbon monoxide detectors represent some of the most important sensors you can add to your alarm system. An outbreak of carbon monoxide gas can be deadly, and there are hundreds of casualties every single year. Keep yourself and your family safe with the best carbon monoxide sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • Wireless Combination CO/Smoke Detectors

    Wireless combination CO and Smoke Detectors are great for users who want multiple life-safety functions in one convenient product. You do not need to add separate smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors when you can have them all in one sensor. Buy wireless combination CO and smoke sensors here.

  • Honeywell 5800 Smoke Detectors

    Honeywell 5800 Smoke Detectors are wireless fire-safety devices that operate at a frequency of 345 MHz. They are designed for use with the Honeywell LYNX Touch and Honeywell VISTA Systems. They can also be used with the Resideo Lyric Alarm System and 2GIG Systems. Buy Honeywell 5800 Smoke detectors.

  • Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Wireless carbon monoxide detectors are important life-safety sensors that make for good additions to any compatible security panel. Being able to effectively monitor your home or business for potentially lethal CO gas can prove to life-saving during an outbreak. Buy wireless carbon monoxide sensors.

  • Honeywell 5800 Heat Detectors

    Honeywell 5800 Heat Detectors are perfect for locations where it doesn't make sense to install a standard smoke detector. They will provide your home and your alarm system with reliable fire detection without having to worry about false alarms. Purchase Honeywell 5800 Heat Detectors from Alarm Grid.

  • Combination CO/Smoke Detectors

    Combination carbon monoxide and smoke detectors provide two life-safety detection methods in one. Fires and CO outbreaks are both serious concerns, and keeping your home monitored is very important. Our combo sensors offer a two-in-one solution. Buy combo CO and smoke sensors here.

  • Heat Alarm Sensors for Garages

    Garages are some of the most common locations for fires. In order to detect a fire in a garage, it is necessary to install one or more heat alarm sensors that will activate when a fire is present. Alarm Grid offers heat alarm sensors that are superb for use in garages. Check out our selection below.

  • PROSiX Series Sensors

  • ProSiX Heat Detectors

  • ProSiX Smoke Detectors

  • Home Automation Relays

    Home automation relays are trigger devices that will activate another appliance. This could be a light fixture or a garage door. You can use smart home automation relay modules in many different situations to make your home more interconnected. Purchase home automation relay modules from Alarm Grid.

  • Garage Door Controllers

    Z-Wave garage door controllers are great for integrating your garage door motor into your smart home network. A smart garage door controller will connect with your existing garage door motor. Your Z-Wave hub will then communicate with the device to control the door. Buy garage door controllers here.

  • Wireless Outdoor Door Alarm Sensors

    A wireless outdoor door alarm sensor is a security door contact that is designed for use in an outdoor environment. This type of device will communicate with a security system wirelessly using RF communications. They are great for fences, patio doors and sheds. Buy an outdoor sensor from Alarm Grid.

  • Door Alarm Sensors

    Door alarm sensors are an important addition to any security system. These sensors are perfect for any entry/exit door or interior door. There are even some outdoor sensors available that are perfect for sheds and fences. We have hardwired and wireless door sensors. Buy door sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • Outdoor Door Alarm Sensors

    An outdoor door alarm sensor is essentially a door contact that can be used in an outdoor environment. These sensors are regularly used for fences, sheds and patio screen doors that may be exposed to excessive moisture, dust and debris. Purchase an outdoor door alarm sensor from the Alarm Grid site.

  • Wireless Door Alarm Sensors

    Wireless door alarm sensors are some of the most useful products in the alarm monitoring industry. These sensors let your system know when a door is opened. They are simple to install and program, and they are a must-have for any security system. Buy wireless door alarm sensors for your system here.

  • Wireless Outdoor Fence Gate Alarm Sensors

    Many people install wireless outdoor contacts on their fences and gates to learn when these structures are opened. These devices will communicate with the user’s alarm system so that they will instantly know if their fence or gate is opened. Check out our selection of wireless outdoor sensors below.

  • Encrypted Door Alarm Sensors

    Encrypted door alarm sensors provide the ultimate security for your home or business. These wireless devices are protected so that they cannot be easily hacked or taken over. They are excellent for anyone wanting to obtain the ultimate peace of mind. Buy encrypted door alarm sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • Recessed Door/Window Alarm Sensors

    Recessed door and window alarm sensors provide an aesthetically pleasing installation for users who don't want to use surface-mounted sensors. The sensors require holes to be drilled in the door or window and its frame. But the end result looks quite clean. Buy recessed door and window sensors here.

  • Wireless Recessed Door/Window Alarm Sensors

    Wireless recessed door and window alarm sensors offer a discreet way to monitor your home or business. These devices are hidden in the door or window frame so that they are kept out of plain view. They alert the alarm system when activated. Buy wireless recessed sensors right here.

  • Desk Mounts for Alarm Systems

    Most wireless alarm control panels have a desk mount option that many DIY users may prefer. With a desk mount, you won't have to mount the device to the wall. This will save you the trouble and inconvenience of having to drill holes into the wall. Check out our alarm system desk mounts on this page.

  • Desk Mounts

    A desk mount will keep your alarm panel upright and easily accessible so that you do not need to mount it to a wall. This is good if you do not want to drill holes in the wall or if you are completing a DIY installation. Nearly every wireless panel has a desk mount option available. Buy desk mounts.

  • Pet Friendly Motion Detecting Sensors

    ​A great way to immediately improve your home security system is to install motion detectors. However, many users are afraid that their pets may set off these sensors, causing false alarms. Luckily, pet-friendly motion sensors can prevent this event. Buy pet-friendly motion detectors from Alarm Grid.

  • Alarm System Transformers

    The alarm system transformer is the unsung hero of the security system. While users often focus on their control panel and their security sensors, the alarm panel transformer is working diligently to keep the entire setup running. They are essential for any alarm setup. Buy system transformers here.

  • Alarm Sensor Magnets

    Alarm sensor magnets represent a necessary component of any surface-mounted or recess-mounted door and window contact sensor. The magnet should be in very close proximity to the sensor when the door or window is closed. Replacement magnets for door and window sensors are available. Buy magnets here.

  • Wired Door & Window Alarm Contacts

    Door and window contacts are important for any security system. Wired contacts are easy to use with any hardwired security panel. They can also interface with wireless security systems if a wired to wireless converter is used. Purchase your wired door and window contacts from the Alarm Grid website.

  • Wired Recessed Door/Window Sensors

    Wired recessed door and window sensors are relatively simple devices that monitor when a door or window is opened. These contacts are hidden into the door or window frame so that they remain out of everyday view. They need to be wired to the panel. Buy wired recessed contacts here.

  • Wired Peripheral Sensors

    Wired peripheral sensors are hardwired devices that are used to monitor the programmed zones on a security system. When one of the these wired devices is activated, a signal will be sent to the alarm system to alert the user of the problem. Purchase your next wired peripheral sensor from Alarm Grid.

  • Wired Door Alarm Sensors

    Wired door alarm sensors make a great addition to any hardwired alarm system. These devices will let your security panel know whenever a door or window is opened. Your system will then respond based on the programming settings for the corresponding zone. Buy wired door alarm sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • 4-Conductor Alarm Wire

    You typically use 4-conductor alarm wire when connecting devices that use 4-wire connections, such as alarm panel keypads. Powered sensors like motion also often use 4-wire connections. You can use 4-conductor wiring with 2-conductor connections, but leaving 2 cables disconnected. Buy alarm wiring.

