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A great way to build out your Honeywell Lyric is with Honeywell 5800 Sensors. These are simple, 345 MHz wireless sensors that you can easily enroll with the system for security, life-safety, and environmental monitoring. They are perfect for expanding your system and making it more robust.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

When you want to pair a Honeywell 5800 Sensor with the Lyric, the process is very straightforward. Put the Lyric in its auto-enrollment mode by choosing Security > Tools > enter Installer Code (default 4112) > Program > Zones > Add New > Serial Number. Make sure the RF Type on the right-hand side is set to 5800. Then activate the sensor either by faulting it or triggering its cover tamper switch. The Lyric should beep to confirm that it received a signal transmission. Then activate the sensor a second time to have the Lyric display the Serial Number. The third activation will confirm the Serial Number and return you to the screen where you can configure the zone settings.

Programming the zone settings for the sensor is actually quite simple. Depending on how you enrolled the sensor, you may need to adjust the Loop Number. This is almost always the case if you enrolled the sensor by activating its tamper switch. Refer to the instruction manual for the 5800 Sensor to determine which Loop Number to use.

The two (2) Zone Descriptors and the Device Type serve as the name for the sensor. You should choose a name that will help you identify the sensor, e.g. "Front Bedroom Motion Sensor", "South Hallway Door", etc. The Response Type determines how the system responds when the sensor is faulted. See our list of Lyric Response Types for more info.

Alarm Report should be set to Yes if you want the system to report out through AlarmNet to a Central Station if the zone causes an alarm on the system. That is an essential component of alarm monitoring services. Chime is optional, and it has the panel emit any one of several available sounds when the zone is faulted. Supervision tells the panel to look for an RF check-in signal from the sensor periodically to ensure that it is online. Click Save in the bottom-right after you finish adjusting the settings.

Keep in mind that only uni-directional (one-way) sensors from the Honeywell 5800 Series can be used with the Lyric. This leaves out bi-directional devices like the Honeywell 5800WAVE Siren, the Honeywell 5828 Keypad, and the Honeywell 5800RL Relay Module, so make sure you do not buy those for the Lyric. But you still have a lot of excellent sensors and security devices to choose from.

Below is a list of the Honeywell 5800 Sensors that you can use with the Honeywell Lyric:

Sensor Name
Honeywell 5800MINI
Honeywell 5800mini interior wireless door and window sensor
Door/Window sensor. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5800PIR-RES
Honeywell 5800pir res wireless pet immune motion detector close up
PIR motion sensor. Uses Loop 1.
Coverage Area: 35' x 40'
Honeywell 5816
Honeywell 5816 wireless door window sensor
Door and window sensor.
Loop 1 = Terminal Block for NC Contact
Loop 2 = Reed Switch
Honeywell 5811
Honeywell 5811 wireless wafer thin door and window sensor
Door and window sensor. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5800C2W
Honeywell 5800c2w hardwire to wireless system 9 zone conversion module
9-zone wired to wireless converter. Allows hardwired sensors to communicate with the Lyric as wireless devices. All zones use Loop 1 and a unique Serial Number ID.
Honeywell 5800CO
Honeywell 5800co wireless carbon monoxide detector
Carbon monoxide sensor.
Loop 1 = CO Detection
Loop 2 = End of Sensor Life (separate programming only required on TURBO and other V-Plex panels)
Honeywell 5800COMBO
Honeywell 5800combo smoke heat and co detector
Combination, smoke, heat, CO, and low-temperature sensor. Uses up to five (5) zones on the Lyric Panel. Has two (2) Serial Numbers for enrollment purposes.
Loop 1, SN 1 = Smoke/Heat Detection
Loop 2, SN 1 = Smoke/Heat Maintenance
Loop 3, SN 1 = Low Temperature Detection
Loop 1, SN 2 = CO Detection
Loop 2, SN 2 = End of Sensor Life (separate programming required only on TURBO and other V-Plex panels)
Honeywell 5800FLOOD
Honeywell 5800flood wireless flood and temperature sensor
Flood and temperature sensor.
Loop 1 = Low Temperature Detection
Loop 2 = High Temperature Detection
Loop 3 = Flood Detection
Honeywell 5800MICRA
Honeywell 5800micra wireless recessed window contact
Recessed window sensor. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5800PIR
Honeywell 5800pir exterior of wireless motion detector
PIR motion sensor.
Loop 1 = Low Sensitivity Motion.
Loop 2 = High Sensitivity Motion.
Loop 3 = Low Temperature Detection
Coverage Area: 35' x 40'
Honeywell 5800PIR-COM
Honeywell 5800pir com exterior of wireless long range motion det
Commercial PIR motion sensor.
Loop 1 = Low Sensitivity Motion
Loop 2 = High Sensitivity Motion
Loop 3 = Low Temperature Detection
Coverage Area: 60' x 80'
Honeywell 5800PIR-OD
Honeywell 5800pir od wireless outdoor motion detector exterior
Outdoor PIR motion sensor. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5800PIR-OD2
Outdoor PIR motion sensor. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5800RP
Honeywell 5800rp wireless repeater
Wireless repeater for Honeywell 5800 Sensors. Does not require enrollment, but can be assigned a single zone for RF supervision, low-battery, AC loss, and RF jam detection. This is done using Serial Number 1 with Loop 1, with DIP Switch 2 set in the OFF position. Can also use up to four (4) separate zones for supervision when DIP Switch 2 is set to ON. This is required for UL installations.
Honeywell 5800RPS
Honeywell 5800rps wireless recessed door and window plunger sens
Recessed door/window sensor. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5800SS1
Honeywell 5800ss1 exterior of wireless shock sensor
Shock sensor. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5802MN
Honeywell 5802 wireless panic button
Medical alert button. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5802MN2
Honeywell 5802mn2 wireless dual button medical alert
Medical alert button. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5802WXT
Honeywell 5802wxt wireless panic button
Panic button. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5802WXT-2
Honeywell 5802wxt 2 wireless dual button medical alert
Panic button. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5806W3
Honeywell 5806w3 wireless smoke detector
Smoke detector. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5808W3
Honeywell 5808w3 wireless smoke and heat detector
Smoke and heat detector.
Loop 1 = Smoke & Heat Detection
Loop 3 = Low Temperature Detection
Honeywell 5809
Honeywell 5809 wireless heat detector
Fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat detector. Uses Loop 1. Alarm occurs when the temperature exceeds 135 degrees Fahrenheit, or when the temperature rises more than 15 degrees Fahrenheit per minute.
Honeywell 5809FXT
Honeywell 5809 wireless heat detector
Fixed temperature heat detector. Uses Loop 1. Alarm occurs when the temperature exceeds 135 degrees Fahrenheit.
Honeywell 5809SS
Honeywell 5809ss wireless fixed temperature slash ror heat detec
Fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat detector. Uses Loop 1. Alarm occurs at 135 degrees Fahrenheit or when the temperature rises more than 15 degrees Fahrenheit per minute.
Honeywell 5814