  • 1000-Feet 18/4 Alarm Wire

    Our 1,000 foot rolls of 18/4 alarm wire are perfect for installers and DIY users who frequently use this type of cabling. Buy your alarm system wiring and cabling from Alarm Grid.

  • 18-Gauge Alarm Wire

  • 500-Feet 22/2 Alarm Wire

    Our 22-gauge, 2-conductor wire is perfect for connecting system transformers and non-powered security sensors. Buy a 500-foot roll of 22/2 alarm wire from Alarm Grid.

  • 22/4 Alarm Wire

    Keeping 22-4 wire on hand is always a good idea if you regular work with or configure wired systems or hardwired sensors. Purchase all your 22-gauge, 4-conductor wire here.

  • 500-Feet 22/4 Alarm Wire

    Alarm Grid offers 22-gauge, 4-conductor wire in 500-foot rolls. These packages are great for 4-wire connections. Buy 500-foot 22-gauge, 4-conductor wiring from Alarm Grid.

  • 18/2 Alarm Wire

    18-gauge, 2-conductor wire is some of the most common cabling used with alarm systems. It offers great flexibility in run length and ease of connectivity. Buy your 18-2 wire here.

  • 500-Feet 18/2 Alarm Wire

    For wiring your system, 18-gauge, 2-conductor cabling is some of the most useful wire you can keep around. Our 500 foot 18-2 wiring is very versatile. Buy alarm system wire here.

  • 500-Feet 18/4 Alarm Wire

    Our 500-foot rolls of 18-gauge, 4-conductor wiring can help you easily complete your alarm system cabling. Purchase your panel and sensor wiring from Alarm Grid.

  • 18/4 Alarm Wire

    There are many alarm system applications that require 18-gauge, 4-conductor wiring. An example would be 4-wire life-safety sensors. Buy 18-gauge, 4-conductor cabling here.

  • 1000-Feet 18/2 Alarm Wire

    If you need 18-gauge, 2-conductor stranded cable, then Alarm Grid is your go-to source. We offer top-quality wiring for your alarm system. Buy your cabling from Alarm Grid.

  • 1000-Feet 22/4 Alarm Wire

    Our 1,000-foot rolls of 22-4 alarm wire will provide a nice boost to your reserve wire stash. Buy 22-gauge, 4-conductor alarm wire for your security system from Alarm Grid.

  • Base Kits

    Base kits are packaged alarm system kits that include almost everything you need to get started with a security system. The kits usually include a panel, door and window contact sensors, a motion sensor, and an easy-to-install power cable. You will still need a communicator. Purchase base kits here.

  • Wired Environmental Sensors

    Wired environmental sensors are hardwired devices that are used by alarm systems to inform users of various environmental problems and hazards. Some possible environmental conditions include fires, carbon monoxide, extreme temperatures or leaks and flooding. Buy a wired environmental sensor from us.

  • Wired Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Carbon monoxide detectors are very important for alerting homeowners to the presence of potentially lethal carbon monoxide gas. CO outbreaks occur everyday, and these sensors can certainly save lives in the event of an emergency. Buy wired carbon monoxide detectors from Alarm Grid.

  • In-Wall Dimmers

    Smart in-wall dimmer switches will let you dim the lights remotely from anywhere in the world. You can also turn the lights ON or OFF as needed. We offer many Z-Wave in-wall dimmers, as well as dimmers that can be connected with networks like Lutron and Apple HomeKit. Buy smart in-wall dimmers here.

  • Plug-in Modules

    Plug-in modules let you convert standard wall outlets into smart outlets without needing to replace the complete outlet. These devices plug into the outlet, and the device you want to control plug into the side of the module. Purchase smart plug-in modules from the Alarm Grid site.

  • PowerG Door Alarm Sensor

    PowerG Door Alarm Sensors are wireless contacts known for their extended signal range. These devices operate at 915 MHz, and they are compatible with systems like the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus and the DSC PowerSeries NEO Systems. These contacts use 128-bit AES encryption. Buy PowerG Door Alarm Sensors.

  • PowerG Products

    PowerG Products are wireless systems and sensors that use 128-bit AES encrypted communication. These highly secure devices are known for their extended wireless range. A PowerG Sensor can be used from up to 2 kilometers away depending on the panel. Purchase PowerG sensors and panels from Alarm Grid.

  • PowerG Door & Window Security Sensors

    PowerG Door and Window Security Sensors are a must-have for any PowerG-compatible alarm panel. These devices will let your system know whenever a door or window is opened. This is excellent for detecting any break-ins or otherwise suspicious activity. Purchase PowerG Door and Window Sensors from us.

  • Plug-In Dimmers

    Plug-in dimmers are convenient plug-in devices that let you control the brightness of connected lights. Most plug-in dimmers connect into a wall outlet, and then a lamp plugs into a controlled outlet on the dimmer module. You can then control the lights remotely. Purchase plug-in dimmers right here.

  • PowerG Panic Buttons

    PowerG Panic Buttons make for perfect additions to your PowerG Security Panel. You can activate your panic button in an emergency situation so that you know help will arrive shortly. They are great for use in fires and during expected break-ins or robberies. Buy PanicG Panic Buttons from Alarm Grid.

  • PowerG Key Fobs

    PowerG Key Fobs provide an easy and convenient way to arm and disarm your wireless security system. These sensors can be quickly enrolled, and they offer 128-bit AES encryption for added security. These devices offer impressive range for security key fobs. Buy PowerG Key Fobs here.

  • WIFI Thermostats

    ​A WIFI thermostat is a special type of programmable thermostat that interacts with a security panel using a WIFI connection. A WIFI thermostat can be programmed to perform a specific heating and cooling schedule that is convenient for the user, while also helping them to save money on energy bills.

  • Wireless, Encrypted CO/Smoke Detectors

  • IQ Panel 2 Security Systems

    IQ Panel 2 Security Systems are some of the best alarm systems available. These are reliable wireless panels that offer some great features. These alarm panels support for 128 wireless zones, built-in Z-Wave Plus functionality, dual-path communication, and more. Buy IQ Panel 2 Security systems here.

  • Wired Motion Detecting Sensors

    Wired motion detectors are hardwired security devices that work to detect the presence of motion. Upon sensing motion, the device will conduct a predetermined response depending upon how it was set up. They can even be used for home automation. Buy an excellent wired motion detector from Alarm Grid.

  • Long Range PIR Motion Detecting Sensors

    Long range PIR motion sensors are best used for detecting motion across extended areas. They are often utilized in commercial applications where larger areas of detection are needed. These sensors work by looking out for changes in infrared energy. Buy a long range PIR motion sensor from Alarm Grid.

  • Fans

    Fans are something that you will find in virtually any home. We offer smart switches that can be used to integrate your hardwired ceiling fans in with your smart home network. This can really make your life more convenient. Now it's easier than ever to control your fans. Buy fan accessories from us.

  • In-Wall Fan Controls

    Smart in-wall fan controls are used to operate your ceiling fan remotely. These devices replace the existing in-wall switches used to control your ceiling fans. Most of the smart in-wall fan controls we offer use Z-Wave technology for remote operation. Buy smart in-wall fan controls from Alarm Grid.

  • In-Wall Fan Switches

    In-wall fan switches are used for operating ceiling fans. If you install smart in-wall fan switches, you will be able to control your ceiling fan remotely using an interactive platform. You can also easily include your ceiling fan into smart scenes for automatic operation. Buy in-wall switches here.

  • Electrical Receptacles

    Smart electrical receptacles allow you to control the connected devices remotely using an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com. We provide electrical receptacles that use Z-Wave Plus connectivity. Buy smart electrical receptacles for your home or business from Alarm Grid.

  • Residential Access Control

    ​Residential access control is the process of restricting access to a person's home. With residential access control devices, you can help keep your family safe by stopping unwanted intruders from entering your house. These devices are also easy to use, making them great for any home security system.

  • Locks

    Smart locks make a nice addition to nearly any smart home network. These devices can be operated remotely so that you can let guests in while you're away. You can also lock your door from your phone if you forgot to do it before you left. Check out the great selection of smart locks from Alarm Grid.

  • Smart Locks

    Smart locks can make a fantastic addition to nearly any home. These devices replace existing door locks so that you can lock and unlock your door from a remote location. This is done using a mobile app on your smartphone. A central hub is required for the smart lock. Buy smart locks from Alarm Grid.

  • Honeywell VISTA Series

    ​The Honeywell VISTA Series is a lineup of hardwired alarm control systems. These systems serve as central hubs for security setups. Their main draw is that they can be customized with various add-ons as needed, and they can be set up to control multiple partitions. Buy a Honeywell VISTA System here.

  • Wired Zone Expansion Modules

    Wired zone expansion modules let you increase the number of hardwired zones for your wired security system. This is important if you plan on using a large number of zones with your system. Many panels will require multiple expansion modules to achieve the desired results. Buy expansion modules here.

  • Wired Security System Zone Expanders

    Wired security system zone expanders are used to increase the number of wired zones on a hardwired system. Every hardwired system only has a finite number of physical zone terminals. If you want to expand beyond what the main board allows, then you need zone expanders. Buy wired zone expanders here.

  • Wired Zone Expanders

    Wired zone expanders allow you to increase the number of wired zones used with your hardwired system. This can be very important if you are setting up a major security system for a larger home or business. Now you can add more hardwired zones to your system. Buy wired zone expanders from Alarm Grid.

  • Wired Alarm Strobes

    Strobe lights are an excellent addition to any alarm system. These devices are used for providing a visual indication of an alarm event on a security system. They are often accompanied by sirens which provide an audible indication of an alarm event. Buy wired alarm strobes from Alarm Grid right now.

  • Alarm Sirens & Strobes

    ​An alarm siren and strobe light is an easy way to quickly scare off any vandals who decide to break into your home. You can set up your sirens and strobes to go off whenever a sensor on your alarm system is activated. These devices can be hardwired or wireless. Buy an alarm siren and strobe from us.

  • Outdoor Sirens and Strobe Lights

    Outdoor sirens and strobe lights are very important additions for making sure that everyone on site knows about an activated system alarm. Sirens used outdoors are usually very loud, as they need to alert across a large area. Strobes offer visual indication Buy outdoor sirens and strobe lights here.

  • Strobes

    Strobe lights provide visual indication of an alarm. These devices are setup much like sirens, and they can be particularly helpful for identifying an alarm from a distance. Many sirens include built-in strobe lights. Strobes come in various colors and sizes. Purchase system strobes from Alarm Grid.

  • PROSIX Wired to Wireless converters

  • Honeywell 5800 Door Sensors and Window Sensors

    Honeywell 5800 Door Sensors and Window Sensors are wireless 345 MHz sensors that are easy to install and enroll with compatible systems. These are extremely versatile sensors, and a great option exists for virtually any type of door or window. Buy Honeywell 5800 Door Sensors and Window Sensors here.

  • Wired Garage Door Alarm Sensors

    ​Wired garage door sensors are used for monitoring garage doors. By using a one of these devices, a user can know immediately whenever their garage door has been opened. As hardwired devices, these sensors must be connected directly to the alarm system. Buy a wired garage door sensor from Alarm Grid.

  • Honeywell 5800 Motion Detectors

    Honeywell 5800 Motion Detectors are 345 MHz wireless motion detection sensors that respond to movement within a coverage area. These sensors are great for use with Honeywell and 2GIG Wireless Security Systems. They are very easy for end users to enroll and program. Buy Honeywell 5800 Motion Sensors.

  • Wireless Outdoor Motion Detecting Sensors

    An outdoor wireless motion sensor is a type of motion detector that is specifically designed for outdoor applications. These devices can be used for detecting intruders or for Z-Wave home automation purposes. Take a full look at the outdoor wireless motion sensors that are available from Alarm Grid.

  • PowerG Outdoor Motion Sensors

    PowerG Outdoor Motion Sensors make for great additions to compatible PowerG Alarm Panels. These motion sensors are specifically designed for outdoor use, and they are built to withstand harsh outdoor environments. Most PowerG Outdoor Motion Sensors will use PIR sensing. Buy PowerG Outdoor Motions.

  • Outdoor Motion Detecting Sensors

    ​Outdoor motions are security devices that are specifically designed for outdoor use. They will detect the presence of motion outside a home or business in order to alert the user to any intruders that may be present. They can also be used as part of a home automation set up. Check out our selection.

  • PowerG Image Sensors

    PowerG Image Sensors are great for confirming break-ins when alarms occur. When an image sensor is activated, a picture is set to Alarm.com so that you can view it remotely using your smartphone. These devices use PIR technology to detect motion. Buy PowerG Image Sensors from here.

  • PowerG PIR Motion Sensors

    PowerG PIR Motion Sensors detect movement and activity in a home or business. These handy devices work by detecting the change in infrared energy that occurs when a new person, animal or large objects comes within the motion sensor's field of view. Buy PowerG PIR Motion Sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • Image Sensors

    Image Sensors are ideal for anyone who wants to quickly and conveniently confirm system activity before requesting emergency dispatch. These are simple devices, but they can offer superb benefits in verifying system activity and preventing unnecessary police or fire dispatch. Buy image sensors here.

  • Shock Sensors

    Shock sensors respond to the vibrations of someone physically breaking down a door or smashing a window. These intrusion devices are frequently used with security panels. Both hardwired and wireless shock sensors are available. Many double as wireless transmitters. Buy shock sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • Wireless-to-wireless Translators

  • Wireless-to-wireless Universal Translators

  • Dual Tech Motion Detecting Sensors

    ​A dual technology motion detector is a security device that uses multiple methods for detecting the presence of motion. In most cases, this includes a combination of passive infrared technology and a microwave radar. Purchase a dual technology motion detector for your security setup from Alarm Grid.

  • Dual Tech Long-Range Motion Sensors

  • Cellular Amplifiers

    Cellular amplifiers boost the cellular signal for any device communicates across the corresponding network. This includes alarm systems that use cellular communicators to send signals to interactive service platforms like Total Connect 2.0 and Alarm.com. Purchase cellular amplifiers from Alarm Grid.

  • Verizon Cellular Amplifiers

    Verizon Cellular Amplifiers boost the signal strength of devices connected with a Verizon Cellular Network. This can be crucial for ensuring that your alarm panel communicates reliably. These devices work consistently throughout an entire home. Buy Verizon Cellular Amplifiers here.