Honeywell 5814 wireless small door sensor and window sensor
Door and window sensor. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5815
Honeywell 5815 white wireless aesthetic door sensor and window s
Door and window sensor.
Loop 1 = Terminal Block for NC Contact
Loop 2 = Reed Switch
Honeywell 5816MN
Honeywell 5816mn wireless mini door sensor and window sensor
Door and window sensor.
Loop 1 = Terminal Block for NC Contact
Loop 2 = Reed Switches
Honeywell 5816OD
Honeywell 5816od wireless outdoor door and window sensor top
Outdoor door and window sensor.
Loop 1 = Terminal Block for NC Contact
Loop 2 = Reed Switch
Honeywell 5817
Honeywell 5817 wireless three zone sensor
Three (3) zone door and window sensor & transmitter.
Loop 1 = NC or NO (DIP Switch Selectable) unsupervised. It does not use an End of Line Resistor (EOLR)
Loop 2, 3 = NC Only. Both are unsupervised with no EOLR used
Honeywell 5817CBXT
Honeywell 5817cb wireless commercial sensor
Three (3) zone commercial transmitter.
Loop 1 = Two (2) Terminals; Primary Loop supervised by 470k Ohm (yellow, purple, yellow, gold) EOLR. Resistor must ALWAYS be installed, even if Loop 1 is not programmed. If Loop 1 is used as a burglary zone, then Loop 4 must be programmed as a separate zone for Cover Tamper protection.
Loop 2 = NC Reed Switch
Loop 3 = Two (2) Terminals; NC Loop unsupervised, no EOLR required
Honeywell 5817XT
Honeywell 5817xt three zone universal transmitter
Three (3) zone door and window sensor & transmitter.
Loop 1 = NC or NO (DIP Switch Selectable) unsupervised with no EOLR required
Loop 2, 3 = Two (2) Terminal Blocks, NC Only
Honeywell 5818MNL
Honeywell 5818mnl wireless recessed door sensor and window senso
Recessed door and window sensor. Uses Loop 1. Not suitable for use in metal doors
Honeywell 5819
Honeywell 5819 wireless shock processor and sensor
Three (3) zone shock processor.
Loop 1 = NC for Inertia Style External Shock Sensor. This input provides a suitable fast loop response of from 1ms to 20ms, based on dip switch setting
Loop 2 = Reed Switch
Loop 3 = NC for Wired Contact, unsupervised with no EOLR required
Honeywell 5819S
Honeywell 5819s wireless shock sensor and transmitter
Shock sensor and contact sensor.
Loop 1 = Built-in Inertia Style Shock Sensor
Loop 2 = Reed Switch
Loop 3 = NC for Wired Contact
Honeywell 5819WHS
Honeywell 5819whs wireless transmitter with integrated shock sen
Three (3) zone shock processor.
Loop 1 = NC, Built-in Inertia Style Shock Sensor
Loop 2 = Reed Switch
Loop 3 = NC for Wired Contact
Honeywell 5820L
Honeywell 5820l super slim wireless door and window sensor
Slimline door and window sensor. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5822T
Honeywell 5822t wireless garage tilt sensor
Garage tilt sensor.
Loop 1 = NC for Wired Contact, unsupervised, no EOLR used
Loop 3 = Tilt Switch
Honeywell 5834-2
Honeywell 5834 2 wireless 2 button security key fob
Two (2) button key fob. Dual-button inputs allowed. Uses three (3) loops total, for a possible three (3) inputs. Can only be used with the Lyric in Low-Security Mode (Green LED)
Honeywell 5834-4
Honeywell 5834 4 wireless 4 button security key fob for honeywell security systems
Four (4) button key fob. Dual-button inputs allowed. Uses two (2) Serial Numbers, which both use Loops 1, 2, 3, 4. Up to eight (8) inputs possible. Can only be used with the Lyric in Low-Security Mode (Green LED)
Honeywell 5834-4EN
Honeywell 5834 4en wireless enhanced 4 button security key fob
Four (4) button key fob. Dual-button inputs allowed. Uses two (2) Serial Numbers, which both use Loops 1, 2, 3, 4. Up to eight (8) inputs possible. Can only be used with the Lyric in Low-Security Mode (Green LED)
Honeywell 5853
Honeywell 5853 wireless glass break detector exterior
Glass break sensor. Uses Loop 1.
Honeywell 5869
Honeywell 5869 wireless commercial panic switch
Commercial panic switch. Uses Loop 1. Latches when tripped, key (provided) needed to reset it after it is tripped
Honeywell 5878
Honeywell 5878 wireless remote alarm keypad
Six (6) button key fob. Uses two (2) Serial Numbers, which both use Loops 1, 2, 3, 4. Up to eight (8) inputs possible.
Honeywell 5898
Honeywell 5898 wireless dual tec motion detector
Dual-tec motion sensor.
Loop 1 = Low Sensitivity Motion Sensor. Pet immunity is available for this loop. 50lb or 100lb pet immunity, selectable via DIP Switch 1
Loop 2 = High Sensitivity Motion Sensor.
Loop 3 = Temperature Sensor (High or Low, DIP Switch Selectable)
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Anyone looking to bring existing hardwired sensors to a new 345 MHz wireless system will be delighted to learn that we have reduced the price of the Honeywell 5800C2W Wired to Wireless Converter to just $49.99. Now is the perfect time to buy this awesome wired to wireless converter module!

Honeywell 5800c2w hardwire to wireless system 9 zone conversion moduleIf you aren't familiar with the Honeywell 5800C2W or wired to wireless converters in general, then allow us to give you a quick lesson. A wired to wireless converter essentially replaces a hardwired alarm panel so that you can bring existing wired sensors over to a wireless system. Typically, a wired to wireless converter module will be installed in the previous location of the wired panel. All of the existing wired sensors will connect with this module. The wired to wireless converter can then transmit wireless signals to the new wireless panel on the behalf of these sensors. The wireless system will then recognize the wired sensors as wireless sensors.

In the case of the Honeywell 5800C2W, the module transmits signals at 345 MHz. This makes it compatible with any system that supports the 345 MHz wireless frequency. Systems that support this frequency include the Honeywell Lyric Controller, the 2GIG GC3e, and the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus with 345 MHz Daughtercard, among others. If you aren't sure whether or not your system supports 345 MHz signals, then you can always contact us for help.

Please note that while the Honeywell 5800C2W comes with its own transformer, you must provide your own cabling to make the connection. If you ever need to buy a new standalone transformer for your Honeywell 5800C2W, you can purchase one from us. The 5800C2W AC Transformer is sold under the part name Honeywell 300-07052. You will also need to provide your own backup battery to keep the 5800C2W running during an electrical outage. The UltraTech 1240 Battery is perfect for this task. The 5800C2W comes with a battery harness included for completing the connection.

Each wired sensor used with the 5800C2W will require its own wireless zone on the wireless panel. These zones are configured individually, so you will need to enroll each sensor one by one. The 5800C2W can support up to nine (9) zones. If you have additional hardwired sensors beyond that, then you will need additional 5800C2W units. You can use as many Honeywell 5800C2W modules as you need, as long as you do not exceed the total number of wireless zones on your panel. Please note that the 5800C2W does not support Zone Doubling. Additionally, life-safety sensors like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors cannot be used with the Honeywell 5800C2W.

The Honeywell 5800C2W is now available from Alarm Grid for just $49.99. We are also excited to announce that our Honeywell 5800C2WPK Wired to Wireless Kit has also been reduced in price, and it is now available for just $65.99. Our Honeywell 5800C2WPK Kit includes a brand-new 5800C2W Converter, a power transformer, a Honeywell LT-Cable for connecting the transformer, an UltraTech 1240 Battery, and a battery harness for connecting the battery. And if you are looking to get started with a new system as well, you might consider our Honeywell LYRICC2WPK Kit. This system kit includes everything in the 5800C2WPK Kit, plus a brand-new Honeywell Lyric Controller and an additional LT-Cable for powering the panel. This is a truly amazing bundle that provides an excellent way to upgrade the old and outdated wired system in your home or business to a state-of-the-art wireless system that is an absolute joy to use.

If you have any questions about the Honeywell 5800C2W or any of our aforementioned kits, please reach out to us by emailing Remember that our support hours run from 9am to 8pm ET M-F. And if you haven't signed up for monitoring service from Alarm Grid yet, make sure to check out our monitoring page to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

Update: We have also reduced the cost of our certified refurbished Honeywell 5800C2W to just $39.99. If you want to learn more about our certified refurbished Honeywell products, please check this prior blog post.

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Hi DIYers! We're thrilled to announce that the Honeywell SiXCOMBO is finally here, just in time for the holidays! This Honeywell SiX Series Sensor offers support for smoke, heat and CO detection all in one convenient device. Additionally, new Honeywell 5800C2W Kits are also available!

With support for smoke, heat and CO sensing, the Honeywell SiXCOMBO is the first-ever encrypted combination life-safety sensor available for the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System. The device includes a built-in photoelectric smoke detector, a heat sensor that activates at temperatures of 135°F or higher, an IR sensor that measures ambient light and flame signatures, and a carbon monoxide sensor that responds to dangerous levels of CO gas. These four integrated sensors all work together to ensure that your home or business stays protected against fires and CO outbreaks at all times.

Users will also appreciate the One-Go-All-Go feature of the Honeywell SiXCOMBO. If the device activates for a fire or CO alarm, any additional SiXCOMBO devices that are also programmed with the system will also activate. This One-Go-All-Go feature affects Honeywell SiXSMOKE devices as well, so all your SiX Series life-safety devices will respond to the emergency. Each sensor includes an 85 dB sounder, which is plenty loud enough to alert anyone in the building.