  • LTE Cellular Amplifiers

    LTE cellular amplifiers will boost the signal strength for devices that connect with the same LTE network. This can be very important for ensuring that your alarm system communicates reliably with the network. A cellular amplifier will also work with your smartphone. Buy cellular amplifiers from us.

  • AT&T Cellular Amplifiers

    AT&T Cellular Amplifiers are perfect for users who want to boost the communication signals of their AT&T Cellular Communicators. Many alarm panels use AT&T Cellular Communicators to connect with servers like AlarmNet360 and Alarm.com. Buy an AT&T Cellular Amplifier from Alarm Grid.

  • 720P HDR Security Cameras

  • PowerG Motion Sensors

    PowerG Motion Sensors offer many awesome features that make them a popular choice for many users. These sensors have an extended wireless communication range. They also use 128-bit AES encryption for added security. There are many varieties of PowerG Motion Sensors available. Buy these sensors here.

  • PowerG Pet Friendly Motion Sensors

    PowerG Pet Friendly Motion Sensors provide reliable motion detection, while ignoring small animals that move close to the ground. PowerG Motion Detectors have an impressive wireless signal range, and they use encrypted communication for added protection. Buy PowerG Pet Friendly Motions Sensors here.

  • Wired Alarm Keypads

    ​A wired alarm keypad is a device that is hardwired to a security panel as a way of controlling the setup. Most wired alarm keypads are used with hardwired security panels that do not include a built-in keypad or touchscreen for making inputs or programming changes. Check out our wired alarm keypads.

  • IQ Panel 2 Kits

    The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus Kits include everything that a new user needs to get started with home security. Every kit comes with a new Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus System, door and window contacts, a motion sensor and a built-in LTE communicator. Get started with home security with an IQ Panel 2 Plus Kit.

  • Factory Packaged Security System Kits

    ​A security system is the best way to protect your home or business. Our kits provide everything a new user needs to obtain a complete security setup. These kits include sensors that are easy to install and program, making them great for DIY users. Experience peace of mind with a new security system.

  • ProSiX Key Fobs

  • Alarm Wire with a DC Barrel Connector

    Prepared alarm cabling with a DC barrel connector will make it easy for you to unplug your alarm panel if you ever need to power down or reboot your system. It also makes applying a connection to the system very simple. Just attach the barrel connection, no tools required. Buy system wiring from us.

  • Pre-Cut Alarm Wire

    Pre-cut alarm wire will save you the trouble of stripping any wire, and it will make setting up your system much easier. You won't need to cut or strip anywhere. You will have your panel up and running more quickly than if you had to prepare wire yourself. Buy security system wiring from Alarm Grid.

  • 2-Wire Heat Detectors

    A 2-wire heat detector connects to an alarm control panel through a 2-wire connection. These heat detectors can be easily connected by DIY users. These sensors can be used at any available wired zone. These sensors are one-and-done and must be replaced once activated. Buy 2-wire heat detectors here.

  • Wired Smoke Detectors

    Hardwired smoke detectors will inform your system about a life-threatening fire. These devices are most commonly used with hardwired alarm systems. We specialize in 2-wire and 4-wire smoke detectors for hardwired security systems. Purchase hardwired smoke detectors from Alarm Grid.

  • Wired Heat Detectors

    Wired heat detectors are great for users with hardwired security panels. These devices are designed for use in areas where a regular smoke detector may cause false alarms. Popular spots for heat detectors include bathrooms, kitchens, attics and garages. Purchase wired heat detectors from Alarm Grid.

  • 2-Wire Smoke Detectors

    2-wire smoke detectors represent the recommended option for adding hardwired smoke sensors to a security system. These devices must be programmed with a designated hardwired zone that will automatically reset the device when the fire alarm is cleared. Purchase 2-wire smoke detectors from Alarm Grid.

  • Honeywell SiX Key Fobs

    ​The Honeywell SiX Key Fob offers a quick and convenient way to control the Honeywell Lyric Controller. The device can be programmed to perform up to eight different system commands. It also utilizes bi-directional encryption to prevent any hacks or takeovers. Buy a key fob for your Lyric Controller.

  • DIY Wired Security Systems

    Setting up your own security system is easy with our DIY wired system kits. These kits include everything that is needed to get started with a hardwired alarm system. A hardwired system is great for keeping your home or business safe and protected. Get everything needed for your security setup here.

  • Desk Mounts for Alarm Keypads

    Desk mounts for alarm keypads can make it much easier for you to finish your alarm system setup. This way, you can have your alarm keypad conveniently mounted on a desk or table, rather than having it mounted to the fall. This is great for DIYers who do not want to drill holes. Buy desk mounts here.

  • Wired Ceiling-Mount Motion Detector

    Ceiling mount motion detectors are installed on the ceiling, and they look downward to detect any motion that occurs below. They can also be called 360 degree motion sensors. Wired ceiling mount motion detectors connect directly with the panel. Buy wired ceiling mount motions here.

  • Wireless Shock Sensors

    ​One way to monitor a window or glass casing is with a shock sensor. These sensors are designed to detect the shockwaves caused by broken glass. Immediately after the glass has been broken, the sensor will detect the shockwaves and alert the security panel. Buy your wireless shock sensors right here.

  • Miscellaneous

  • PROSIX Repeaters

  • PowerG Flood Sensors

    PowerG Flood Sensors are perfect for users who want to make sure that their their homes and businesses are not experiencing any water leaks. A water leak can develop into a very serious problem if you don't take action quickly. But a flood sensor will help you detect leaks. Buy PowerG Flood Sensors.

  • Wired Glass Break Detectors

    Wired glass break detectors are used by alarm panels to monitor for broken glass windows and protective glass casings. These devices are connected directly with the alarm control pnael or with a compatible wired to wireless converter. Purchase wired glass break detectors from the Alarm Grid website.

  • PROSIX Panic Buttons & Medical Alert Buttons

  • Lyric Security System Kits

    Our Lyric Security System Kits include everything a new user needs to get started with a Honeywell Lyric Controller. Every kit includes a Lyric Controller System, security sensors and the Honeywell LT-Cable for simple installation. Some kits also include a cellular communicator. Buy a Lyric Kit now.

  • PROSIX Environmental Detectors

  • PROSiX Combination Environmental Sensors

  • PROSIX Shock Sensors

  • PROSiX Combination Smoke & Heat Detectors

  • PROSiX Combination Smoke, Heat, & CO Detectors

  • PROSIX Keypads

  • Alarm Sirens

    ​Alarm sirens are important for scaring off intruders and alerting building occupants to hazardous conditions. Many wired systems don't come with sirens, and you need to add one. You might also add an external siren to a wireless system to increase the volume. Buy alarm sirens here.

  • Sirens

    Sirens represent a popular addition to both hardwired and wireless systems. Whether you need to add a primary sounder to your system, are looking for a second sounder, or want to increase the volume of your panel, a new siren can help you. Alarm Grid offers many great sirens. Buy system sirens here.

  • PROSIX Sirens

  • PROSiX Outdoor Sirens

  • Wireless Alarm Sirens

    Alarm sirens are loud noise-making devices that are frequently used with security panels. Sirens are used for scaring off intruders and for alerting others about a potentially dangerous situation. Wireless sirens are very easy for users to install on their own. Buy a wireless alarm siren right here.