The Honeywell SiXCOMBO is very easy to program with the Honeywell SiX Programming feature. This option is found within Installer-level programming. Once you have accessed the feature, you can power the SiXCOMBO on by removing its battery tab to have it auto-enrolled with the system. This can also be done by pressing and holding one of its test buttons until it auto-enrolls. The sensor will take up three zones on the system - one for smoke detection, one for heat detection, and one for CO detection.

In addition to the Honeywell SiXCOMBO, we are also glad to announce that Honeywell 5800C2W Kits are now available. We have two kits available - one of a Lyric Controller and 5800C2W Combo and another with just the 5800C2W and accessories. Both kits include enough LT-Cables for wiring and an UltraTech 1240 Backup Battery. Each 5800C2W is capable of supporting 9 hardwired sensors, so keep that in mind when system planning.

Honeywell 5800c2w hardwire to wireless system 9 zone conversion moduleThese kits are perfect for anyone upgrading from an older hardwired system who wants to continue to use their existing hardwired sensors. If the user needs a new system, the Lyric 5800C2W Combo Kit is a great option. As you know, the Lyric is HomeKit compatible for use with HomeKit Smart Scenes and Siri voice commands. Meanwhile, the 5800C2W itself will work with any alarm system that accepts 345 MHz sensors. This includes the Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels, the 2GIG GC2 and GC3 Systems and the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus with Honeywell Legacy Daughtercard.

Finally, we'd also like to briefly announce our office hours for the upcoming holidays. As usual, our office will be closed this weekend, which is Saturday December 22nd and Sunday December 23rd. Our office will then remain closed Monday December 24th and Tuesday December 25th in observance of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day respectively. We will resume our normal business hours of 9am to 8pm EST on Wednesday December 26th. If you have any questions or concerns during this four-day period, we strongly encourage you to email us at, and we will do our very best to get back with you after we return from holiday on Wednesday the 26th. Once we return, you can also reach us by phone at (888) 818-7728 during our normal business hours. We also have online chat support available on our website.

Please also note that we will be closing our office early at 6pm on Monday December 31st in observance of New Year's Eve. We will remain closed on Tuesday January 1st in observance of New Year's Day. We will resume our normal business hours of 9am to 8pm EST on Wednesday January 2nd. Again, if you need to contact us while we are away, your best option is to use the email listed above. We would like to wish all of you a very happy and safe holiday season, and we invite you to keep checking our blog in the following days for more information.

Alarm grid inside security stickers

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We strive to have some of the best pricing on the internet for security products. When prices are reduced for us, we do our best to quickly pass off those savings to anyone who has made a purchase here.

In the last week, we have reduced the prices on over 100 items an average of 6%. Our Lyric kits have all seen price reductions between 6% and 19%.

Below is the list of all items whose price has been reduced. We hope you enjoy the savings!

URL Old Price New Price % Change
Honeywell K4563 2.99 0.99 202%
UltraTech 1240 14.99 8.99 67%
Honeywell 5881ENM 126.99 77.99 63%
Honeywell 5881ENH 198.99 128.99 54%
System Sensor CO1224T 83.99 54.99 53%
UltraTech 1270 29.99 19.99 50%
Honeywell WAP-PLUS 95.99 63.99 50%
Leviton VRS15-1LZ 92.99 66.99 39%
Honeywell 719 17.99 12.99 38%
Honeywell 5802WXT-2 53.99 38.99 38%
Honeywell 5802WXT 53.99 38.99 38%
Honeywell 5815 47.99 34.99 37%
Honeywell 5899B 3.99 2.99 33%
Honeywell WAVE2 11.99 8.99 33%
Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-AT 117.99 90.99 30%
Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-VZ 117.99 90.99 30%
Honeywell L3000 199.99 155.99 28%
Honeywell SIXSIREN 78.99 64.99 22%
Honeywell SIXGB 78.99 64.99 22%
Honeywell 702 22.99 18.99 21%
Honeywell 955PST 5.99 4.99 20%
Honeywell GSMVLP5-4G 162.99 135.99 20%
Alarm Grid LYNX-WEXT 87.99 73.99 19%
Honeywell LyricPK-VZ 522.94 439.99 19%
Yale YRD210 246.99 207.99 19%
Honeywell LyricPK-AT 518.64 439.99 18%
Honeywell L7000PK10-WIFI-3G 639.99 550.99 16%
Honeywell LyricPK10-VZ 672.11 578.99 16%
Honeywell GSMV4G 187.99 161.99 16%
Alarm Grid LYNX-EXT 145.99 125.99 16%
Honeywell LKP500 119.99 103.99 15%
Honeywell 5881ENL 67.99 58.99 15%
Honeywell LyricPK 448.52 389.99 15%
Honeywell L7000PK10-WIFI 529.99 461.99 15%
Honeywell L7000PK-WIFI 399.99 348.99 15%
Honeywell GSMV4G-TC2 199.99 174.99 14%
Honeywell LyricPK10-AT 660.99 578.99 14%
Honeywell LyricPK10 614.99 541.99 13%
Honeywell L7000PK-WIFI-3G 499.99 442.99 13%
Honeywell L7000 279.99 249.99 12%
Honeywell GSMX4G 141.99 126.99 12%
Honeywell WAP-ANT5DB 9.99 8.99 11%
Honeywell GSMX4G-TC2 154.99 139.99 11%
Honeywell 5819WHS 64.99 58.99 10%
Honeywell 300-07052 10.99 9.99 10%
Honeywell Lyric Controller 299.99 272.99 10%
Honeywell iGSMV4G 190.99 174.99 9%
Honeywell 5800C2W 84.99 77.99 9%
Honeywell 4232CBM 115.99 106.99 8%
Honeywell 1361-GT 12.99 11.99 8%
Honeywell 6148 66.99 61.99 8%
Honeywell 5800RPS 53.99 49.99 8%
Honeywell 4204 82.99 76.99 8%
Telguard TG-1 Express 174.99 162.99 7%
SkyBell DBCAM 207.99 193.99 7%
Honeywell K14139 14.99 13.99 7%
Honeywell SiXCT 25.66 23.99 7%
Honeywell Lyric-CDMA 104.24 97.99 6%
Honeywell 747PD 16.99 15.99 6%
Honeywell 4229 102.99 96.99 6%
Honeywell Lyric-3G 103.99 97.99 6%
Honeywell SiXPIR 58.28 54.99 6%
Honeywell 5834-4EN 54.99 51.99 6%
Honeywell AD12612 19.99 18.99 5%
Honeywell 5822T 42.99 40.99 5%
Honeywell 6149EX 69.99 66.99 4%
Honeywell WA7626-CA 23.99 22.99 4%
Honeywell 4208U 97.99 93.99 4%
Honeywell 5883H 245.99 235.99 4%
Honeywell 5800WAVE 102.99 98.99 4%
Honeywell 5800RP 103.99 99.99 4%
Honeywell 5800Micra 53.99 51.99 4%
Honeywell ACU 134.99 129.99 4%
Honeywell IS280CM 82.99 79.99 4%
Leviton VRF01-1LZ 141.99 136.99 4%
Honeywell VISTA-20P 144.99 139.99 4%
Honeywell 710 31.99 30.99 3%
Honeywell 5800PIR 97.99 94.99 3%
Honeywell iGSMV4G-TC2 199.99 193.99 3%
Honeywell L5210PK10-WIFI 451.99 438.99 3%
Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA 34.99 33.99 3%
Honeywell IS25100TC 39.99 38.99 3%
Honeywell 5806W3 79.99 77.99 3%
Honeywell ZWSTAT 159.99 155.99 3%
Honeywell L5210 199.99 194.99 3%
Honeywell L5210PK10-3G 487.99 475.99 3%
Honeywell VISTA-21iPSIA 212.99 207.99 2%
Honeywell VISTA-21iP 212.99 207.99 2%
Honeywell FG1625F 44.99 43.99 2%
Honeywell FG1625 44.99 43.99 2%
Honeywell 4219 89.99 87.99 2%
Honeywell L5210PK-WIFI 322.99 315.99 2%
Honeywell 748 46.99 45.99 2%
Honeywell FG1625RFM 48.99 47.99 2%
Honeywell 748LC 48.99 47.99 2%
Honeywell SIXFOB 25.51 24.99 2%
Honeywell 5821 52.99 51.99 2%
Honeywell 5800PIR-COM 107.99 105.99 2%
Honeywell FG730 56.99 55.99 2%
Honeywell L5210PK10-WIFI-3G 537.99 528.99 2%
Honeywell L5210PK-3G 364.99 358.99 2%
Honeywell VISTA-128BPT 379.99 373.99 2%
Honeywell CE3 64.99 63.99 2%
Honeywell 5898 133.99 131.99 2%
Honeywell 5828V 134.99 132.99 2%
Honeywell 5816OD 71.99 70.99 1%
Honeywell 5869 84.99 83.99 1%
Honeywell 5800RL 85.99 84.99 1%
Honeywell L5210PK 272.99 269.99 1%
Honeywell L5210PK-WIFI-3G 414.99 410.99 1%
Honeywell 6164US 211.99 209.99 1%
Honeywell GSMVLP4G 149.99 148.99 1%
Honeywell IPCAM-WO 287.77 285.99 1%
Honeywell IPCAM-PT2 273.99 272.99 0%
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Alarm Grid has begun selling the Honeywell 5800C2W, a new wired system to wireless system conversion kit. “This marks a real sea change in the alarm industry,” said Joshua Unseth, spokesperson for the company, “it shows a shift in focus from the old wired panels to an industry dominated by wireless technologies.” Years ago, the industry was reticent to accept new RF wireless sensors, since they were regarded as notoriously unreliable. Nowadays, however, wireless installations dominate the market. “It is hard to convince hardwired installers that the new wireless systems are just as good,” Unseth said. “The technology was as of yet unproven just 5 or 10 years ago. But now, these systems have now shown that they can do just as good a job at protecting the lives and the property of everyone who installs them in their home. Anyone who isn't convinced yet is going to be left in the dust by these emerging technologies.”