  • PROSiX Indoor Sirens

  • ProSiX Glass Break Detectors

  • ProSiX Door Sensors & Window Sensors

  • PROSIX CO Detectors

  • ProSiX Motion Detectors

  • Wired Touchscreen Keypads

    Wired touchscreen keypads are great devices for controlling hardwired alarm systems. A touchscreen controller can be much more pleasant and inviting than a traditional push-button keypad. Wired touchscreen keypads are surprisingly simple to integrate with a panel. Buy wired touchscreen keypads here.

  • Wired Alarm Sirens

    Wired alarm sirens are loud noise-making devices that connect with a panel directly. They are very important for scaring off intruders and alerting others about an intrusion. A user can program their alarm siren to activate during certain system events. Check out our selection of wired alarm sirens.

  • Honeywell Lyric Security Systems

    ​The Lyric panels are the latest alarm control panels from Honeywell. The Lyric lineup only includes two panels. These are the Lyric Controller and the Lyric Gateway. Both are compatible with the fully encrypted Honeywell SiX Series of wireless sensors. Check out the Lyric Controller and the Gateway.

  • Wireless Ceiling-Mount Motion Detectors

    Wireless ceiling-mount motion detectors are useful if you want to detect movement in a particular section in a room, or outside of a doorway. These wireless motion sensors offer a unique coverage pattern that is different from a standard motion sensor. Buy wireless ceiling-mount motion sensors here.

  • Wireless Curtain Motion Sensors

    Wireless curtain motion sensors use a relatively thin detection signal to detect movement. The wireless sensors are specifically designed for monitoring entryways or the particular section of a room. Each sensor communicates wirelessly for easy installation. Buy wireless curtain motion sensors here.

  • PowerG Curtain Motion Sensors

    PowerG Curtain Motion Sensors work by sending out a relatively thin detection signal. This makes them perfect for monitoring an entryway or a particular room section. Each sensor has an extended wireless signal range, and they use encrypted signals. Buy PowerG Curtain Motions here.

  • POE Switch

    A PoE switch will provide power-over-ethernet functionality to your IP router. Then, you can power PoE devices, without having to apply an additional power source, such as a plug-in adapter. This can be very useful for IP cameras, where running an additional power may be difficult. Buy PoE switches.

  • Metal Cabinet Enclosures

  • PowerG Smoke Detectors

    PowerG Smoke Detectors alert security panels to fires. A good photoelectric smoke detector can save lives in an emergency. The PowerG Smoke Detectors feature an extended wireless range and 128-bit AES encryption for added wireless security. Buy PowerG Smoke Detectors for your system from Alarm Grid.

  • PowerG Heat Detectors

    PowerG Heat Detectors are ideal for areas where smoke detectors may result in false alarms. These devices communicate with compatible alarm systems at a frequency of 915 MHz. They utilize 128-bit AES encryption for secure wireless protection. Purchase PowerG Heat Detectors from us.

  • Medical Pressure Sensors

    Medical pressure sensors are used to detect occupancy for a chair or bed. You can use these sensors to monitor an elderly or mobility challenged loved one's activity and make sure they are alright. These are ideal for combining with the Alarm.com Wellness Platform. Buy medical pressure sensors here.

  • Bed Pressure Sensors

    Bed pressure sensors let your system know when your loved one is in bed and when they have gotten up. You can use this type of bed pressure sensor to monitor your loved one's activity and to receive notifications if your loved one is potentially in distress. Buy bed pressure sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • Chair Pressure Sensors

    A chair pressure sensor will monitor the activity of your loved one while they sit in their favorite chair. You can see if they have been sitting down for an extremely long period of time and know to request help if needed. These devices integrate with your security panel. Buy chair sensors from us.

  • PowerG Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    PowerG Carbon Monoxide Detectors can make a great addition to your PowerG-compatible security system. These sensors will respond to potentially lethal carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Unusually high levels of CO will activate the sensor and cause an immediate alarm. Buy PowerG Carbon Monoxide Sensors here.

  • PowerG Environmental Sensors

    PowerG Environmental Sensors make great additions to compatible alarm systems. Environmental sensors include handy devices like flood sensors and temperature sensors. PowerG Environmental Sensors can be conveniently auto-enrolled with compatible panels. Purchase PowerG Environmental Sensors from us.

  • Honeywell 5800 Glass Break Detectors

    ​Honeywell 5800 Glass Break Detectors are 345 MHz wireless sensors that are designed to trigger when any glass in the immediate area has been broken. Honeywell offers sensor options that include sound-based detectors, as well as shock sensors. Monitor your home or business with glass break detectors.

  • Security Signs & Stickers

    Security signs and stickers are just as important as your security system itself. These handy devices tell an intruder what to expect if they dare to break-in to your home or business. Alarm systems catch intruders, but signs and stickers prevent them in the first place. Buy signs and stickers here.

  • Alarm Wire Connectors

    Alarm wire connectors are easier and more convenient to use than electrical tape or just simply twisting the wires together. You may need to combine wire when working on your wired system and connecting various sensors, keypads, communicators and much more. Buy alarm wire connectors from Alarm Grid.

  • Gel Filled b Connectors

    Gel filled B connectors are typically used in outdoor environments or in areas that may be exposed to the elements. This internal gel offers insulation and keeps moisture away from the electrical wiring. You will be able to easily crimp and splice wires using our B connectors. Buy B connectors here.

  • b Connectors

    B connectors are used with connecting wires together. They can help make your wired security system setup neater and more organized overall. They easily crimp unpaired wires into place and prevent them from breaking apart or splitting up later on. Buy B connectors for your hardwired security system.

  • Natural Gas and Propane Gas Detectors

    Natural gas and propane gas detectors let users know if they accidentally leave a gas valve open or if there is a gas leak in the building. This can be very important for preventing fires and avoiding energy wastage. The sensors integrate with systems. Buy natural gas and propane gas detectors here.

  • Propane Detectors

    Propane is a highly flammable substance, and a leak could cause a fire and serious damage. You can detect propane leaks while you are away from home with a propane detector. Alarm Grid offers propane detectors for you to add to your home. Purchase propane detectors from Alarm Grid.

  • Natural Gas Detectors

    Natural gas detectors are important devices for detecting natural gas leaks while you are away from your home or business. By pairing natural gas detectors with your monitored alarm system, you can get alerts if there is a natural gas leak that occurs in the building. Buy natural gas detectors here.

  • Wired Propane Detectors

    Wired propane detectors are important fire safety devices that make for important additions to any barbecue or outdoor cooking setup. A propane leak could result in a fire or other major damage. A wired propane detector will alert your system before this happens. Buy wired propane detectors from us.

  • Wired Natural Gas Detectors

    Natural Gas leaks are a relatively frequent occurrence. With our wired natural gas detectors and alarm monitoring service, you can know for sure if a gas leak occurs in your home while you are away. These devices can be easily paired with a panel. Purchase natural gas sensors here.

  • Honeywell Lyric Thermostats

    Honeywell Lyric Thermostats are a series of heating and cooling devices that are designed to interface with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. These thermostats use wireless Z-Wave and WIFI, allowing them to be controlled from the system and from Total Connect. Buy a Honeywell Lyric Thermostat from us.

  • cr1620 Batteries

    CR1620 batteries are lithium 3-volt coin batteries that are used in many small electronic devices. They have a diameter of 16mm and a depth of 2.0mm. Hence the name CR1620. For security devices, the most common application of CR1620 batteries is for use in key fobs devices. Buy CR1620 batteries now.

  • Plain b Connectors

    Plain B connectors refer to B connectors that do not feature internal gel for added insulation. Plain B connectors are suitable for use in indoor installations where there won't be any exposure to excessive moisture or humidity. You can quickly splice and crimp wires. Buy plain B connectors from us.

  • 360-Degree Wireless Motion Sensors

    One popular option for monitoring a room is to use a 360 degree motion sensor. Unlike regular motion sensors that look outward across a room, a 360 degree motion sensor will look downward. They are sometimes called ceiling-mount motions. Buy wireless 360 degree motion sensors here.

  • Analog Video Converters

    An analog video converter will allow you to take an analog security camera and use it with an interactive service platform that would normally use IP cameras. This is good for using existing security cameras with a interactive service like Alarm.com. Buy your analog video converters from Alarm Grid.

  • cr2450 batteries

  • Home Automation Button Controllers

    Home automation button controllers are buttons you can press to activate smart scenes or individual Z-Wave devices. You might have the controller mounted to your wall, or you could use it as a remote control. You must program the controller before use. Buy home automation button controllers from us.

  • Verizon CDMA Security System Cellular Communicators

    ​A Verizon CDMA Cellular Communicator will allow your security system to connect with the Verizon CDMA Cellular Network. With cellular connectivity, your security system will communicate more reliably, and your home or business will remain consistently protected. Buy a Verizon CDMA Communicator here.

  • Wired Smoke Detector Interface Modules

    Wired smoke detector interface modules are needed for certain hardwired smoke detectors that require an interface module for basic operation. This module will cut power to the device and reset the sensor upon a fire alarm clearing. Multiple smoke sensors can interface with one module. Buy them here.

  • Glass Break Simulators

    Glass break simulators are used for testing glass break sensors. These devices work much more reliably than simple sound effects that mimic glass breaking. It is recommended that you pick a glass break simulator from the same manufacturer as your glass break sensors. Buy glass break simulators here.

  • Wired Shock Sensors

    A shock sensor is a device that is used to detect the shockwaves associated with breaking glass. This type of device is placed directly on a window or glass casing. If the glass is broken, the shockwaves will set off the device and cause an alarm. Take a look at our selection of wired shock sensors.

  • 360-Degree Wired Motion Sensors

    A 360-degree motion sensor is designed to be mounted on the ceiling so that it can capture movement below. These devices are great for mounting outside of doorways so that the system can find out if someone has walked into the room. Buy 360-degree wired motion sensors for your panel from Alarm Grid.

  • PowerG Prox Tags

    PowerG Proximity Tags are very small handheld devices that can be held up to a keypad's proximity tag reader in lieu of entering a valid system code. This is great for users who might have trouble remembering a code or who simply do not want to enter codes. Buy proximity tags here.

  • Prox Tags

    Proximity tags are convenient devices that allow you to control a security system without entering a valid code. Just hold up your proximity tag to the reader instead of entering your code. Many keypads and systems support proximity tags. These are easy to carry around. Purchase proximity tags here.

  • PowerG Glassbreak Detectors

    PowerG Glassbreak Detectors make for a great addition to your PowerG Security System. The devices actively listen for glass break events, including broken windows and protective glass casings. These sensors can monitor multiple windows when placed strategically. Buy PowerG Glassbreak Detectors here.

  • PowerG Sirens

    PowerG Sirens are the perfect accessory for anyone needing to increase the volume of their PowerG-compatible alarm panel. These convenient wireless sirens can be easily enrolled, and they offer an impressive wireless range. The sirens are loud and dependable for reliable use. Buy PowerG Sirens here.

  • PowerG Shock Sensors

    PowerG Shock Sensors will alert your system if someone breaks down a door or window. These intrusion devices are a good alternative to sound-based glass break detectors. A shock sensor will respond to the physical vibrations of a door or window being broken. Buy PowerG Shock Sensors from Alarm Grid.

  • Under Desk Panic Buttons

    An under desk panic button is a great way to request immediate help in emergency situations. These devices are perfect for banks, jewelry stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and really anyone else who wants an easy way to request quick help. Buy under desk panic buttons here.

  • PowerG Medical Alert Buttons

    PowerG Medical Alert Buttons are perfect for helping elderly and disabled individuals live more independent lives. The user can simply activate a button if they ever experience a medical emergency and need immediate assistance. Purchase PowerG Medical Alert Buttons from Alarm Grid.

  • PowerG Under the Desk Panic Buttons

    PowerG Under The Desk Panic Buttons are used for triggering an intrusion alarm on your PowerG Alarm System. You can install these panic buttons under tables, desks, and counters. Then you can trigger an immediate alarm in emergency situations. Buy PowerG Under The Desk Panic Buttons from Alarm Grid.

  • PowerG Repeaters

    If you want to further extend the range of your PowerG wireless sensors, then a PowerG Repeater is for you. These repeaters will effectively double their wireless signal range and help transmissions overcome building obstacles and signal limitations. Purchase PowerG Repeaters here.

  • PowerG Temperature Sensors

    PowerG Temperature Sensors are wireless devices that alert the system to unusual temperatures. This could be a very high or low temperature that occurs due to the HVAC system in the building being out of order. The sensor will alert your system to the problem. Buy PowerG Temperature Sensors from us.

  • Wired Combination CO/Smoke Detectors

    Wired combination CO and smoke detectors are important life-safety devices that you can add to a hardwired security system. These devices will alert the panel whenever there is a fire or when there is an outbreak of CO gas. This will cause an alarm on the system. Buy wired smoke and CO sensors here.

  • Hardwired High Voltage Combination CO/Smoke Detectors

    Hardwired high voltage combination CO and smoke detectors cannot be normally integrated with alarm systems. The only way to use these devices with systems is to use a wireless listening module that actively listens for the temporal 3 or 4 sounds of an activated sensor. Buy life-safety products here.

  • High Voltage Wired Smoke Detectors

    High voltage wired smoke detectors are frequently used in commercial and residential settings. Building codes often mandate the use of high voltage hardwired smokes instead of conventional or wireless smoke detectors. Purchase high voltage hardwired smoke detectors from Alarm Grid.

  • High Voltage Wired CO Detectors

    High voltage wired CO detectors provide reliable detection for potentially lethal carbon monoxide gas. These devices are set up in a high voltage network that can't be directly integrated with a security system. However, there are ways to integrate these sensors. Buy high voltage wired CO detectors.

  • Honeywell SiX Door Sensors and Window Sensors

    Honeywell SiX Door Sensors and Window Sensors are wireless encrypted contact sensors designed for use with the Resideo Lyric Alarm System and the Resideo ProSeries Panel. The sensors have a transmitting range of up to 300 feet in an indoor environment. Buy Honeywell SiX Door and window Sensors here.

  • 4-Wire Heat Detectors

    In the security and fire-safety universe, 4-wire heat detectors don't actually exist. All hardwired heat detectors are either high-voltage devices or 2-wire devices. Many users mistakenly believe there are 4-wire heat detectors but really there are not. You won't find any 4-wire heat detectors here!

  • 4-Wire Smoke Detectors

    Users who need to add fire detection capabilities to a hardwired alarm system can achieve great results with 4-wire smoke detectors. These devices notify the system if there is smoke in the area. This is the best way to receive a quick response for a fire. Buy 4-wire smoke detectors from Alarm Grid.