Honeywell's most popular security system is the LYNX 5100, a touchscreen system that is capable of home automation and home security. While marked down at an affordable price, compared with what a security system used to cost, perhaps the biggest story when it comes to the Honeywell LYNX is the ease of installation. While customers have traditionally relied on professional, licensed installers to put wire panels into a home, these new systems allow access to state-of-the-art home security equipment that runs using simple A/C power, which means that individual homeowners can install a unit on their own, without the help of a professional. That said, until the introduction of the 5800C2W, customers have not had a reliable way to use their already installed wired contacts, which would prompt users who would have been good candidates for a wireless security system to purchase and install one of the wired systems since changing out sensors can be extremely expensive.

“We want to make sure that wireless security is available to anyone that wants it.” Unseth believes very strongly in the implications of wireless technologies to Alarm Grid's future. “Wireless systems are cheaper, at least as reliable, and much more simple to install and use than any wired system on the market.” If that is in fact the case, then there is little doubt that Alarm Grid's future looks very bright.

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If you have a home that was pre-wired, you want to use those wires, but you love the features of the Honeywell Lynx, you are in luck!

As of yesterday morning, Honeywell has released its newest product, the 5800C2W. This beautiful, green circuit board is an incredible piece of equipment that should get anyone getting ready to put in a home security system incredibly excited. This 9-zone unit will allow the user to take advantage of all the wired sensors in their home, and convert them into a wireless zone.

Previous to this device, users could accomplish a similar result using the RE208, but since that product was not made by Honeywell, most users simply opted to do an installation of a wired panel, such as the Honeywell VISTA 20P, and install a wireless receiver either at the panel or get one of Honeywell's RF keypads (6162RF, 6152RF) which have the receiver installed internally and do not need to be put onto the panel.

If you've ever done it, a full panel swap-out is a crazy experience, especially if it's your first time trying one. You can do it without too much trouble, but the time involved in the conversion can be a significant investment. With this product, instead of a full system swap-out, all you'll need to do is install a Lynxtouch L5100, then at the old panel, take out each wire, zone by zone, pair it to the zones on this panel, and then use the one-button configuration to have the unit found by the L5100.

If you have more than 9 zones, that's no problem either. Honeywell confirmed with us that you can run more than one of these units at a time. So, if you have around 18 zones on your old Brinks or ADT system and you want to use this item, all you will need to do is buy 2. For those around 27 zones, 3 5800C2Ws will suffice.

In all, this is a huge development for Honeywell, and we're excited to be selling the product. It further emphasizes their commitment to moving in the direction of wireless security technology. And for all you DIYers out there, that should sound like music to your ears!

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