  • Honeywell SiX Glass Break Detectors

    Honeywell SiX Glass Break Detectors provide accurate and reliable glass break detection for Resideo Lyric Systems. These sensors respond to broken glass windows or protective glass casings. They utilize 128-bit AES encryption for added wireless security. Buy Honeywell SiX Glass Break Detectors here.

  • Honeywell Six Motion Detectors

    ​The Honeywell SiX Motion Detectors are fully encrypted PIR motion sensors designed for use with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. They check for significant changes in infrared energy in order to detect the presence of motion. Purchase Honeywell SiX Series Motion Detectors from the Alarm Grid website.

  • GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

    GPS tracking devices for cars are important for letting you know if your vehicle is misplaced or stolen. You can use the tracking device to determine the exact location of your vehicle and make a full recovery. There are many types of GPS tracking devices available. Purchase GPS trackers right here.

  • Asset Trackers

    Asset trackers are wireless security sensors that allow you to keep track of your valuable assets. If the tracker is moved or tampered with, then it will alert the alarm system. This will let the end user know that someone has moved their assets. Buy asset trackers from Alarm Grid.

  • Fleet Vehicle Trackers

    Fleet vehicle trackers are used to track vehicles and make sure they are in their designated location. They are good for companies looking to manage their vehicle fleet and prevent serious theft. They can be easily enrolled with a system. Buy fleet vehicle trackers from Alarm Grid.

  • GPS Asset Trackers

    GPS asset trackers allow you to monitor the location of your important assets. If an asset is stolen, you will be able to track its positioning based on the GPS asset tracker. This can be crucial for tracking down stolen goods and ultimately apprehending the criminal. Buy GPS asset trackers from us.

  • Wired Carbon Monoxide Interface Modules

    There are some carbon monoxide sensors that require an interface module. The interface module cuts device power and resets the sensor when fire alarms are cleared. The feature is needed for basic device operation. Multiple sensors can be used with one interface module. Buy CO interface modules here.

  • Wired Combination CO/Smoke Detector Interface Modules

    Certain combination CO and smoke detectors require an interface module. Such devices are used for cutting power and resetting the sensor when alarms are cleared. This is necessary for basic operation. Most interface modules will support multiple devices. Buy interface modules here.

  • One-Go/All-Go Wired Smoke Detectors

    One-go-all-go smoke detectors operate in such a way that when one smoke detector activates, all of the other smoke detectors on the network will activate as well. This can be important for ensuring that everyone in the building is alerted for a fire. Buy hardwired one-go-all-go smoke detectors here.

  • Serial Controllers

    Serial controllers allow you to integrate smart home devices from various third-party providers with your security panel. You may need a serial controller for your panel if you are trying to use smart home devices that aren't universally compatible with major smart hubs. Buy serial controllers here.

  • Security Yard Signs

    Security yard signs provide a great way for you to let others know that your property is monitored by Alarm Grid. The signs are eye-catching and easily seen by others. Installing is as simple as inserting a stake into the ground. Each sign is weather-resistant. Buy yard signs here.

  • Security Signs

    Security signs will let anyone who passes by your house know that you are protected by Alarm Grid monitoring services. If a burglar decides to target your neighborhood, they will probably pass over your home in favor of one with no warning sign. Protect your home with security signs from Alarm Grid.

  • aaa Batteries

    ​When it comes to batteries, the AAA size is one of the most popular. These cylindrical heroes have been keeping your equipment powered for years. And of course the security industry has embraced this versatile battery size for use in many sensors and system add-ons. Purchase your AAA batteries here.

  • cr2025 Batteries

    ​CR2025 are coin batteries that are slightly thinner than the very similar CR2032 coin batteries. In the security industry, CR2025 batteries are used very regularly, though perhaps not as often as CR2032 batteries. But their small size means that little space is needed for them. Buy CR2025 batteries.

  • aa Batteries

    AA batteries are some of the most popular batteries available. They are used in all sorts of electronic devices and equipment. As a result, it's not a surprise that AA batteries are the power source of choice for many wireless security sensors and add-ons. Purchase your AA batteries from Alarm Grid.

  • cr123 Batteries

    ​CR123 batteries were historically used inside mostly cameras and various photography equipment. But due to their small and compact size, many alarm manufacturers began using them to power their sensors instead of AA batteries. Many alarm sensors today use this battery. Purchase CR123 batteries here.

  • cr2032 Batteries

    ​CR2032 coin cell batteries are small and compact batteries that are actually used quite often in wireless security sensors. As they are roughly the size of a coin, CR2032 batteries are most effectively used when sensor design and space is a concern. Power your sensors by purchasing CR2032 batteries.

  • lynxrchkit-sha Batteries

    If you want maximum battery life for your LYNX Touch System, then the LYNXRCHKIT-SHA is your best option. This battery will keep your system running for up to 24 hours at a time when the power is out. This device connects with the large battery port on the system's main board. Buy the LYNXRCHKIT-SHA.

  • lynxrchkit-hc Batteries

    The Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-HC Battery is the high capacity battery for the Honeywell LYNX Touch Systems. It serves as a solid backup power source in the event of a power outage. The battery connects into the same port as the standard capacity battery. Buy LYNXRCHKIT-HC Batteries here.

  • lynxrchkit-sc Batteries

    The LYNXRCHKIT-SC is the standard-capacity battery for the Honeywell LYNX Touch Systems. This battery provides up to four (4) hours of backup power in the event of an electrical outage. This is the standard battery pack that comes included with these systems buy default. Buy LYNXRCHKIT-SC Batteries.

  • Honeywell 5800 Key Fobs

    Honeywell 5800 Key Fobs are used mostly with the LYNX Touch and VISTA Series Panels. But they can technically be used with nearly any 345 MHz system when used in standard security mode. This lets them work with the Lyric System and 2GIG System. Buy Honeywell 5800 Key Fobs from us.

  • 1000-Feet 18/2 Stranded Alarm Wire

    Alarm wiring is used for connecting sensors, keypads, communicators, and other accessories to a hardwired alarm panel or a wired to wireless converter for a wireless system. Stranded alarm wire is perfect for DIY users, as it is easy to maneuver and work with. Buy 18-2 stranded alarm wiring from us.

  • 1000-Feet 18/4 Stranded Alarm Wire

    Alarm Grid has the 18-4 stranded wiring and cabling needed for your next project. This type of wiring is perfect for the 4-wire connections that are frequently used with keypads and powered devices like motion detection sensors and glass break sensors. Buy 18-4 stranded cabling wire from Alarm Grid.

  • 500-Feet 22/4 Stranded Alarm Wire

    Alarm Grid offers 500-foot rolls of 22-4 alarm wire for you to use when installing your wired panel and its connected devices. You can keep some extra wire around if you need to make changes or adjustments later. Our 22-gauge wire is best-suited for shorter wire runs. Buy 22-4 alarm wire right here.

  • 500-Feet 18/2 Stranded Alarm Wire

    Alarm Grid offers many types of alarm wiring for your security system. We have found that 18-gauge, 2-conductor stranded wiring is the best type of cabling to use for setting up a new hardwired system in a home or business. The listings here are for 500-foot rolls. Buy 18-2 stranded alarm wire here.

  • 1000-Feet 22/2 Solid Core Alarm Wire

    Alarm wire is something you should definitely keep around if you have a wired security system. Most equipment will connect back to the panel used a hardwired connection. Having some wire on-hand can be helpful if you need to connect a new device or repair existing wire. Buy alarm cabling right here.

  • 500-Feet 18/4 Solid Core Alarm Wire

    Solid core alarm wire is preferred by some installers. These 500-foot rolls of 18-4 wire are perfect for 4-wire connections used with keypads, motion sensors, glass break detectors, and more. The inner wires are colored red, black, yellow, and green/white for identification. Buy 18-4 wiring from us.

  • 500-Feet 18/4 Stranded Alarm Wire

    Stranded alarm wire can make it easy to set up your wired panel and its accessories. The 500-foot rolls of 4-conductor stranded wiring listed on this page are perfect for 4-wire connection devices, including wired alarm system keypads, motion detection sensors, and more. Buy 18-4 alarm wire from us.

  • 500-Feet 22/2 Solid Core Alarm Wire

    Alarm cabling is useful to keep around if you have a hardwired security system or regularly work on electrical equipment. The wire here is for 500-foot rolls of 22-gauge, 2-conductor solid core alarm cabling. Buy versatile and effective alarm wire for setting up your security system from Alarm Grid.

  • 1000-Feet 22/4 Stranded Alarm Wire

    You will complete many projects with a 1,000-foot roll of 22-4 stranded alarm wire. Stranded wire is easy to work with, and the 22-gauge thickness makes the wire easy to work with. Many devices like motion detectors and glass break sensors commonly use 4-wire connections. Buy 22-4 alarm wiring here.

  • 1000-Feet 22/4 Solid Core Alarm Wire

    Alarm Grid has the wiring and cabling you need to set up your hardwired security system and to add new accessories and equipment as needed. These 1,000 foot rolls of 22-4 wiring have a solid copper core that is preferred by some installers. Set up your wired security panel with wire from Alarm Grid.

  • 500-Feet 22/2 Stranded Alarm Wire

    Stranded alarm wire is great because it is super forgiving and easy to work with. You will not need to worry about the wire snapping off and breaking when making tight connections, as can be an issue with solid core wiring. Purchase 22-Gauge, 2-conductor stranded copper alarm wiring from Alarm Grid.

  • 1000-Feet 22/2 Stranded Alarm Wire

    Alarm Grid sells security system wiring for setting up your equipment. The listings here are for 1000-foot 22 AWG 2-conductor stranded wiring. We recommend 2-conductor wiring for setting up 2-wire devices. Also, you can double it up to connect 4-wire devices. Buy 1000-foot 22 gauge 2-conductor wire.

  • Dialer Capture Modules

  • PROSIX Smoke & Heat Detectors

  • 1000-Feet 18/4 Solid Core Alarm Wire

    Alarm Grid has the alarm wire you need to complete your hardwired security system setup. We find that 18-4 wire works great for alarm system keypads and powered sensors, such as motion detectors and glass break sensors. You can connect all of your equipment using 18-4 wire. Buy 18-4 solid core wire.

  • 1000-Feet 18/2 Solid Core Alarm Wire

    Alarm Grid has the 18 gauge 2 conductor wiring you need for your home or business security system. Solid core wiring is sometimes preferred by installers. With 1,000 foot roles, you will have enough wire to take on major projects. Achieve nice and long wire runs and easy wiring with 18-2 alarm wire.

  • 500-Feet 22/4 Solid Core Alarm Wire

    Alarm Grid offers many types of wiring on its site. These 500-foot rolls of 22-4 wiring are best used with 4-wire connections when the wire run is relatively short and solid core cabling is preferred. Set up your home or business hardwired alarm system using top-quality alarm wiring from Alarm Grid.

  • 500-Feet 18/2 Solid Core Alarm Wire

    Alarm wiring is nice to have around if you have a wired security system or another electrical device that may require wiring. Our 18-gauge, 2-conductor wiring is perfect for alarm systems. Solid core wiring can be quickly stripped, prepared, and connected when needed. Buy 18-2 alarm cabling from us.

  • 4K Security Cameras

  • 4K HDR Security Cameras

  • Jewelry Store Security Systems

    Alarm Grid is proud to offer jewelry store security systems to help keep your business safe. We have commercial security systems that meet the codes required for jewelry stores. With an alarm system and monitoring service from Alarm Grid, you can keep your store safe. Buy jewelry store systems here.

  • walynx-rchb-sc Batteries

    The walynx-rchb-sc batteries represent the standard capacity batteries used with the Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels. The standard capacity battery for the panel will keep a system running for up to four (4) hours. The battery must be replaced after a few years of use. Buy walynx-rchb-sc batteries here.

  • 9 Volt Alkaline batteries

    Alarm Grid offers 9 volt alkaline batteries that end users can use to power their security equipment. Keeping your sensors and equipment powered on at all times is very important, and you need batteries to make sure that your setup works reliably. Buy 9 Volt Alkaline Batteries here.

  • cr2 Batteries

    CR2 Batteries are cylindrical batteries that are usually used with cameras. However, they have some use in the security industry as well. They are somewhat similar to CR123A batteries, which are shorter and fatter than AA batteries. But CR2 batteries aren't used as often as CR123. Buy CR2 batteries.

  • 9 Volt Lithium Batteries

    There are many applications that require 9-volt lithium batteries. These batteries are often used to power smoke detectors, volt meters, miscellaneous gadgets, toys, and other electronic hardware. You should always make sure to keep some 9-volt lithium batteries around. Buy 9-volt lithium batteries.

  • cr1/3n Batteries

    ​CR1/3N batteries are most commonly used to power photography equipment. They aren't very popular, and they aren't commonly used. They are also sometimes sold as CR11108 batteries. Few security sensors and devices use these batteries. These batteries are rarely encountered. But you can buy them here.

  • cr2430 Batteries

    ​CR2430 coin cell batteries are known for being slightly wider than their CR2025 and CR2032 counterparts. They are used occasionally in the security industry, and their tiny size makes them very easy for designers to fit them into more discreet sensors. Purchase CR2430 coin batteries from Alarm Grid.

  • 9-Volt Batteries

    If you need 9-volt batteries, then you have come to the right spot. You can use these batteries to power various electronic devices. These include smoke detectors, voltmeters, fun play toys and other electronic hardware. These batteries are always good to keep around. Check out our 9-volt batteries.

  • Wired Touchscreen Alarm Panels

    Wired touchscreen alarm panels are hardwired systems that feature an integrated touchscreen controller. As wired systems, they can integrate with the building itself to increase property value. The touchscreen controller will make the system more pleasant to use. Buy wired touchscreen alarm systems.

  • Wireless Natural Gas Detectors

    Natural gas leaks are more common than you might think. If one occurs while you're around, the additives will help you detect the gas leak. But you will need natural gas detectors to detect leaks that occur while you are away. These sensors can be easily enrolled. Buy wireless natural gas detectors.

  • Wireless Propane Detectors

    Wireless propane detectors will let you know when there is a propane leak. These devices are great for letting you know about propane leaks while you are away from home. These sensors communicate with the panel wirelessly. They are easy to install and program. Buy wireless propane detectors from us.

  • Power Supplies

    Power Supplies represent useful additions to many alarm panels. A system may sometimes need power beyond what is provided from a standard plug-in transformer. A power supply will regulate the amount of current that is provided and make sure that the voltage is kept in check. Buy power supplies here.